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Location: Falconreach Inn, A Hero of the People, Serenity Gone, The Great Moglinberry Caper, Epilogue, Frostval in Falconreach, Maleurous Epilogue: Remembrance

Quests given
Falconreach Inn (Book 3)
Spirits in the Inn

Shops owned
Falconreach Inn (Book 3)
Player Suggestion Shop
The Inn Shop

Falconreach Inn (Books 1 and 2)

Spruce: Welcome to Serenity's Inn! Hey, you looks like an adventurer.. you should check out the odd jobs board in the other room.

Evening Falconreach Inn (Books 1 and 2)

Spruce: Hiya! Whatcha doin' up so late?

Falconreach Inn (Book 3)

  • Rest and Heal
    Spruce: *(Knock-knock-knock)* Wake up, lazybones, it's time to save the world!

    Spruce: Come on, there's some fresh bread waiting for you! It's nice and warm!

  • Rest until evening / Rest until morning - exactly as the option above, except it also switches the time of day from day to night and vice versa.

    Evening Falconreach Inn (Book 3)
    (before Serenity Gone)

    Spruce: Hiya! Whatcha doin' up so late? Me? I'm taking a break! I think I deserve one, don't you?

    A Hero of the People

    Spruce: Pardon my eavesdropping but...
    Spruce: Did you mention supplies?

    Spruce: You're fine, <Character>! I should be the one to apologize! I couldn't help but overhear!
    Spruce: But, umm...
    Spruce: Setting up any supply lines at all might be difficult right now...
    Spruce: I heard some travelling merchants mention that they had just barely escaped some giant monster on the road south of here.
    Spruce: I think The Rose was going to send a patrol to make sure everything is safe but...
    Spruce: If what the merchants said was true, it might take a real hero, like you, <Character>!
    Spruce: A-and you too, <Dragon>! (Please don't eat me!)
    Spruce: Sorry! I know you're trying to take a break! I'll get back to work!

    Serenity Gone

    Spruce: I don't know. I don't know... For weeks, poor Serenity has had the worst luck! Now, she's just run off and left me to clean everything up!

    Spruce: She was whispering to someone outside last night and this morning she was gone!

    Spruce: Her note just said the woods.

    Spruce: Someone in a purple robe. Just outside by the well. Hey, can you get me some water if you're going out there?

    Falconreach Inn (Book 3)
    (after Serenity Gone, before Epilogue)

    Spruce: Oh, it's good to see you, <Character>! I'll try to get to you when I can, with Serenity... gone, I've had my paws full here!

  • Talk
    Spruce: I don't know if I have time to... No. Serenity always said, "Spruce, you have to make time for yourself!" So here I am! Taking a break!

    • Talk
      Spruce: Falconreach is one of the few places left where The Rose hasn't taken root. We still support magic here.
      Spruce: But every day, travelers come with new stories of The Rose and their message.
      Spruce: With everything that's happened recently, people are starting to talk. Maybe they could have helped protect us if we let them...
      Spruce: But there's no telling where it would end if we let them in. Oh, I miss Serenity. She'd know what to do and say.

    • Ghosts
      Spruce: After Serenity left, the ghosts started coming back. Ash has been so helpful, trying to clear them out... but they keep returning!
      Spruce: Please, would you investigate upstairs and see what you can find out? Maybe you can put a stop to them.

    • Doom Items
      Spruce: The Doom Weapons? Those are long gone and good riddance! But I heard there was a creepy old orb talking about them somewhere.

    • Player Suggestion Shop
      Spruce: Serenity was big on supporting local artisans. I can get out the stock of locally crafted weapons and items, if you're interested!
  • Shop - opens The Inn Shop.

  • Fresh bread! - adds Serene Bread to your Temporary Items.

  • Rest and Heal
    Spruce: *(Knock-knock-knock)* Wake up, lazybones, it's time to save the world!

    Spruce: Come on, there's some fresh bread waiting for you! It's nice and warm!

  • Rest until evening / Rest until morning - exactly as the option above, except it also switches the time of day from day to night and vice versa.

  • Set Hometown
    Serenity: For a hero like you, I'll rent you a room for free! Are you sure you want your hometown to be here in Falconreach?
    • Yes
    • Nevermind
  • Reset Base Class - loads, saves, and equips player's base class.

    Thankstaking (Chapter 11)

    The Great Moglinberry Caper

    Spruce: Someone stole all the Moglinberry juice, too. But there must have been a leak. There's a trail of juice leading off into the woods.


    Spruce: Oh, hello again, <Character>...

    Spruce: Most of the people have lost their homes, and with the inn being one of the few buildings that was left standing...
    Spruce: I'm not keeping up with all the commotion... And there is the case of ANOTHER haunting upstairs... *sigh*

    Spruce: Would you? Ah, I'd be ever so grateful...

    Evening Falconreach Inn (Book 3)
    (after Epilogue)

    Spruce: Hiya! Whatcha doin' up so late? Me? Thanks to Gaelan's help, I don't have to do everything anymore... so I'm just chillin'!

    Frostval (Chapter 15)

    Frostval in Falconreach

    Spruce: Oh, ah, t-thank you, <Character>! But it wasn't just my work. Gaelan helped enchant it!

    Spruce: He said that it was custom to decorate what he called ruby-trees, I think, back where he was from!
    Spruce: I just really liked the image of a red festive tree!

    Spruce: Have fun! Say hi to the frost moglins for me!

    Spruce: ...a giant mountain...

    Spruce: How... how many presents are there?!

    Spruce: How are you going to deliver all of them? It's a lot...

    Spruce: Oh...

    Spruce: Hey! What gives!

    Maleurous Epilogue: Remembrance

    Spruce: Fish stew's ready, everyone!

    Spruce: Sure thing!

    Other information
  • Spruce's Falconreach Inn (Book 3) dialogue has been modified during various releases; any retired content has been archived here.
  • Spruce will disappear from Evening Falconreach Inn (Book 3) temporarily after completing Serenity Gone.
  • Spruce's 'Set Hometown' dialogue incorrectly labels Serenity as the speaker.

    Front View Appearances: Happy / Sad
    Sad Side Appearance

    Thanks to
  • DemonicDarkwraith for image and corrections.
  • Slayer Zach for sad appearance images and additional dialogues.
  • SlyCooperFan1 for Happy Front View appearance image.

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