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1. Only Farming Guides are allowed. All discussion and requests should go into the discussion thread.
2. The below format must be strictly adhered to.
3. Guides AKs will be reading through all submissions and testing them, if they are good enough, they will be added to the Farming Compilation maintained by the ArchKnights.
4. It is not necessary to link equipment, although it is very helpful to do so.
5. Please READ the Farming Compilation BEFORE you create your Guide. Do NOT post any Guides which are already mentioned in the FGC. To suggest improvements, please use the Farming Discussion and Requests thread.
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7. Multiple-posts are allowed. Please put different farming guides in different posts.


<Quest/Location Name>
(please link to the Encyclopedia entry)
Guardians or Adventurers?:


For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens:



Suggested Equipment: Equipment should not be too costly.

General Strategy: It would be best if strategies for individual monsters are included.

Recommended Levels/Builds: Provide a level range and the recommended build to farm this place (Warrior/Mage/Hybrid/Beastmaster/etc.)

Data: Please try to include some data. Capping within an hour will generally get your submission into the Guide.

Notes: Any other notes that might help the readers.

AQOG133434 -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (9/10/2012 19:12:52)

Directions: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > Epic Quest 14: Queen of Hearts

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Both

Pros: Earn a large amount of Gold and EXP in one battle. Great for stronger, high level players.

Cons: May be difficult to fail the stat roll. Could be a lengthy battle for weaker characters.

Suggested Equipment: Twilight Set armor and shield, Overlord Set armor and shield, Staff of Moon Calling, powerful Light spell, Heal Mortal Wounds, Nerfkitten, Cor-Dem, Head of Raydius Dragon, Poelala (Guest)

General Strategy: First, refer to the quest page to find out how to reach Safiria. The rest of the monsters on the way to Safiria hardly give relevant EXP and Gold, so we're here to fight her.

Start the battle in your Overlord Set armor and shield to block her 614 MP Magic Fire attack. Bring out Nerfkitten and nerf four times. When she is lower than 614 MP, switch to your Twilight Set armor and shield along with Head of Raydius Dragon to shield her Darkness attacks. She'll use the Magic Fire attack once she has 614 MP, so switch equipment accordingly for her attacks. Once she has been nerfed four times by Nerfkitten, bring out Cor-Dem and nerf four times. Once that has happened, attack with your powerful Light spell until she's defeated.

Recommended Levels/Builds: 120+ Beastmaster Mage

Data: Speed of completion largely depends on how quick you can roll under 60 on the DEX stat roll and how fast you nerf. You can cap both EXP and Gold in an hour to two hours at most.

Notes: Poelala increases Magic damage output for your Magic weapons, weapon specials, pets, and spells. You may prefer to have Fairy Godmother around to help replenish MP for healing or Light spells, or just to attack with Magic Light attacks. You full heal after the battle and return to two rooms before Safiria's, where you will fight a monster and can then continue to attempt engaging her.

Batosi -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (9/11/2012 17:41:22)

Directions: Travel Map > Lolosia > Talk to Capt. Frolgar > What happened to your hand? > Sea Fiend Quest

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Both, but more of an EXP lean

Pros: Exceptionally quick runs, can currently obtain a ton of EXP per battle, and a substantial amount of Gold. The stronger you are (higher the level, more developed build, etc.), the faster the quest will be.

Cons: Currently under investigation for balancing, so the quest difficulty is subject to change, or the current rate of EXP/Gold may change, especially for lower levels. Might be less clear cut of a fight for warriors than mages due to the monster's high HP. This fight has become substantially harder for lower levels

Suggested Equipment:

  • No-drop water armor (ideally), defensive armor w/ or offensive armor w/ or w/o optimal water defense (depends on your survivability)
  • Eye of Naab (healing)/ Water defensive shield/ IronThorn or Chieftain's IronThorn (depends on your survivability)
  • Best energy weapon/ Best 100% special energy weapon (if ranger build and have a defensive water armor/ shield combo)
  • Best healing spell; additional potions if needed
  • Power Shard: Hogg series (offensive; best available or an equivalent miscellaneous trinket)/ Everfrozen Shard (defensive; only if you have it or an equivalent miscellaneous trinket)
  • Any relevant guest (can obtain various energy damaging guests at the war section of the quest)
  • Fairy Godmother G series if the survivability is need; Nerfkitten series if not
General Strategy: The first initial fight is Cloudzard(s), simply blast them with everything you have, they're only ~245HP a piece, and you'll receive a full heal after the fight. Afterward's you'll have the fight between a Sea Fiend variant, currently likely a very higher level than you. Depending on your build, you have quite a few things to consider.

Mages: Equip the recommended gear and begin casting with your Lightning Rod's spell to conserve mana, or use your best available energy spell. Currently, imbuing with lore is not recommended because it will eat up your mana. This has become a sustainability fight as opposed to a hit-and-run. If you find it necessary and are taking a lot of damage, save mana for your best healing spell which you should cast whenever you get below around 30-50%, if not debuffed; otherwise use any available healing potions. Poelala will increase your spell/magic weapon/pet damage every turn, helping you dish out more damage and possibly heal more. If you have a Nerfkitten out, it will be able to increase the Sea Fiend's energy modifier, helping you do more damage regardless of if it can get past its chi shield. Should you run out of mana, switch to your best energy weapon and an armor that can either deal defensively with the Sea Fiend's attacks or an offensive armor that you can survive in while dishing out better damage vs. the Sea Fiend. You can attempt to use an IronThorn variant if you're able to survive the Sea Fiend's attacks to speed up the process, but this isn't recommended. Keep healing yourself with your Fairy Godmother G, it will greatly help in your effort to sustain your HP. In theory, this fight is a bit faster to complete as a mage build compared to a warrior/ranger build.

Warriors/rangers: Equip the recommend gear and begin spam attacking. Having a guest is recommended to deal additional damage. Depending on your level, sustaining HP may be more important than dishing out extra damage, so taking a defensive approach is recommended over using the IronThorn variants, especially because of the various buffs and stat increases the Sea Fiend has received. If you can survive sufficiently, you can seriously consider going a more offensive approach with an IronThorn variant to speed up the encounter. Whenever you get around 30-50% HP, cast your best healing spell if you're not debuffed; otherwise use any available healing potions. If you have a Nerfkitten out, it will be able to increase the Sea Fiend's energy modifier, helping you do more damage regardless of if it can get past its chi shield. Keep healing yourself with your Fairy Godmother G, it will greatly help in your effort to sustain your HP. In theory, this fight is a bit more dragged out for a warrior/ranger build compared to a mage build.

For all builds to consider: No matter what, the Sea Fiend has the ability to resist burns, and will always have its chi shield active at the start of its turn until it is broken through by excess damage based on its SP, which it regens every turn. Should the Sea Fiend be allowed to build up more and more SP, you will have to inflict an increasing amount of damage to break through the shield. The remaining damage that exceeds the chi shield is converted into harm damage, and is inflicted to the Sea Fiend. Having a Nerfkitten present is highly recommended if you can survive the onslaught of damage, because even though the Sea Fiend may not sustain damage from a Nerfkitten's attack, it will sustain a much desired nerf; otherwise, use a Fairy Godmother G to sustain yourself. The Sea Fiend also has a debuff he can cast on you to disable you from using spells, even spells including in 100% special staves like the Lightning Rod, which can put your fight's success in jeopardy if you are low on health. It's important to have potions handy if you run into a bind at this point, otherwise you may face defeat. That being said, a defensive approach is almost always recommended over offensive unless you can take a serious amount of damage from the newly buffed Sea Fiend.

