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Voodoo Master -> Petty Squabbles (6/9/2012 3:31:49)

Petty Squabbles

Location: Swordhaven Past -> 2 Up -> 3 Right -> Master Brump -> Petty Squabbles
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Revenge
Release Date: June 8th, 2012

Objective: Alex is collecting elemental essences to create the perfect gift for Jaania!
Objective completed: Both Warlic and Alex had enough of these petty squabbles, now it is time to see who is more powerful!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Darkness Elemental
(2) Earth Elemental
(2) Energy Elemental
(2) Fire Elemental
(1) Heart Elemental
(1) Ice Elemental
(1) Light Elemental
(2) Shockwisp
(3) Small Puddle
(2) Thunderhead
(2) Water Elemental
(2) Wind Elemental


Black Rose Staff (10)
Blue Rose Staff (8)
Green Rose Staff (15)
Grey Rose Staff (12)
Ice Rose Staff (15)
Orange Rose Staff (12)
Red Rose Staff (8)
Yellow Rose Staff (10)


*Jaania and Warlic are sitting in class, reading.*

Warlic: Hmph.

*Alexander walks in*

Alex: Hey Jaania, what are you studying?
Jaania: Oh, hello Alex. Just look at this elemental bouquet!

*Jaania shows Alexander a page from her book. In it there's a description of the Elemental Bouquet - A popular gift among mages. To create it, one has to collect essences from each of the eight elementals*

Jaania: Isn't it beautiful?
Warlic: Psh, child's play.
Warlic: All they are are elemental essences sculpted into pleasing shapes.
Jaania: It's still pretty!

*Brump walks in and bangs his wooden staff on the floor*

Warlic: !!!
Alex: AAAH!
Jaania: Oh no!
Brump: Study!
Warlic: Yes sir!
Alex: Yes, Professor Brump!
Jaania: Oh no!
Brump: ...
Brump: Hehehe.

*Brump leaves the scene*

Hours later...

Warlic: What a long day, I'm out of here.

*Warlic leaves the scene*

Jaania: ...
Jaania: Are you coming, Alex?
Alex: Actually, I think I'm going to study for a while longer.
Jaania: Don't work too hard now...

*Jaania leaves the scene*

Alex: Ok, now where did she put that book...

You now have to fight 10 elementals and collect their essences in order to create an Elemental Bouquet.

*Alex works on something*

Alex: Hmm...
Alex: That still doesn't look quite right...
Alex: AHA!

*Scene zooms out. Alexander holds an Elemental Bouquet in his hand*

Alex: Now to find Jaania!

*Warlic and Jaania talk in the classroom*

Jaania: Hahahaha, you're so funny Warlic!
Alex: There she is...
Alex: Alright.. deep breath... Here we go.
Alex: Hey, Jaania?
Jaania: Yes?

*Warlic glows behind Jaania*

Warlic: *(Hehehe)*
Alex: Whhhaaaa?!

*Alex falls*

Alex: OOOF!

*There's ice on the floor where Alexander fell. The bouquet is completely ruined*

Jaania: Oh, Alex! Are you alright?
Alex: !!!
Alex: You... you did that on purpose!
Warlic: Don't blame me for your clumsiness.
Alex: There's ice on the floor!
Jaania: Maybe one of your reagents fell, Alex?
Warlic: Yeah...
Alex: No, he did it!
Jaania: Please, I don't want my friends to fight! Why can't you two get along?

*Jaania leaves the scene*

Warlic: Smooth, newbie, smooth.
Alex: I know it was you, you... you jerk!
Warlic: If it was me, what exactly are you going to do about it? Put ink in my tea again?
Alex: You arrogant...
Warlic: Please, you're a fool. You have no idea who I am or what I'm really capable of.
Warlic: You don't deserve to be here.
Warlic: You don't deserve her.
Alex: I can do more than you think!
Warlic: Prove it.
Alex: What?
Warlic: You heard me. I've grown tired of these petty squabbles.
Warlic: If you think you can defeat me, then prove it... tomorrow... after school.

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