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Master Moody -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 12:32:36)

plus i don't uderstand anything from it. it is getting confusing like AQW. Also it had made me think og never playing epic duel again in my life. that is how much i hate the update. please just bring delta back and redo omega in a diffrent way i know people have worked very hard on it but it is really confusing, and u exchanged all my enhansed wepons for a acheivment i don't want. either bring me my varium back or my enhansments.[:@][:@][:@]

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JFK Was AFK -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 12:38:49)

Was excited when i saw all the new quests, but then i saw they all required Dark Yeti...

SouL Prisoner -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 12:40:24)

To be frankly honest, curse core is one of the most useless core, which is making my delta armor and weapons completely useless ... I would love to get rid of them, without felling any guilty that they were some "legecy" cores ...

Even after having tons of primary weapons, not to forget to mention about omega weapons, m actually looking for some new prime weapon with no core ... No hard feeling devs, but omega weapons cores r useless as curse core .. I mean I don't even wanna use yeti, and i still got a core thatgives+1 to yeti ???

Plzz let us remove the cores and put the one we want/like..

I got an nice idea, if u don't players to lose those legacy cores...

Players that remove those legacy cores, can again buy them if they want, just like the other cores ... In other words, he will always have the core, but it would be his wish if he want to use it or not :)

Lordshadow92 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 12:40:44)

Okey so

My Theory is this

Cyber Hunters are Siriusly Deadly Nerfed before Omega Launched and Now that Omega Has Begun Stats not only one but many Disagree's to The stats we have now

Not only i Tell that players are Confused how the stats are now so low but all i seen the way i did play When am Obviusli as a Cyber Hunter I don't get alot of wining's but more losses and i can't figure how should we Fight against these Others who gain some month of health,

Is there a possibilty that cybers would get any change of getting any new Skills to have uppertunety to Be back at the battle ?

and as i have asked Many players do they like omega 90 % thinks that this isn't or hasen't complitly The way you wanted it to be .

Okey what i like about is that we got new skills on wepons passive and Active ,

what i don't like is that I had fully enchament wepons and only got 2000 Varium are you saying that is this what i get i think what i did put to the wepons was costed more then this what i got from the Omega.

[>:] If am thinking this all hole thing again Still The same Question Remains How In earth Are Cyber Hunters Going to Fight back ?

King Helios -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 12:43:47)

Cyber Hunter is awesome in omega, 3rd best class, PM me if you just need a build.

SouL Prisoner -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 12:56:15)

Not to forget to mention, removing boosters was like a punch on juggs face ..

I do appreciate all the hard work they put it, but the sad part is they never actually listened to players (before omega)

Players did say, let their be core inventory, did we get ???

Players did say, let us put any core we like, remove lock, did we get ??

Players did say, why is it so expensive everything in omega, did they hear ???

Players did request not to remove/disable boosters , did we AH ... Never Mind ...

Ranloth -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 13:19:58)

Boosters being disabled is temporary since they will be revamped.. This isn't even permanent. Punch in the face for Juggs? Yeah, TLMs mainly with IA. :3
Core Inventory MAY happen, but you wanted the release, no? If you gave them more time, sure, but main part was done and released. No one said game cannot keep improving past Omega (in terms of features) yet this is already being assumed since initial release didn't include it. >_>
Lock is temporary for rare cores, that was ALSO in DNs. It's so players won't switch them for non-rare cores and want the rare one back because one they bought is crap.
Yes, they told us weeks before the release that Credit prices WILL go up in Omega, either January DNs or even ones in December. If you missed it, that isn't their problem. It was mentioned.

