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The Duel

Location: Swordhaven Past -> 2 Up -> 3 Right -> Master Brump -> The Duel!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Petty Squabbles
Release Date: July 20th, 2012

Objective: Warlic and Alex have each had enough! It's time to show who has the real power!
Objective completed: How did this go so far?! It's the end of Alex... and the beginning of Xan!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Warlic
(1) Warlic - Boss


Fire Soul


*Warlic and Alex are each in his own bedroom, talking to themselves*

Warlic: I'll show him!
Alex: The nerve of that guy!!
Alex: He'll regret this.. but--
Alex: ...I need an edge.
Warlic: ...

*Warlic creates fire from his orb*

Warlic: A mage with a fear of fire... this will be too easy!

*Alex reads books*

Alex: Here goes nothing...

*Alex casts a spell that traps a flower in ice and looks satisfied. Then he leaves the room*

*Alex and Warlic meet in a basement*

Warlic: You're dumber than I thought.
Warlic: I can't believe you actually showed up, bumpkin.
Alex: Shut up. SHUT UP. What is your problem?
Warlic: You want to know what my problem is?
Warlic: You have no idea where I come from. What I could be.
Warlic: I am the greatest mage this world has ever seen and you have no business occupying the same space as me.
Warlic: You have no business even being in the same league with me!
Alex: So no one else is allowed to be as good at magic as you?
Warlic: YOU'RE NOT as good as me!
Warlic: I gave up everything. Everything! I stood up for what I thought was right and ended up... ended up... here.
Warlic: I lost my wings. I lost my capacity... I've had to rebuild it all! Every spell burning... sparking...
Alex: ?!

Fight Warlic. After you win:

*Jaania is sitting alone in the classroom with a book in her hand*

Jaania: *sniff*
Jaania: *sniff* I just wish..
Jaania: I just wish they would stop fighting.

*The classroom trembles*

Jaania: !!!
Jaania: They're at it again! I need to put a stop to this...

Fight Warlic again. After you win:

*The two keep fighting. Warlic is beginning to win*

Alex: No...

*Alex casts a powerful Ice spell at Warlic. Warlic blocks it with a fire wall*


*Jaania is standing behind them. Suddenly all the spells get out of control*

Jaania: Alllee....
Alex: Jaania!!!
Jaania: ...Xaaaannnnn.........

*Alex's spell traps Jaania in ice*

Warlic: Alex!!

*Alex is on fire*

Warlic: No, no, I'm sorry, Alex, I'm sorry. What was it? What did you cast?
Warlic: I can't stop it... but... but... I can make it heal.

*Warlic casts a spell at Alex*

Alex: Ahhhhh! AHHHHHHHHH! Nooooo, noooooo.... The pain...
Alex: Jaania...
Alex: The pain is just too much.... I can't.... I CAN'T STAND IT..... AAAAAAHAAAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

*Jaaina is still trapped in ice*

Warlic: I didn't mean... I... I....
Alex: HAahahAha...
Warlic: I... I don't know what he did... How did he create this... He... he cast something that I don't know if I reverse it....

*Warlic tries to reverse Alex's Ice spell. He fails*

Warlic: I--
Warlic: I can't do... anything...

*Alex does not look like himself anymore. He's now Xan, the insane pyromancer*

*Later on, Warlic is standing in another room*

Warlic: I... I was so wrong.
Warlic: I was supposed to be better than my father... instead I was blinded by ego....
Warlic: I have to find out what he cast. I have to find a way to make this right....

  • Complete Quest!

    Other information
  • *You must battle Warlic twice; the first battle against Warlic will be "won" once Warlic falls below 50% of his max HP.
  • Gain access to the Fire Soul (Shop) after completing this quest.

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