Recommended Levels/Builds: Level 100+ may be successful, but it is likely possible that they can't farm here anymore. Level 120+ is recommended. Anything below that is no longer suitable to farm this location. Any build can utilize this farming spot as long as you have the recommend equipment and can inflict a significant amount of damage on the Sea Fiend. The Sea Fiend has also been buffed since the last time we've been farming him so even in a defensive armor, you will likely sustain a lot of damage.

Data: At the level ~120+ range, each run will grant you ~1.21m experience and ~267k gold. Depending on how fast you can complete the fight, which can range anywhere from two to eight minutes, you can gain about 8.47m experience to as much as 36m experience per hour, and as much as 1.87m gold to 8m gold per hour. At the level ~100+ range, if you survive, each run will grant you ~210k experience and ~47k gold, but will likely take longer, closer to the eight to ten minute mark. This can amount to about 1m to 1.4m experience per hour, and about 282k to 329k gold. These are rough estimates for both time and EXP & Gold per hour, and the fight may last longer than my quoted times because of the increasing difficulty of the Sea Fiend, so some values may be a stretch.

Notes: Remember, this fight has become more about survivability than anything else. If you can't sustain damage much when you run out of mana, using Imbue w/ Lore is not an option. Even if you can, you will likely deal more damage by not using Imbue w/ Lore as a mage. Make sure to keep your HP up to a reasonable amount that the Sea Fiend can't one shot/OHKO you and you should be golden. Keeping enough MP as well as some healing potions is also a good idea just incase. The fight has has been made more difficult, and more like a boss fight, but for higher levels it isn't that much harder, just a bit challenging because it involves a little strategy. For lower levels, it has become substantially harder to fight the Sea Fiend because of its chi shield, and may be an unachievable feat. Essentially, the AQ staff has disabled this spot from being an abusable farming spot for lower levels to cap fast and even over-cap.

Batosi -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (9/22/2012 15:46:36)

Directions: Guardian Tower > Stables > Teleporter > *click on yellow beam* > Battle Carnax

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Both, but more of an EXP lean.

Pros: Probably one of the best places to farm at a lower level if you can strategize and survive the first two battles. The rewards are substantially high at lower levels and can quickly cap you. The stronger you are (higher the level, more developed build, etc.), the faster the quest will be. Also, gives you a blast back to the far off past of classic AQ.

Cons: Unavailable to Adventurers, so this is a Guardian only farming spot. It's also possible that builds other than what I list here may not be able to complete this quest because of the damage output of Carnax's Right and Left hands. The monsters that remain in this quest have similar rewards, but are likely unbeatable at the lower levels.

Suggested Equipment:

Warriors/Rangers:General Strategy: Currently my methods have only been tested via a warrior (more specifically, Beast Master Warrior build, but the same concept should apply because of the recent Training Difficulty reduction). This means that I can only guess as to what a Mage's strategy is at this time, and I'd rather get my facts straight before developing a a comprehensive mage strategy.

Warriors/Rangers: Equip the recommended equipment and begin spam attacking Carnax's left hand. At the start you generally want your offensive armor variant (hence the UltraGuardian Armor/Armor of Awe) with either a Solaris shield for healing or a defensive energy shield, and your best available fire weapon. Summon Galrick if you have no guest, or make sure you have a guest at the ready. Constantly heal your HP with your Fairy Godmother, and press on through the fight. Use your healing spell or any backup potions if you get below 25% HP. When the battle vs. Carnax's right hand starts, everything will essentially be the same except you should equip your best wind weapon (Rx of Destruction works well especially because of it's paralyzing special) and a defensive earth shield if you're using defensive shields (ideally your UltraGuardian Shield/Shield of Awe). Spam attack and constantly heal with your HP with your Fairy Godmother, and press on through the fight. Afterwards, decline to fight on and return to town to repeat the process.

For all builds to consider: Fairy Godmother is the staple to making this farming spot work at lower levels. The constant healing rate makes these battles vs. "high level monsters" a breeze. Algern's Carapace is more of a backup healing method, which is useful but somewhat unreliable due to the lacking damage it will inflict and therefore heal you, especially if you only have the L14 version). Regardless of how you approach this, at lower levels, the battles will drag on. Having extra potions is recommended until you're familiar with these fights and can survive them. If you're fairly strong, you can continue onto the Entramorph (Carnax's face) and Carnax himself, but these are probably battles reserved for the ~60+ who can withstand the significant damage increase; if you're in the lower bracket, do not attempt these fights, and return to town to repeat the process.

Recommended Levels/Builds: Level 30+ is recommended at minimum. Before you even start, I recommend having your build straightened up before you try to battle Carnax's appendages. Please check The Training Academy: Ultimate Warrior Guide and train your skills accordingly. Pure Warrior/Tank Warrior/Beast Master Warrior builds are recommended (in order from most viable to least viable). Mage builds may work, but I have no basis to prove that in this situation.

Data: No matter what level you are, the experience and gold will remain the same. At some point, I'm sure there's a cut off as to how useful this farming spot his. However, it's worth considering that you will level quick initially and kill Carnax's appendages faster and faster, effectively increasing the viability of this spot as long as you keep training your stats according to a proper build. At the level ~30 range, both fights can take around 10 minutes or more; from there the fights get progressively easier as you level. That means you can see rates as low as 24K XP and 10.2K Gold per hour, and then even higher as your KO time decreases.

Left Hand (L93): 2133 XP & 863 Gold
Right Hand (L93): 2081 XP & 882 Gold
Total: 4214 XP & 1745 Gold

Notes: These battles are all about survivability in the lower levels. Keep the damage steady and your HP up and you'll definitely succeed. If you're in the higher level range, you can likely focus on damage and get away with surviving both fights, but there are no full heals in between, so take that into account. The Nerfkitten series may be an option, but only for the fight against Carnax's right hand if you can survive it. If you happen to have the Vampire Nerfbat, then it's an option for all fights, but it's rare and if you have it you're like too high a level to benefit from farming here. Other offensive armors are worth considering at 45+ (Morningstar series, etc.).

Xevarian -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (9/23/2012 1:10:29)

Directions: Travel Map > Dragonspine > 8. Vartai Secrets!

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Both

Pros: Xerxes has low HP and high rewards.

Cons: Long quest and lots of dialogue.

Suggested Equipment:

General Strategy: Play through easy monsters and get to Xerxes. He has 0 LUK, so you will have the first move with Whispering Raiment, but it's not essential. Get into armor, shield and weapon; activate HoRD. Bash away, heal with FGM every turn and spells/potions when you need to. Xerxes has about 3.5k hp and hits about 100-200 damage at 25% earth resist and has 150 DEX, making him relatively hard to block. He becomes substantially easier at 105, with higher level Mastercrafted equipment available.

