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Policies for Guides
Shamelessly stolen from the AQW Guide Forum Rules.

  • All Universal Forum Rules relating to posting behavior apply.

  • Banners and other graphical decorations may be used. However, the maximum total file size(s) must be 250KB or less. It is to prevent long loading times for those with slow connections. Overuse of any graphics will prevent a guide from being approved. For the main banner (likely the one at the top, if there is one), the max width is 750 pixels, and the max height is 200 pixels. For dividers, the max for each is 750 pixels in width and 20 pixels in height with a file size no larger than 5KB.

  • Guides that fail to make an attempt at using proper English will be deleted without warning. This includes the use of acronyms without definitions.

  • Guides should be easy to read. Use formatting when necessary to separate items and make the guide clearer.

  • Guides should contain reasonable uses of large or colored text. The purpose of such usage is to emphasize the different sections of your guide in an endeavor to keep your guide organized and easily readable.

  • Guide should contain mostly original content. This means that, if there is an existing guide on a subject that is too similar to your own, there is no point in drafting a duplicate. Most importantly, plagiarism will not be tolerated. Credit must be given at all times, regardless of where the idea or concept originated. Any instance of plagiarism will result in consequences beyond the norm.

  • The Game -> RE: =ED= Useful Resources and Guides (8/7/2012 20:21:57)

    Useful References

  • All you need to know about Epicduel (accounts)
  • EpicDuel Wiki
  • Faction Guide
  • The EpicDuel Compendium

    General Gameplay Guides

  • Available Missions Guide
  • Farming Credits in EpicDuel
  • How Things are Calculated
  • Stat Progressions

    Miscellaneous Links

  • Clearing Your Cache
  • EpicDuel Factions Forum
  • EpicDuel Rules
  • EpicDuel Storyline
  • Recovering Lost/Hacked/Stolen Accounts & Account Issues

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