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Stephen Nix -> Playing With Fire (2/17/2012 23:42:27)

Playing With Fire

Location: Swordhaven Past -> 2 Up -> 3 Right -> Master Brump -> Playing With Fire
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Wizard's Apprentice
Release Date: February 17th, 2012

Objective: Not using your magic is no fun....
Objective completed: You made it through the Fire Cave!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Fire Elemental
(4) Fire Spider
(7) Flamewing
(5) Lava Glob
(3) Lavagoblin


Inferno Bat Wings
Platinum Chain Cloak
Red Mage Cape
Sooty Cape

Brump: !!!!!!
Brump: You've destroyed my precious library!
Brump: Get out. Get out!

Warlic: So what are we going to do now?
Alex: I... think we need to wait for Master Brump. He was very upset with us....
Jaania: I'm not sure what even happened....
Jaania: I was just studying....

Warlic rolls his eyes

Warlic: It's going to take him forever to clean that mess up. Unless he wants us to do it and I'd rather not stick around for that order.
Warlic: Let's get out of here.
Jaania: ...
Alex: *sigh*

All 3 individually walk outside into a forest

Warlic: Ugh, I'm bored.
Warlic: There has to be something to do!
Jaania: Well, there are several magical ley lines in the area that I was hoping to study...
Jaania: a side project on how the intersection of the lines could help in the manifestation of portals.
Warlic: Hah! You don't need ley lines to make portals!
Warlic: Check this out!

Turns around and summons a portal using his magic

Warlic: *(ouch!)*
Warlic: Heh, see?
Jaania: !!!

Jaania walks towards the portal

Jaania: But... how?
Jaania: If your magic ability advanced enough to make portals, why are you an apprentice?
Warlic: Technically, I'm not supposed to use my powers, but that's no fun.
Alex: Not supposed to use your powers? But why?
Warlic: Too many spells and I explode or something.

Jaania falls into the portal, and the other two run towards her

Alex: Jaania!
Warlic: Jaania!
Alex: Where does the portal go?!
Warlic: I'm... not sure but we need to go after her!

Jaania: Where are we?
Jaania: Alex... what's wrong?

They turn around to see Alex shaking. Then taking Alex back into the past in his memory... as Kid Alex throws a fireball at the ground...

Alex: WHOA!
Alex: That's SO COOOL!

Summons another fireball but it spreads to a house

Alex: Oh no!
Alex: AAAH!


Alex wakes up from his past memory holding his arm

Jaania: Alex?
Alex: I... I really don't like fire....
Warlic: Haaahaha! You don't like one of the major elements?

Warlic summons a Fire Imp

Alex: AAAAHH!!

Jaania: Can you conjure another portal to get us out of here?
Warlic: Hah! That's no fun! We were looking for something to do, now we have it. Let's find our own way out!

Jaania: Come on, you're an ice mage. I'm sure you can destroy anything we find in here.

(Fight through the monsters at the northern part of the cave, and you can get a bag of gold worth 70 Gold!)

Warlic: See? That wasn't so hard!
Jaania: I told you you could do it, Alex!
Warlic: !!!

  • Complete Quest!

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