Recommended Levels/Builds: 90/105+ Pure Warriors only

Data: Assuming at most 15 minutes per run at 90, 12 minutes by 105,
Weak Vartai: 2,245 Exp and 822 Gold x 7 = 15,715 Exp and 5,754 Gold
Void Dragon: 26,592 Exp and 9,751 Gold
Xerxes: 1,199,080 Exp and 494,617 Gold
Total per run: 1,241,387 Exp and 510,122 Gold

Notes: Xerxes has the potential to overwhelm you with damage. To get around this problem, investing in at least 50 END is recommended. Beating Xerxes once will cap you at level 90; of course, your HP increases as you level, so he'll be a breeze by 105.

Ulukini12 -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (9/30/2012 14:15:42)

Directions: Yulgar's Inn > Devourer Saga > Click next 10 times > 1:The Beginning of the End

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: A lot of exp good gold

Pros: Lvl 145 NightBane has low health

Cons: Only lvl 60-99 are able to fight him, must fight 6 monsters to get to NightBane, when fighting NightBane you will miss a lot, how much depends on the dex your build has

Suggested Equipment: An alternative to the suggested armor is if your a gaurdian you could use fire aligned armor of awe for its heals

Warriors: Have not tested with a warrior
The temporary Darklaw will work for a weapon
Lord's Tenure and it's shield or any other good fire resistant shield
Helm of Drakonnan or Power Shard IV: Invincible Hogg
Fairy Godmother G or any other pet to heal
Heal Wounds and/or Water of Immortality

Lightning Rod you should really focus on just using spells due to his high dodging capabilities
Pyromancer's Robe and Hydromancer's Robe
Lord's Narrative
Power Shard III: Dr.Boom
Fairy Godmother G or any other pet to heal
Riptide and Heal Wounds

General Strategy: Kill the 6 monsters and get to NightBane. Get your fire resistance low because NightBane will mostly attack with his fire breath attack.

Mages: equip a good fire shield and lightning rod, get in Hydromancer's Robe, equip helm of Drakonnan or Dr. Boom Power Shard , then spam Riptide with Fairy godmother healing your hp till your hp or mp is low then equip Pyromancer's Robe or any good fire resistant armor and use potions or healing spells till your hp and mp are up again then repeat Riptide spam in Hydromancer's Robe

Warriors: equip Lord's Tenure armor, Lord's Narrative shield, darklaw or your own water weapon, equip Power Shard Hogg or Helm of Drakonnan, then spam attack button with Fairy Godmother healing hp, use potions and healing spell to replenish health when necessary

Recommended Levels/Builds: You can fight lvl 145 NightBane from 60-99 but I recommend 75+ for warriors and 80+ for mages. 75-99 Any build should work but be weary of his 200 dex and 62 MRM

Data: It took my lvl 83 pure mage 12 minutes 30 seconds for the entire quest (including the optional Wolfwing fight at the very beginning) and i hit the caps after 2 runs so around 25 minutes to hit caps depending on your build and the higher you are the more likely you are to be able to do a 3rd run
The total exp will differ due to the 6 monsters, 80-84 will face lower lvl monsters while lvl 85+ will face higher lvl monsters
In 2 NightBane fights you will get 1,011,438 exp and 233,408 gold excluding the 6 monsters you fight before him

Notes: NightBane has 125 luck so if you have low luck he will go first. You will use heal spells and potions to live so be sure to bring potions i'd recommend around 8 hp 8 mp to be safe since he does lucky strikes and you wont know when

jero -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (10/23/2012 0:52:04)

Location: the Un-trainer
Best for getting exp
Pros- at lower lvls he gives INSANE exp for not being very tough
Is quick to complete
Not much dialogue at all
Cons- if you lose, your stats will be untrained
Suggested equipment- Doesn't really matter. Since this is for low lvls just use spells/armors from battleon shops. Unless you have some cha, don't bother with a pet, it wastes time. Use poelala or whatever guest you like.

Strategy-Go to the guardian tower portal and click the un-trainer. Pick a stat to untrain ( doesn't matter which, you are supposed to win) and start fighting. I just spammed spells till i was out of mp, then used staff of nihulus with ultragaurdian plate until he was dead, but i don't imagine it really matters what you do as long as you are fighting within the confines of your build( mages cast spells/ warriors use weapons/ rangers use bows) because he really is not that hard.

Recommended lvl/ build- lvl 10-??? I dont have much advice for this part because i just found out about this. You should start farming here the instant you are able to defeat sir pawnsalot and stop when the exp gets too weak.
Data- 800 something exp a kill, and he is not that hard to kill.

I might need some help exiting this :/ sorry.

Pikaspaz -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (11/2/2012 21:17:22)

Location: 10th Anniversary- Bonus Challenge

Directions: Today's Event -> AQ's 10th Anniversary -> Bonus!

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Both

Pros: Monsters are reletively easy and are available at a variety of levels

Cons: Without a Dragon Blade/Bow/Staff/Partisan/Sceptre (Sorry Adventurers), the fights will drag on. Must be unlocked (only once!) in a somewhat lengthy quest chain.

Suggested Equipment: The Dragon Blade/Bow/Staff/Partisan/Scepter (Complete the Dragon Blade Quest beforehand)
Standard Elemental Armor and Shield of Fire, Darkness, Earth.

Fairy Godmother Pet
/A source of non-Potion Healing, preferably one that does not use up a turn.

General Strategy:
Dracolich Head: Wear Darkness-Resistant Armor and Shields. Should be no trouble in terms of damage dealt if you are using a Dragon Weapon.

Akriloth Head Possibly the easiest of the lot. Fire Resistance is helpful of course.

Drakonnan Head Although his HP is low, his damage output can be surprisingly high. Be careful if you are around 1 half HP. Don't forget the Fire Armor!

Carnax Head You do NOT need to use A LOT of Energy resistance in the fight if you are using the Dragon Weapon. His HP will go down much too quickly for Psionic Link to be significant. Instead, keep up an Earth Armor. Although if you want to be safe (e.g., you're build is an Annihilator build) the Hunter set is a good choice.

The'Galin Head This is a rather straight-forward fight. Armor used is irrelevant for this fight, although using a shield with a special effect aside from straight elemental defense such as the Twilight Shield or the Taladosian Shield is incredibly helpful.

Seekrat Head I consider this one to be the third easiest fight, after Akriloth's Head and The'Galin's head. Wear your Earth armor and his damage to you will be almost unnoticeable over your healing tool.

Recommended Levels/Builds: Applicable to all levels/all Builds

Data: I got from 60% of level 142 to 10% of level 143 within one hour of fights.

Notes: Even though the The'Galin Head is of Void Element, he still takes full damage from the Triggered Dragon Weapon.
If you are at a level like 123 or 142, where only some of the heads are giving out a reward suitable for your level, simply leave on the head that is of the lower tier and restart the quest.