It's like blaming them for you not reading DNs carefully in terms of higher Credit prices (psst, there's still Varium :|), and cores. Saying they never listened to players before Omega is also heavy understatement. Many balance changes (mid/late Delta) were done by Rabble and many included issues with OP builds which were dealt with (and then flamed because nerf = bad). <_<

I'll agree with Void's post, as simple as that. Those who say that Omega offers no variety (weapons are the same) and sales may go down: first, the problem was with new items being constantly released and forcing players to get them to be able to compete and now, when you don't have to do it, it's bad because it offers no variety.. And now, when Varium isn't mandatory, it's also bad because you don't have to keep buying it constantly YET people said Varium was overpriced.. Perhaps it's not all about the money for ED? A lot of things can be done with Credits now. Only because F2P can compete with you, you can also use Credits and not buy Varium, unless you don't wanna battle then go ahead and buy Varium for sake of shortcut.
Tl;dr - pay more = bad, pay less = bad.

supersonicspeed -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 13:34:50)

it's all in simple words

Balance: the battle engine still needs balance, it's like nothing happened, in fact, now every battle i go is with level 35 and NO level 32 like my level or 33 except RARELY

prices: to be honest this suck! think of the merc for example, don't you know how it's hard to battle with a merc level 32 with low health an stat points and you expect me to use money to upgrade weapons and stuff OKAY but get me CREDITS!!!! it's very hard now to get a weapon even if it was originally for non varium because i will have to play more than i would ever do and that leads to my next point >>>>>>>

NPC credit rewards: it's awful, very very awful, it would be great if it was back like it was originally that low levels are 32 and higher are much after you gave them auxiliary to make them (HARDER), can i ask ? what were you thinking when you said let's lower every thing and higher the prices ? maybe about bacon!!!

the advantage: it's now beside the blood mages and mercs+TLMs who use the strength build after lowering EVERY ONE'S STATES!!!

this Omega was the worst phase ever and i am really sorry and i myself feel sorry for what epicduel became.

thanks for reading.

Joe10112 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 13:52:24)

Balance: The Random Number Generator is still #1. All battles are now pure luck now. I've gotten blocked on my first turn for the past 10 battles, and lost every single one by 1 hit.

Prices: Better

NPC Credit Rewards: Haven't tried

Advantage: New Features

Omega was not what I expected. I would much rather have preferred an overhaul to the RNG and the way battles are done, not more features.

TurkishIncubus -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 13:56:08)

I know the aim of developers with this core system. And its really great idea to increase creativity.

-skill core inventory is a must
-unlock all skill cores after skill core inventory ( i want to use the skill cores with the weapons i want. I want to use fury and i dont want to look like platinium armor!!!)(make it a dress-up game seriously what you gonna achive with forcing me to use platinium armor???)
-make skill cores visible in match (so i dont have to play blind and damaged by random skills)

Balance that omega effected:

-Hp is too low, it should increase with lvl. At 35 lvl base HP should be 90-100.

-*STR is OP* str is not OP , ED's stat system is terrible since i started playing(since beta). We need more complicated stat system that stats have not just singular purpose but usefull for multiple things.

-We said nerf luck but developers insist on buffing Luck and turning this into Lotary game. Luck shouldnt directly decide the winner. If you have a goal to make tournaments that ppl eliminate each other then you need to minimize the Luck factor. Make Luck factor scale with stat advantage. For example Block should have 10% base reduction. If a lower dex player blocks then dmg will be reduced 10% not block 100% of it. Every dex advantage should give +2% dmg reduction so at 45 dex adventage you can block 100% of the dmg. ( blockable % skills can be balanced after this change). Luck should give slight advantage in battle not break the game.

Best thing about omega is removal of enhancements, thank you for this now i can use all items in my inventory.

felixossom -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 13:59:03)

haven't read all of this above ^ but i will like to say ..
the Stat points and power lvl of the characters don't mach up.
it seems like all class with blood lust have the upper hand especially the ones with buffs.
All im saying is improve Resistance and defense.
lower the attack power if possible
(at least if what im saying makes sense.)

