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Wargoth Approaches

Location: Friday the 13th - Rising Fire -> War Camp! -> Boss Fight
Requirements: 100% War Meter Completion of Rising Fire
Release Date: April 20th, 2012

Objective: The Rising Fire waves have been defeated... now the war boss approaches!
Objective completed: Wargoth's hold over Fiamme is broken... but he's found a new toy to play with!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Fiamme - Boss


Systerity Shiv (I-IV)
Systerity Staff (I-IV)
Systerity Sword (I-IV)

*Several knights shown fighting the last waves of fire monsters.*

Etaos: S-something is happening!

*A portal is revealed.*

<Character>: I-It's huge!
Alz'ein: More targets!
Etaos: Not so fast, Alz'ein.

*Portal enrages in flames.*

Alz'ein: It has to be him! Get ready!
Isiri: Something is coming... but it... it's wrong....

<Character>: I--
Etaos: That is not Somorah...
<Character>: Are you sure... Where is it then?
Nirios: Your plane of fire.
<Character>: Plane of fire? But... how?

*Portal explodes and the Avatar of Fire appears.*

<Character>: Fiamme? I don't understand...
Isiri: Your plane of fire has been weakened. Wargoth's power has grown...
<Character>: You can't... you can't mean that Wargoth is that powerful!
<Character>: Fiamme is one of the Elemental Avatars. There's only been one mage that could equal their power!
Alz'ein: Don't you understand what Wargoth IS? He's destroyed our entire planet and you still doubt his power?

Isiri: <Character>... You must help her.
Isiri: Break his hold over her!

  • Battle! - begins battle with Fiamme.
  • Extreme Battle! - begins battle with Fiamme.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Rising Fire war camp.

    Fiamme: <Character>, it was... horrible.
    Fiamme: I tried to fight it... I blunted my powers as much as I could, but....
    Fiamme: The Blue Mage... is this world's only hope.
    <Character>: But... Warlic is gone. He's been missing since we defeated the Mysterious Stranger.
    Fiamme: ...
    Fiamme: He's your only hope.
    Fiamme: Bring him back.

    *Fiamme disappears.*

    Isiri: Who is this Blue Mage?
    <Character>: He's gone...
    Alz'ein: There has to be someone else!
    Alz'ein: The Professor helped us escape Somorah. We need to find him again.
    <Character>: I don't think your professor can help. Only Warlic....
    Alz'ein: You're the one who didn't think Wargoth was powerful enough to take over your avatar!
    Alz'ein: You have no idea what the Professor can do!
    Alz'ein: ARGH! GET OUT OF MY WAY!

    *Alz'ein kicks a Fire Imp away.*

    <Character>: What was--
    Isiri: AAAAhhhh!! N-- no!
    Etaos: Isiri?!
    Isiri: This isn't over... Veyla is gone....

    *Meanwhile, in a forest...*

    Xan: You jerks are no match for my fire!

    *Xan kills the 3 imps standing in front of him.*

    Xan: Hehehe...
    Xan: ?!?!
    Xan: I--

    *Xan collapses. Wargoth is seen behind him.*

    Wargoth: A whole new world to play with.

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Complete this quest to unlock Avatar Ender badge.

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