EDIT for below: My bad. I've used the Hunter armor for so long that I've forgotten that Earth and Energy were not interchangable [&:]

sol1tud3 -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (11/10/2012 6:45:55)

10th anniversary event >>> Seekrat head >>> Queen Hybee (126)

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens:

Short battle
Full heal after each battle

Can die if not careful or unlucky
Takes a bit of time to unlock seekrat's head

Suggested Equipment:
Mages: Tenebromancers robe, best darkness spell, Eye of Naab (optional)
Warriors: Light armor and shield, darkness weapon, wind armor and shield, Algern's Carapace and CIT maybe useful

General Strategy:
She is a glass cannon, so use tenebromancers, imbue lore, and kill her before she kills you.
Pure mages will take 1-2 turns, non-pures may take one more turn because of accuracy problems.
Low END builds may want to start the fight with Eye of Naab or low Light EM, since she has 205 luck and can hit VERY HARD if lucky.
DO NOT worry about her wind attack. She only uses it on her fourth turn. Mages can kill her before it occurs.

Start the battle with Light armor and shield.
Spam attack.
When she has enough SP for her wind attack, tank it with wind armor and shield.
Warriors will tend to spend more turns and thus would almost always have to tank her wind attack.
I tried CIT but the reduced accuracy is causing me a lot of problems, despite my 2nd is a pure warrior build.
Haven't tested with Algern's Carapace yet.

Recommended Levels/Builds:
Mages/warriors 126+

Tested with level 126 hybrid 200 STR 190 DEX 200 INT
I killed her in 2-3 turns. That is 231K xp and 77K gold in 30 or so seconds. Capped within two hours without full concentration.
Farm-able with warrior builds but I didn't have any data.


Rising Darkness -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (12/4/2012 16:45:32)

Directions 10th anniversary event >>> Seekrat head >>> Queen Hybee (146)
For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Both, High level allows for easier Z-Token gain.
Pros: Glass Cannon, faster fight. 3-5 turns per fight. Full heals after every battle.

Cons: 4th turn wind spell OHKO's easily if not prepared.

Suggested Equipment: White Knight Z, Shadow of Doubt 147, (High) Communicant's Zeal
Guardian's Embrace the shadows, 136/150 for Communicant's. (Eternal) Twilight's Dread for the other armors.
Blazing Solaris Shield
Best wind armor, currently Cyclone Wyvern Rider.
Cyclone Shield

General Strategy: Get in your light gear before the battle. She usually attacks first. Attack/use spells twice, then switch to your wind gear to take her spell. Generally, if you need to, heal now. After her spell, so back to your light set-up and defeat her.

Recommended Levels/Builds Most work, but be sure to have very good DEX and LUK: you need the accuracy.

Data Tested will low END, DEX hybrid.
Usual Kill Time: 1 min.
XP gained: 1,331,920
Gold Gained: 488,369
Per hour:
XP: 79,915,200
Gold: 29,302,140

More or less, you cap in an 1 1/2 hours.

Notes: This guide is for the level 146 Hybee queen, and has a vastly different strategy than the 126 version. I wouldn't recommend fooling around will Algern's Carapace, she hits painfully hard.

Rising Darkness -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (12/5/2012 15:31:55)

Directions: 10th anniversary event >>> Seekrat Head >>> Captain Munch (146)
For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Both, High level allows for easier Z-Token gain.
Pros: Easy farming, mindless clicking allows for multi-tasking. Single Element. Modest enemy blocking.

Cons: Slower than others like Queen Hybee, Requires a good water armor. (1 rare, 1 weak offensively, 1 is no-drop)

Suggested Equipment: Gorgonzilla Costume if available. Otherwise, Might Ultraguardian. Worse case scenario, Desert Conqueror. UG shield, otherwise use Inundating shield. Horo-Show Void Vanquisher or other strong Ice/Light weapon.
OPTIONAL: Misc - Eye of Sacragon series. Legendary Shadow Crystal, on Hydra or Minotaur day. Use Nightmaregon to maintain the SP.

General Strategy: Equip the misc if you have it, get in your set up and mash attack.

Recommended Levels/Builds: Warrior or hybrid. Mages might work, but warriors seem to be good.

Data:Tested will low END, DEX hybrid.
Usual Kill Time: 2 min.
XP gained: 1,331,920
Gold Gained: 488,369
Per hour:
XP: 39,957,600
Gold: 14,651,070

Notes: Leisurely farming spot for times where you want to get other things done. Much more forgiving than Queen Hybee, the attacks are much less potent.

sol1tud3 -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (3/12/2013 11:49:28)

Guardians or Adventurers?:

AQ's anniversary >> Drakonnan >> Grobble / Kronk / Magmar

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens:
mostly EXP

Very quick battles
Repeatable with full heals
No need to change equipment

Takes time to unlock

Suggested Equipment:
Ice weapon
Ice pet if beastmaster
Fire shield from Yulgar's (do NOT buy the level 1 shield, -2% EM makes no difference)

General Strategy:
Just equip everything and attack the bosses.
By the time you've unlocked Drakonnan Head you should be at least level 5.
You can either farm on Grobble or Kronk, both give 88 EXP per kill, the latter gives a bit more gold.
At level 30 you would want to switch to Magmar, which gives 307 EXP per kill, but gives very little gold.
DO NOT fight Hizzard, it takes too much time to kill.

Recommended Levels/Builds:
Below 40, any build

Using ice crossbow (20) and bow master (25), it took me 50-60 seconds to kill Magmar.
I need 2570 EXP to level from 33 to 34.
So it takes 9 minutes for 1 level.

Still on the look for other farmable monsters below level 40.
The ones above may not be the best.

Flamey123 -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (6/11/2013 5:27:55)

Queen of Hearts - Safiria

Guardians or Adventurers?: Both

Directions: Choose to attack from the rear as it will save a lot of battles. Once outside the door of the castle, directions to Safiria - Up, Right, Up, Right, Up, Up-Right (door)

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Both, leaned towards XP

Pros: Easy to kill for all builds with the right armor. Possibly the best place for XP.

Cons: If you are a DEX build, then failing that roll can be a pain (20% chance at 200 DEX). Safiria's fire attack is powerful but can be minimized if you know what equipment to use. Repetitive.

Suggested Equipment :
Prince's Rule and higher tiers for her Fire attacks
Shadow of Doubt
A good Fire Shield (Overlord or Adder series)
Darkness Shield (Daylight Savings Time or the Twilight Series)
A good Light Weapon
Light spell (Skyblade, Embrace the Shadows etc)
Nerfkitten (Beast builds)
Fairy Godmother

General Strategy: Beast Builds (0 DEX)
Stay equipped in your Fire Armor and nerfkitten and wait for her MP to go below 614.When her MP is below 614, switch to Darkness Armor and keep spamming attack and once nerfkitten gets 4 nerfs, switch to FGM for MP/HP heal or attack. In no time, she should be done. Watch out for her MP bar.

Stay equipped in your Fire Armor and nerfkitten and wait for her MP to go below 614.When her MP is below 614, switch to Darkness Armor and keep spamming attack and once nerfkitten gets 4 nerfs, switch to FGM for MP/HP heal. After 4 nerfs, start attacking with the best light spell you got, and if possible, along with "IMBUE LORE" from Generalist Robes. She should be done pretty quickly. Watch out for your MP bar as well as hers.