AxeOFury -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 14:17:06)

The health and energy system needs to be changed back. Since we have less health now, it's easy to max out a skill that will take most of your health away. And with the field medic, one of the two has to happen. It could improve with support again, or have a 3 turn cool down. I've changed classes twice so far and observed. Classes with stat reducing skills (smoke and malfunction) are the ones who usually come up on top. Like my first point, it's easy to take down hp fast. The beta phase was amazing and I'm not sure why the system changed on battles. the healing is the only thing that should of been changed. Having a choice to have high or medium hp gave great flexibility. Now it's just low or very low hp. I'm impressed on the cores, but Omega got kinda depressing last night. I understand it's a new phase and nerfs and buffs will be HOPEFULLY made. P.S This has nothing to do with battling, but I bought over 70 Items with my varium before. Now they are wasted because I bought specific weapons to match a certain build. Thats taken away due to the fact of any weapon having the same stats as everything else. I try so hard to enjoy and have fun here, But it's so hard.

Hun Kingq -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 14:24:05)

These are the pitifully weak skills of the blood mage

Plasma Cannon, extremely weak at higher tech compared to bunker buster at lower tech
Plasma Rain
Overload, stun less often than maul, stun grenade, and Plasma Grenade
Super Charge, the warm up is too long for the amount of energy you use for the little damage. I only got to use it once because by the time I got to use it in majority of matches the match was over.
Reflex Boost and Energy Shield are failing big time for the Blood Mage Class

Bludgeon is the only skill that deals decent damage but I got blocked over and over again while double strike, cheap shot, and berzerker, no blocks not even with max reflex boost on and with max intimidation on the opponent. Blood Lust does not make a difference when you are locked 3 or 4 times.

Infernal android before the fifth round players are getting 60+ damage while the extra damage for the Omega Yetis does not make a difference unless you have smoke or malfunction.

Skills that will be a problem is Atom Smasher due to basically no blocks and shadow arts that gives an unfair block chance to the Hunter Classes that has the unblockable skill, massacre.

Then EMP takes too much energy.

Because so many of the Blood Mages skills are too weak at their energy consumption the player of the Blood Mage is forced into two Builds, strength bludgeon build or a 5 focus tech build.

With no way to increase damage and too many low damage skills more players will most likely do a class change probably back to being a tech mage because the tech mage has bludgeon and malfunction.

Losing match after match due to weak skills is no fun and makes the first mission of getting 150 wins take too long due to so many losses for such a small reward. I don't expect to win every match but neither expect to lose 30 matches in a row especially to disrespectful lower levels

Stat progression and equations need to be looked at and adjusted.
The edge that was given to the lower levels to help them win against higher levels need to disappear.
The meteor core skill is ridiculously more powerful than the multi skills especially with smoke.

_i_am_a_helper_ -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 14:36:37)

This is what we waited over a month for? This took longer than gamma and balance has been removed. Its hell, and if its not fixed soon... back to steam

Segaman -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 14:51:46)

ok, here is my reviews after a day in omega. (also a suggestion to staffs)

1. enhacement- i appreciate they refund credits and varium back to us plus an achievement, but level 35 will neva be as strong as back in delta phase as u can tell by looking at juggernaut leader board.(that's y i went for jugg champ right before omega release ;p)

2. achievements- i like the way when we had 4-in a row format instead of now 5-in a row format, so it messes up the order of my achievements. i was wondering if we can rearrange the order of achivements in our archive.

3. missions- i've done the part 1 frysteland missions so far, and start working on training my yetis' missions. So far is good[:)]

4. battles- i just noticed the changes that omega has brought to us. now we have to adjust our builds since it's a brand new battle system without enhancement.(cores are far less useful)

5. stat editor- wait, its not 1 stat point for 2 mana or 2 health anymore? for weapon's stat editor i have nothing to point atm.

6. cores- i personally dont enjoy cores as much, most of them dont help much at all.

At last,after all, thanks epic duel team worked so hard to bring us the new battle engine and updates, some features i like, some i dont, but looking forward for more exciting ideas in the future.

Your loyal player ;p

Vagaran -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 14:59:58)

I personally love Omega, it's a pretty great phase IMO, though there could have been "some" balance in it, pretty much what everyone says. Oh and I find the gold from NPC too low compared too how expensiv everything is today...

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Hun Kingq -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 15:06:26)

We can also add smoke and malfunction because of the low stats already to get any power you are battling at non-existent defense or resistance.

