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Location: Meet Aegis, Adrift, The Origins of Aspar, Through the Door, The Last Chapter: Tomix, Father of Mine

Quests given

Shops owned

Meet Aegis

???: H-hello?
???: Can you h-help me? I'm being chased, m-my name is..

Pandora: I-it was a m-mistake.


Pandora: I know where we are.

Pandora: In my memories...

The Origins of Aspar

Pandora: I know where we are.

Pandora: In my memories...

Pandora: I sealed my memories in the void after my death, I couldn't deal with them.

Pandora: I believe so.

Pandora: It is, in a way.

Pandora: Yes, sadly. When you set your foot on this very ground, Tomix, these memories came back to me.
Pandora: And Tomix?

Pandora: I have something very important to tell you about Aspar.

Pandora: No, it's something else. Can you see a big tree around here somewhere?

Pandora: Precisely. That is where everything started. I had a house under that tree, a small hut where I unleashed woes upon Lore.
Pandora: And the place where I died, knowing that my selfishness will bring sadness to the world.

Pandora: It's alright, I'm stronger now. Pure. You should head to the big tree, to my house, and learn the truth.

Pandora: I know, now, who they are. Chaosweavers who worship me because of what I did.
Pandora: They think I released the seven spirits to cleanse the world...

Pandora: I don't know <Character>. Perhaps chaosweavers from the Pellow Village found their way here?

Pandora: This makes sense. Just like he created the other six corrupted elemental spirits.

Pandora: I promised that you would learn the truth here, in this house. Look.

Pandora: Aspar.

Pandora: I didn't give birth to him, yet I've made him... so yes, he is my son.
Pandora: A long time ago I was a different person. Selfish, narrow minded and hungry for power. Out of the three of us, I was the worst of my siblings.
Pandora: After our father disappeared, I remember I had an argument with Baltael and left.
Pandora: I founded the chaosweavers, we were moving from place to place...
Pandora: ... pillaging villages and destroying towns we stumbled upon on our way. And then I met my future husband.
Pandora: He was the only one who wasn't afraid of me. He was the only one who found good in me...

Pandora: I'm fine. You probably don't want to hear about that, let me get to the point. I could not bear a child.
Pandora: My husband went to fight in a war and never came back. The rest of the chaosweavers had moved on, I had no one else left.
Pandora: And so, I created Aspar by splitting my soul. I loved him very... very much. But he wasn't a human, he was a spirit.
Pandora: We moved to my home town, to Mortem. Over the years, I noticed the look he was giving other children. I knew he was jealous of them.
Pandora: They were laughing, playing with others, eating, smelling... feeling.
Pandora: Once I discovered he killed a few of them, I had to run with him, back to this cabin. His envy only grew.
Pandora: I...
Pandora: I... still loved him, even when he was ripping my soul apart and creating his own family of spirits...
Pandora: I believe it is my fault that he is the way he is. I've created him when I was still angry at life for taking my husband and everything away from me.
Pandora: Everything that has happened until now, every monstrosity he has done so far, is because I've wanted a child.

Through the Door

Pandora: Tomix, we've never tried it. Besides in your current state, synchronization would be very unwise.

The Last Chapter: Tomix

Pandora: Enough.

Pandora: Here? I'm Tomix's SoulAlly. Dead? Stop acting like you don't know. You killed me Aspar.

Pandora: Please, stop trying to justify your actions.
Pandora: You are evil, selfish, manipulative, rotten and unlikable...
Pandora: That is all my fault though. I should never have created you...
Pandora: ... but still, you are my son, and I love you.
Pandora: I love you so much.
Pandora: Too much.

Pandora: Tomix.

Pandora: I can't hold him much longer. I'm sorry, but there is only one thing you can do...

Father of Mine

Pandora: You doubt that? Really?

Pandora: Oh, did I say indifferent? I meant to say "he won't even care". He didn't even raise us. He was never around.
Pandora: He's always busy either "ruling" Mortem or spending entire days locked in his study, doing Shapeless-knows-what.
Pandora: I don't know why I even agreed to help you. What, you'll run Edelia all by yourself?
Pandora: Face the facts Balt... our father doesn't love us and our family is falling apart.
Pandora: You should have figured that out after we all learned how he treats our mother.

Pandora: I told you.

Pandora: Come Oyva...

In Meet Aegis
Pandora (Past)

Thanks to Niki for corrections.

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