DEX Builds (0 CHA)

Warrior and Mages - Same strategy as above, except that mages can start hitting with spells early on due to high BtH. However I would not recommend you use Imbue Lore in this case. Be wary of her defenses and equip Pendant of the Galin for additional BtH as you won't have nerfkitten hitting frequently enough for her defenses to drop.

Recommended Levels/Builds: L100+

Data: 2.2 million XP and 600K+ gold per run (5-6 minutes) from Safiria herself. Can cap quickly (within half an hour at higher levels).

Notes: Just watch out for her MP bar. START WITH FIRE ARMOR. 614 MP and above means Fire Attack.

odsey -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (6/11/2013 6:42:51)

The Void
The Void
Guardians or Adventurers?:Guardian

Directions:Guardian tower/Granemor and then go to the portal and select the void. Battle in the void and hipefully find the Essence of Wind Dragon.

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens:Both

Pros: Really,really much Exp and gold if you can win.
You could find another monster other than essences to win.
A temporary level 144 weapon that can be used against the essence.

Hard to fight for level 117++ but still possible
Might need many potion and even casting a quite lot of spells.

Suggested Equipment: A wind armor and shield that is quite good such as Fujin Armor and shield. Retro twilly, Drakanonan amulet,Hogg powershard and Rejuvenating necklace.

General Strategy: Before you kill the essence, try to kill the Drakel Raider first and get his weapon,since he the weapon is level 144. If your higher than level 144, ignore my previous statement.

Use a full defensive armor and shield. Heal when necessary. Use Rejuvenating necklace when your out of mana to heal. Use Amulet of Drakonnan if you need a plenty more mana to heal. And use Hogg powershard to add damage and health to survive as long as possible

Recommended Levels/Builds: Since I'm a warrior, I would suggest to take mythical warrior build. A level 117+++ would be recommended.

Data: In 3 run which would take 30 minutes for me, you could get 4500000 gold and exp easily. Depend on your level though.

Notes: Watch out for the Dragon Breath attack, it is very powerful even at low resistance.

Crawler333 -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (7/15/2013 11:41:33)


Guardians or Adventurers?:

AQ's anniversary >> Drakonnan >> Grobble / Kronk / Magmar

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens:
mostly EXP

Very quick battles
Repeatable with full heals
No need to change equipment

Takes time to unlock

Suggested Equipment:
Ice weapon
Ice pet if beastmaster
Fire shield from Yulgar's (do NOT buy the level 1 shield, -2% EM makes no difference)

General Strategy:
Just equip everything and attack the bosses.
By the time you've unlocked Drakonnan Head you should be at least level 5.
You can either farm on Grobble or Kronk, both give 88 EXP per kill, the latter gives a bit more gold.
At level 30 you would want to switch to Magmar, which gives 307 EXP per kill, but gives very little gold.
DO NOT fight Hizzard, it takes too much time to kill.

Recommended Levels/Builds:
Below 40, any build

Using ice crossbow (20) and bow master (25), it took me 50-60 seconds to kill Magmar.
I need 2570 EXP to level from 33 to 34.
So it takes 9 minutes for 1 level.

Still on the look for other farmable monsters below level 40.
The ones above may not be the best.

I would extend this suggestion to Krator (Drakonnan's level 90 general) in a range of levels between 80 and 100 - it's working pretty good for me. Please note that I'm an Adventurer and I seriously think that Guardians have better options. For this reason, I consider Krator an Adventurers Only Farming suggestion.

tamle -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (7/26/2013 17:29:44)

Trigoras in the Void

Guardians or Adventurers?: Guardian

Directions: Guardian tower -> Teleporter -> The void

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Gold

-Single fight for large amount of gold, good for multi-tasking
-Repeatable with full heals, no need to change equips.
-Trigoras has high water resist, Water DB will suffice for a quik battle
-It's also a dragon so battle will be even quicker with Dragon Blade

Cons: Powerful SP attacks, might die if not careful.

Suggested Equipment: Ep-Pig G (145), Bac-ler G or CIT (for high END chars), Dragon Blade or Guardian Water Dragon Blade (144), Minotuar's Pride, Nightmaregon, Heal Mortal Wound.

General Strategy: Keep attacking. Cast heal when Trigoras has more than 808 SP and your HP is less than 1.2k. If your HP is about 500 when it has 702 or 802 SP, then take the next two turns to cast heal (in case one heal doesn't bring your health above 1.2k hp).

Recommended Levels/Builds: Level 150 Luck Hybrid with 150 END. Any warrior-leaning & 150 END build is ideal for farming here. This guide could be used by Level 145 once you have acquired Ep-Pig G (145).

Data: ~60 mil gold/hour using the Dragon Blade. Expect less if you are using Water Dragon Blade.

Notes: Sometimes Trigoras will use a skill to drain your Sp, so remember to re-equip your Minotaur's Pride. In Ep-pig G, Trigoras can do up to a maximum of 1.2k hp in one turn, so make sure to heal to 1.2k hp on the turn it has more than 808 SP.

Jake Nostalgia -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (7/30/2013 16:48:09)

Guardians or Adventurers?: Guardians

Directions: In a nutshell:

- Get a full SP bar at Combat Practice Trainer using UltraGuardian Shield
- Fight Void Trigoras
- Use CIT, RanGer's Scope, and Moglord Tortress' hydro cannon skill twice (make sure Tortress is on water form). Trigoras should die in 2 skills
- Profit, rinse and repeat.

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Primarily gold/tokens

Pros: Extremely fast farming... ~95-120M/hr, will reach gold cap way before 1 hour, I timed cycles to be around 65-85 seconds (starting from the battle with Practice Trainer and ending with Trigoras dying)

Cons: Kind of repetitive, also it's annoying if Hydro Cannon doesn't 2HKO, although this doesn't happen often with good stats and setup

Suggested Equipment: Tortress/CIT/RanGer's Scope

General Strategy: Just equip CIT, scope, Tortress, and use Hydro Cannon twice. If he survives both, refresh the page if his HP is too high.

Recommended Levels/Builds: This is primarily for warriors as mages cannot use two Hydro Cannon's in succession. My feel is that any Tortress above level 125 should suffice, based on the damage I'm dealing with my level 150 one. 200 STR/DEX/LUCK recommened

Data: ~95-120M gold per hour, depending on speed and a few other factors, such as how often Combat Practice Trainer hits you (which disrupts SP regen), and how often you fail to 2HKO (doesn't happen often with 200 DEX/LUK and scope

Notes: If you fail to 2HKO using Hydro Cannon: if Trigoras doesn't kill you next attack and he has low hp, then just finish him off with a water weapon. If he kills you, I refresh the page quickly and re-log, and repeat.

Lieutenant Necrowolf -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (8/18/2013 22:24:30)

Location: Travel Map Sail East Travel South Seekrat 7: Cat-Astrophe ( Algern the Shadowknight Level 150)

Guardians or Adventurers?: Both


- Battle through the jungle until you reach Algern
- Choose to fight Algern
- Equip your best Darkness resistance setup
- Nerf first, then tank through to the end, healing when needed

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Both

Pros: Great rewards, potentially reach your exp and gold caps within a couple runs, fairly easy with the right equipment, NOT monotonous because it's somewhat challenging and you don't have to repeat it 100 times in order to reach your caps.

