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Location: Willowshire -> 3 Right -> Down -> Enter tent -> Guardian Fortuna -> The Earth Orb / Quests! -> Reforged -> Quest
Requirements: Completion of En Tropy
Release Date: March 4th, 2011

Objective: The halves of the earth orb combined!
Objective completed: The halves of the earth orb combined!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(2) Earth Elemental
(1) Sandstone
(1) Seed Spitter
(1) Scorpiarc
(1) Guardian Dragon - Boss


Thorny Band
Obsidian Eye
Golden Links
Leafy Circlet
Agate Beads

Guardian Fortuna: The full power of the Earth Orb could be devastating in the wrong hands.
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    Trey: Where is it? Where is the Nature Orb?
    Fae: I... I don't know what you mean.
    Trey: The Orb!
    Trey: It's a... a ball of enormous power! It would make things grow!
    Fae: You... you mean my garden stone?
    Trey: Give it to me! Everything depends on it.
    Fae: But... it's mine!

    *Trey snatched from Fae and holds onto the Nature Orb*

    Fae: Hey!
    Trey: Hahaha..
    Fae: Atchoo!
    Fae: Oh... I... I didn't change!
    Fae: What... why?
    Valencia: Daddy!
    Valencia: There you are! Is everything ok?
    Trey: Did you bring it?
    Valencia: The Stone half? Yes, but....
    Trey: Give it to me!
    Valencia: I...

    Valencia looks at Stone Orb

    Valencia: I hope you know what you're doing....

    The Nature and Earth Orb fuses and become...

    Valencia: Daddy?

    The Orb and the door shines

    Valencia: Daddy?!

    The door opens and shows Blade of Awe

    Orb fuses into the Blade of Awe

    <Character>: I... I think we have a new problem, Valencia....
    Valencia: Daddy... please... what are you doing?
    Trey: Securing the ultimate relic.
    Trey: With this... with this no temple will remain buried. No treasure will be beyond my reach! They will all be mine!
    Valencia: But...

    Trey summon a skill using Blade of Awe and attack Valencia

    Fae: Oh no..
    Fae: Are you ok?
    Trey: I don't have time for moral lectures and pleas for museums now.
    <Character>: You can't take the Orb, Trey!
    Trey: Who's going to stop me? You? Hahahahaa!

    Earth Elemental appears

    Trey: You ain't seen nothin' yet, kid.

    Battle 5 monsters

    <Character>: Enough. I've faced bigger and badder foes then your new found elementals.
    Trey: Heh. Thanks for all the help you and my daughter have given me, but I don't have time for this now. I have more treasure to find.
    <Character>: You missed.

    Guardian Dragon appears

    <Character>: Fiddlesticks.

    Valencia: Wha... What happened?
    <Character>: We're stuck...
    <Character>: ..Between life and death....

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    Thanks to
    -- Highlord Sendai for correction.
    -- Slayer Zach for corrections.

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