My Name is Jake -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 15:54:18)

I think it costs too much to change your build 250 credits to change the stats on your weapons and 500 to change your stats and skill tree that's 1500 credits. i dont think it should cost anything to change the stats on your weapons.

Drianx -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 15:57:22)

There's one more issue not mentioned before - I've got this when leveling up my alt

The server population has remained the same over the years however many players have hit level cap. Therefore it is extremely hard for a player to advance through levels once he reaches lv30 because most of his encounters are with lv35s.

I would suggest increasing experience and credits gained from winning against higher level players.

willendorf -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 16:07:13)

^ I agree with higher rewards

Cyberbeast10 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 16:30:33)

Omega is too expensive. Retraining now costs practically at least 1000 credits on top of whatever your normal retraining cost is (Due to you having to modify your weapon stats to fit the build). Secondly, it is even more expensive for those who want cores, that each cost like at least 5K!? First, that standard retraining cost has to cost less and second, we need to be able to re-allocate our item stats along with our character stats when we retrain, because the retraining cost has practically be increased by a standard 750 credits at least.

Baydraze -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 16:34:39)

I thought cores wouldnt be put permanently on your weps. Now if I want a new wep I have to spend 7k again for a core??

Retraining is expensive and should be free.. or for a very small amount of credits. The drop chances of items should be raised cause im not dropping anything. Also buff str and support cause its super overpowered.

I noticed something(maybe a bug). someone smokes me(around -30 dex) dealing around 15 dmg. I use reflex boost(+40 dex) they attack again and deal 30 dmg or more?????
Is this a bug or something? this is ridiculous. Other bountys dont deal this amount of dmg. I saw this bug at people which had the omega weps

Also, I thought everything would change. A new event takes about 2 weeks to make and I like an event more then omega.. we waited so long and dont get dramatically changes. I like the battle engine and now people can play more by skill but still, something is missing but dont know what

Banir -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 16:39:03)

I think NPC's give too little credits. A loss in 1v1 is 50% more than an NPC win, which is really weird for me. The costs for most things are fine, but as more cores are released, I think the core cost should go down. Otherwise, most people won't be able to switch cores or even use any other ones than the original 8 they have. For credits, that costs 56,000 credits. A lot better than enhancements, but it could be much lower. Generally, things are on the expensive side. It's kinda weird seeing a stat-less Beast Rider Armor to cost 20,000 credits. I it used to be for Varium, but these costs are kinda ridiculous.

Vegafire -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 16:43:22)

Im sorry, in my oppinion only str abusers seem to be surviving, although we all agreed that mercs needed a buff having naturally high defences means they are focusing there stats arround str and HP meaning even other maxed players are dying in two turns against them, they are not only dominating 1v1 but 2v2 due to having a str boost aswell as their passive on defences, they can easily maintain moderate to high defences whilst having High HP and a high base damage aswell as there str boost, i personally think that it needs to be 2 HP per point or agility needs to be re introduced, the rest of Omega is fine, exeptional but in my oppinion the whole game has just been given over to mercinary's

As far as the NPC's go they are still defeateable with the right build but as mentioned in a previos post it costs a exess of 1500 credits to retrain completely as people need to edit item stats as they retrain, Aint nobody got the money for that, once the item has been purchased the stat modifications should be free aslong as they have been purchased but as far as skillcores go they are working nice,

Or as somebody suggested raise it from 5 points instead of 4 per level thats a extra 34 once maxed and could help balance out the stats for players other than Mercinary's

Builds are more adjustiable but lacking the stats in my oppinion, the whole concept of omega was to close the gap between varium and non varium and i agreed with that 100% but lowering the ammount of possible stats by lowering the return rate for HP is proving to be a mistake,

Sorry guys but overall i want the HP rates returned it will allow more options with our stats and effectively more builds, a 5 focus build currently leaves 92 maximum HP and even with 30-32 def and res (each when added) we are not making it past two rounds, even if we go first :s


Hun Kingq -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 16:51:48)

I just battle Lawman and only got 24 credits that is not enough for constant retrain unless you battle NPCs 3 or 4 days.

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