Cons: Requires 12 battles before reaching Algern, full heals after every other battle (not every battle), some dialogue in-between

Suggested Equipment: Nerfkitten, Strong Darkness resistance armor/shield (Twilight series, Shadow of Doubt series, etc.), Strong Light Weapon, Head of Raydius Dragon, Healing Spell, Light attacking pet or HP/MP healing pet (Fairy GM, Soluna, Retro Twilly, etc.), Poeala (guest, optional)

General Strategy: Jungle monsters are fairly easy. Just equip whatever is needed for each monster (usually either Light, Earth, or Wind weapons are needed). Full heals after every other battle (8 total). For Algern's forces, equip your best darkness resistance and fight normally. Full heals after every other battle (4 total). You will receive a full heal before fighting Algern.

To fight Algern:
- Bring out Nerfkitten
- Stay in your best darkness resistance and equip HoRD in your first turn
- Attack with Light weapon
- Switch to a Light Pet for heavier damage or healing pet to last longer (after nerfing four times)
- Use healing spell when you drop below 30% HP or below 40% HP if Dazed (10% chance of not attacking for 3 rounds, best not to risk it with lower HP). If you're careful, you won't die
- Tank through until you defeat him

Recommended Levels/Builds: Mage Level 115+ (from personal experience, not sure how warriors or hybrids fair)

Data: Normally can finish the entire quest within a half hour with rewards above 800k gold and 2 million exp. Time needed for capping depends on your level.

Notes: For Mages: it is best not to use your MP for anything other than healing. Guests that use SP are fine because you shouldn't need your SP for anything else. Poeala is a great guest that boosts everything magic and can make the battle go by quicker.

maaply -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (11/12/2013 4:28:40)

Guardians or Adventurers?: Both (best is Guardian)

Directions: Travel map >> Zorbark's Hideout >> Twilly vs Zorbark

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Both

Pros: Darkath The Undead Dragon Gives A HELL LOT of EXP and Gold and fairly easy to kill. Levels up instatly below level 60.

Cons: Darkath level is at 100 and it have a lot of HP. Monster also deals quite a lot of damage. A LOT of dialogue. Monotonous

Suggested Equipment: Guardian Light Dragon Blade (if you are Guardian)/ Light Dragon Blade (if you are Adventurer) OR Dragon Blade from the lengthy quest OR any Light/Earth/Fire weapon that you love
Dragonslayer Armor or Elite Dragonslayer Armor [Golden Dragonslayer or Golden Dragonslayer Eclispe is reccomanded more provided you master Vampireslayer]. OR any armor that defend you well against darkness dmg
Any shields that defends you against Darkness will do OR Dragonslayer Shield
Get the Fairy Godmother Series or Earth Vampragon
HP and MP potions if your health is not very high
Healing spells

General Strategy: After a lot of dialogue, Roll dice (INT) and no matter pass or fail, click pretend that you did not win.
Fight Darkath after a couple more dialogue.
Beat the crap out of it and get the hell load of EXP and Gold. Then the next monster (another level 100 dragon master) FLEE IMMEDIATELY
Repeat for more EXP

Recommended Levels/Builds: Level 50+ for warrior and not really sure about mage cause I never try it with mages before but i could guess level 55+??? (Sorry mages!).
For Class, Best is either you have Dragonslayer class (at least level 6 as you want to cripple dragon) OR Paladin Class (level 5+ is reccomanded) as Dragon is Undead dragon

Data: Darkath gives 31027 EXP & 11700 Gold. Depending on your level, you will be able to cap extremely easily.
Example, it will take about 3-10 min to kill one (depending on your level).
3 min to kill, 1 hr : 620540 EXP & 234000 Gold
10 min to kill, 1 hr : 186162 EXP & 70200 Gold

Notes: Prepare potions everytime and Good Luck! You'll need it!

jellyface -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (11/12/2013 7:18:44)

MODS- remove if needed as I noticed that this was covered, but a long time ago (but with no specifics on data...) [:o]

Guardians or Adventurers?: Guardian

Directions: 10th Anniversary Event > BONUS

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Gold and EXP - no Z tokens

Pros: No dialogue, auto full heal after every battle, generally one armor per opponent (except see below), one weapon

Cons: Need to have done the Quest for the Dragon Blade at Dragonstone first

Suggested Equipment: Standard defensive Armor/Shields for Darkness, Fire, Energy, Earth. Dragonblade (Scepter for Mages), Some damage boosting Miscs such as Legendary Shadow Crystal (Naga), Power Shard Dr Boom, possibly Rejuvenating Necklace but not usually needed for a Mage build.

General Strategy: Ready Inv before battle: Darkness vs Dracolich's Spite (who comes back to life after going down to 1HP); Fire vs Akriloth's Inferno + Drakonnan's Ire; Energy vs Carnax's Abomination, Any (fear resistance) vs Galin's Mutation and Earth vs Seekrat's Suffering. Only thing to be aware of is vs Carnax's Ire change to Earth when his SP >400 (usually his 2nd hit). Otherwise Spam the Dragon Scepter spell and switch to the standard attack if mana runs out (doesnt usually happen)

Recommended Levels/Builds: Mage, levels 143-5 possibly higher

Data: Made 4 complete runthroughs in 30 minutes - 8 mins, 8 mins, 7 mins, 6 mins duration
EXP in 30 mins 43287600 (43.2 million)
Gold in 30 mins 11183600 (11.1 million)

Adjusted/Projected EXP in 1 hour 86575200 (86.5 million)
Adjusted/Projected Gold in 1 hour 22367200 (22.3 million)

Adjusted for non X-Guardian:
Adjusted/Projected EXP in 1 hour 78705224 (78.7 million)
Adjusted/Projected Gold in 1 hour 20333752 (20.3 million)

Notes: The Bonus quest upgrades enemies depending on your level, with a high level/value opponent being released at levels 141-146. These stats for a lvl 145 (i.e. all but the Seekrat opponent at max level). I used Poelala as a guest (from Robina's Monster Hunt) and no Pet to save time....

Carnaxslayer5000 -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (3/17/2014 21:51:12)

Okay, hopefully I'm doing this right, but here's my guide:

Guardians or Adventurers?: Not 100% sure it can be accessed by both, if anyone can shed light on this, I'd appreciate it. I suspect it's Guardian only though, based on the nature of the House Shop

Directions: Battleon > Valencia > House Shop > Outside > Opera House OR Travel Map > Sail East > Sail Southeast > Deren > Opera House

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Primarily EXP

Pros: 8 full heals, can easily control when to end the quest, stay at manageable health levels with the right setup

Cons: Can get repetitive and monotonous, certain enemies (primarily Flee and Grand Owl) can endanger you if you're not paying attention

Suggested Equipment: Chimeran Defender Shield and Poisonous Chimeran Defender: Earth resistance
Dusk's Crest and Camouflage/Vigilante's Creed and Bulwark: Dark resistance
Vayu Plate and Shield: Wind resistance
Mighty Armor and Shield of Awe (no elemental focus): All elemental resistance
Spear of Awe(!!!): Grand Owl has lower Ranged defense
strong light weapon: Up to you, but I use Sacred Arcana, my Custom Weapon
Retro Twilly pet: Healing
Zorbak guest: Dark and Earth magic, with some healing
Pendant of The'Galin: Endurance (HP) and Charisma (Twilly's healing) boost
Wind, Light and Fire Orbs (increased damage against 5/6 enemies)

General Strategy: Head towards the quest's main objective, but go right at the split and just go up and down constantly to force monster spawns. For Darkzard, Night Terror and Were-Bat, equip your Darkness gear and your light weapon, then activate Light Orb at the first turn to increase damage. For Flee, equip your Earth gear and Spear of Awe(!!!) and activate Wind Orb on first turn (this is one of the two most dangerous opponents, so be careful). For Grand Owl, equip Wind gear and Spear of Awe(!!!) and activate Pendant of The'Galin (this is the second of the most dangerous opponents). For Drakel Swordmistress, equip full Awe set to prevent her from constantly switching to your weak point (as well as the occasional prevention of an attack from her with the Awe Set's Afraid chance), and then activate Fire Orb. Zorbak and Retro Twilly will help keep you healed up throughout most of the fights, on Night Terrors they can potentially keep your health full and eliminate the need for using one of your precious Full Heals. Once done, go complete the objective and get the treasure chest at the end for another small boost in EXP and Gold.

Recommended Levels/Builds: 95-106, can potentially do it with any build, but I personally run a balanced, no-luck Hybrid and it works for me

Data: Every single monster at this range gives you more EXP than the Queen Hybee at the 10th Anniversary event. The Darkzard gives the lowest amount, at just under 10k and Drakel Swordmistress gives the most at just under 40k. Unfortunately, I'm not that spectacular at making huge calculations, so can't give hourly figures

Notes: Always prepare equipment before every battle.
If you're at level 105 and still using this method, you can upgrade to Fujin Set, Chimeran Cavalier (based on pre-sweep) and Scourge/Eventide set to boost resistances further.
Make sure to grab Zorbak from Zorbak's Ebil Mistake quest, as that version of the guest doesn't use up SP to stick around.

DESTROYER! -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (3/22/2014 1:30:44)

Final Challenge

Guardians or Adventurers: Guardians

Directions: Guardian Arena.

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Both, but leans more to EXP.

Pros: Flibbitiest Gibbitiest, and Klubber the Undead Dude and Banshee Messenger (and partially Reaper and Death Roller) give large amounts of EXP.

Cons: There are no heals, so it's hard to survive. It's kind of long. All the monsters deal large amounts of damage if you don't have good armor. It doesn't scale.

Suggested Equipment:
Weapons: Raynar's Blade series/Golden Axe series; Wind weapon; Energy weapon; Earth weapon; Horo-Show Void Vanquisher series;
Armors: Darkness armor; Wind armor; Neutral element UltraGuardian Plate series/Armor of Awe series; Earth armor; Energy armor;
Shields: Darkness shield; Wind shield; Neutral element UltraGuardian Shield/ Shield of Awe; Earth shield; Energy shield;
Items: Scrumptious Bora'jee series; Pendant of The'Galin series;
Pets: Fairy Godmother series/Retro Twilly series;

General Strategy:
Battle Troll: Equip your Wind weapon and Earth armor and shield.
Elite Zeel: Equip your Energy armor and shield, and activate your Horo-Show Void Vanquisher.
Grand Sphinx: Equip your Chimeran Spear, UltraGuardian Armor and Shield or Armor and Shield of Awe for the first two turns, then equip your Horde's Ire or Offensive or Defensive Test armor and Paxian Defender.
Rascally Sheepbiter: Equip your Energy armor and shield and Energy weapon.
Zard X-3: Equip your strongest weapon and your UltraGuardian Armor and Shield or Armor and Shield of Awe.
Banshee Messenger: Equip your Raynar's Blade or Golden Axe, and Darkness armor and shield. Use up your mana now.
Flibbitest Gibbitest: Equip your Earth weapon and Wind armor and shield.
Klubber the Undead Dude: Equip your Raynar's Blade or Golden Axe, and Darkness armor and shield.
Death Roller: Equip your Horo-Show Void Vanquisher and Darkness armor and shield. DO NOT USE AN ENERGY ATTACK!
The Reaper: Equip your Raynar's Blade or Golden Axe, and Darkness armor and shield.

Recommended Levels/Builds: Levels 90+ only. Warriors and rangers are good, but I haven't tested any mages.

Data: Sorry. I have none.

Notes: The Twilight set armor and shield, or Shadow of Doubt, work well. You need lots of healing pots and you may want a healing guest.

Beyn -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (4/27/2014 1:42:03)

Guardians or Adventurers?: Both

Directions: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > Strange Whispers

What to do there: Once you get past the conversation between Wolfwing, Dewlok and Cenara you get an option to choose NightBane War 1 or NightBane War 2. Select NightBane War 2.
Get past all the conversations and you reach the War Camp, where you start the battle, If you wish you can take the Darklaw as it helps against all the monsters you face here.
As soon as you start you have to fight 11 monsters, relatively easy to kill monsters, including a scaled NightBane who is quite easy to kill.
Choose to pursue Nightbane and when you get the option to choose the direction, go right.
Where you fight a lv145 NightBane which is where we will be farming for EXP.

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Both

Pros: Quite easy to cap your gold and EXP in just a few battles, boss battle can be repeated over and over without having to fight the small fry.

Cons: Slightly difficult to kill NightBane unless you are around lv100 but it is still possible for lv90+ to farm here with the right equipment.

Suggested Equipment:

These equipment are mainly for warriors, Since I have never played a mage I do not know what the best equipment for them is (Sorry!!)

Darkness armour and shield for the battles before NightBane:-


  • Dusk's Camouflage (For lv90 - 105)
  • Eventide's Guise(For lv105+)


  • Dusk's Crest (For lv90 - 105)
  • Eventide's Standard (For lv105+)

    For NightBane (My personal Preference):-

    A good Fire Armour like:-

  • Prince's Rule (lv90 - 105)
  • King's Reign (lv105+)


  • Adult Dragon Knight's Hide (lv90 - 105)
  • Mature Dragon Knight's Hide (lv105+)


    Shield of Awe preferably neutral affinity or a good shield that gives good fire as well as darkness defence.

    Misc Items:-

    Pendant of The 'Galin

    Potions (If needed)


    Heal Deep Wounds (~550-800 Mana)

    Heal Extreme Wounds (~800+ Mana)

    Water of Immortality


    Fairy Godmother

    General Strategy: Most monsters leading upto NightBane are simple enough to kill, NightBane on the other hand can be a slight challenge.
    Equip the fire armour and shield and The Pendant of The 'Galin. NightBane mostly attacks with his breath attack which does fire damage, which is where the armour comes in handy, at times he attacks with his wings doing darkness damage which can be made up for with heals and a much rarer attack of his is his claws which heals him equal to his damage, which is void so roughly 100+.
    Make sure to keep healing yourself with your pet and attack NightBane until your HP goes down to around ~300 then use your Heal Deep Wounds or you can forego the misc item (If you feel you can take his damage without needing the increase in HP) and use Water of Immortality regularly to keep your HP at a survivable level.
    Even though NightBane has ~3.9k-4k HP he doesn't hit so hard that a lv90 can't kill him.
    Just bash away at him with regular heals and you'll kill him in no time.

    Recommended Levels/Builds: lv90+ (lv95+ recommended) Almost all builds should be able to do it with a few tweaks to the strategy.

    Data: lv90-99 fights NightBane lv140 which gives (Assuming around 6-10 mins/run and majority of the time gone in fighting NightBane):-

    EXP - 329,341 (1,976,046 - 3,293,410/Hr)
    Gold - 74,028 (444,168 - 740,280/Hr)

    lv100+ fights NightBane lv145 which gives (Assuming around 4-5 mins/run):-

    EXP - 505,719 (6,068,628 - 7,585,785/Hr)
    Gold - 116,704 (1,400,448 - 1,750,560/Hr)

    Caps can be reached in a few runs, so very easy way to cap every day.

    Notes: NightBane in this quest is much better than the one in the Beginning of the End quest as you only need to fight the first 11 monsters once, after you defeat NightBane (lv140 or lv145) you have to go through a cutscene and then you get an option to pursue NightBane again, so you can just fight the high level NightBane over and over again which appreciably reduces the time between runs which means you can cap very very quickly.

  • DESTROYER! -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (5/19/2014 1:40:15)

    The Void: King Raymoond the Moonray/ Queen Raychael the Sunray

    Guardians or Adventurers: Both

    Directions: Adventurer Server ONLY. Granemor >> the Moon >> Battle OR If Guardian, Guardian Tower >> Stables >> Teleporter >> The Void >> Battle

    For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-tokens: Both

    Pros: Immense amounts of EXP and Gold for levels which this is intended for.

    Cons: They're tank monsters, so expect a lengthy fight. You may need to flee from other monsters in the Void many times.

    Suggested Equipment: (Non-Rares, Non-Z)


    Head of Raydius Dragon (G)/Necromoron, Evil Eyeglasses


    Inquisitor's Resolution/Hierophant's Gallantry/Eye of Naab (Level 110+ versions)/Daylight Savings Time, Nyx Shield/Tartarus Shield/Eventide's Standard/ Nightfall's Banner/Daylight Savings Time


    Inquisitor's Ardor/Hierophant's Fervor, Eventide's Guise/Nightfall's Facade/Falerin's Tailored Tuxedo/Scourge's Defender/Castigator's Champion


    Heal Mortal Wounds/ Heal Extreme Wounds, Transmogrified Water of Immortality/ Metamorphosed Water of Immortality


    Fairy Godmother (Level 90+ version)

    General Strategy:

    Get in your Darkness/Light Armor, with your Light/Darkness Weapon, and hack away, healing with FGM and spells, pots if needed.

    King Raymoond the Moonray:

    This guy's more for the Guardians. Get in your Darkness armor and shield, equip your Light weapon, and equip FGM. Have FGM heal mana as you equip either Necromoron or HORD. Then, when your mana's full, switch FGM to healing health and hack away until your SP bar fills up, then use your Water of Immortality. When your HP reaches 200, use your Heal Wounds and switch FGM to healing mana, and repeat. If health reaches 200 and you don't have enough mana, cast Water of Immortality. If you don't have enough SP, use a potion.

    Queen Raychael the Sunray:

    Everybody can take her on. Get in your Light armor and shield, equip your Darkness weapon, and equip a Darkness pet. Equip Evil Eyeglasses on your first turn, then switch to FGM healing health. When your SP bar fills up, use Water of Immortality. When your HP reaches 200, use your Heal Wounds and switch FGM to healing mana, and repeat. If health reaches 200 and you don't have enough mana, cast Water of Immortality. If you don't have enough SP, use a potion.

    Recommended Levels/Builds: Warriors and Rangers are the preferred builds here, and you should be level 105+ so you can get at least one of every catergory in the needed equipment. At level 120, with higher MC sets, they're very easy to beat. You should stop farming here perhaps around Level 130 - 135

    Data: Both Raymoond and Raychael give 3326637 EXP and 1108882 Gold per run, and a run takes about 10-20 minutes if you're below Level 120. Above Level 120, it takes about 5-10 minutes, so you can get around 9979911 EXP and 3326646 Gold to 39919644 EXP and 13306584 Gold per hour; easily enough to level once per day and hit caps in a few hours.

    Notes: You may be slower, depending on how long it takes you to find one in the Void. Also, the Twilight Set and Communicant Set weapons are very useful here. Get X-Guardianship! Not only does it help fund the game, you get a 10% boost to the already massive EXP and Gold gain here!

    Jdilla -> RE: [FGC] Farming Guide Submissions (6/17/2014 10:25:26)

    Legends of Lore: Gauntlet I (146+)

    Guardians or Adventurers?: Guardians

    Directions: Travel Map > East > South > Legends of Lore

    For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Both, Exp lean.

    Pros: Lots of Exp, fights aren't long, heal between each, enough of a challenge to keep you on your toes, more variety than most farming spots.

    Cons: Could be too tough for some, especially if you don't have shadow gear. Only available on certain days.

    Suggested Equipment:
    Armor: Shadow of Doubt or Ultimon
    Weapon: Luminous Spear (You'd need earth, wind, and energy weapons if you don't have an ele-seeking shadow weapon)
    Shield: Guardian Luminous Shield
    Pets/Guests/Spells: Earth, Wind, and Energy damage
    Miscs: CoRS, Rejuvinating Necklace, PoTG

    General Strategy:
    (1) Hydra: If you have burst (spells/skills), use it once the Hydra gets below half health. The key is to not let it stack up the bleed; how you accomplish that will depend on your build.
    (2) Naga: Use a neutral armor and shield and PoTG until she doesn't have enough MP for her skill (619), then swap to a light/dark armor and CoRS (if needed) while she's trying to regen mana.
    (3) Minotaur: Similar to the Hydra, you'll need to burst it from half health to dead as quickly as possible. Save your burst for when it falls below half.
    (4) Mighty Shadow Roc: Use your best light/dark gear, PoTG, and hope you hit it.

    Recommended Levels/Builds: I think the pedia page gets the levels wrong. I can't 100% confirm this, but I think you fight the highest level version of each monster when you reach its level (so the hydra at 145, the naga at 146, etc.). I can confirm that at level 147, you fight the highest level version of everything but the Roc, which I'm guessing comes at 148. I think this is worth farming starting at level 146, though. As far as builds, annihilators may fare somewhat better here, but any (optimized) build should be ok.

    Data: I haven't done enough farming here to have exact data yet, and I can't go back and get some for several days. Preliminary data: 50mil Exp and 20mil Gold per hour.

    Notes: I'll probably use this as a change of pace farming spot when it's up. It's not as fast as farming Queen Hybee, but a lot faster (for Exp) than the essence dragons, and it's nice for variety's sake.

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