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Giras Wolfe -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 17:04:33)

We need a core inventory.

Otherwise its too soon to decide whats really OP.

MONCHITO19 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 17:14:41)

Omega is too expensive. Is hard to win a 1vs1 battle and all for win 32 credits. Im varium user and b4 this update my win ratio was better. I think that you MUST make some changes to this BATTLE SYSTEM [;)]

LVXYZ -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 17:20:38)

Levels: Since items can be upgraded to your level, this makes anyone who is a higher level than your character almost undeniably better than you, as their items are more than likely at a higher level as well. On top of that....STR needs to be revisited, because I die alwayst because of people abusing STR.

jzozezjzozez -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 17:22:55)

Guys, this update was to make it fair for non varium players. Just because your varium doesn't mean you need to win every game and doesn't mean you need to have a super high win loss ratio. It doesn't mean ED is doing something wrong, it just means now there is more competition. Varium is still useful, lets say your lazy and you don't want to train your yeti? Ok buy it for 1700 varium. Also, NPC credits were cut in half because now you can farm them all day, and its to encourage normal 1v1.

Guys if u want credits, just play 1v1 all day, do NOT npc, because even if you lose in 1v1 u gain more credits than a win vs a npc.

Edit: At the dude above, its not true, im level 34 with ugly beta weapons and I'm beating level 35 with omega weapons and insanely scary looks. Heres the thing. Now your just going to say "SEE THISIS WHY VARIUM ISNT WORTH IT" no, that isnt true, all those 35 i played coulda beat me if they looked at my build and tried to counter it, instead of going their same old same old COMBO THAT wont WORK on my particular build.

C R Y S T A L -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 17:29:44)

Just to say you guys should ad a new feature,where you could see how many daily 1v1s you did,2v2s and juggernauts.Speaking of juggernaut , it really needs working.

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One Winged Angel1357 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 17:30:58)

My old Caster build works pretty well.

I beat low levels, high levels, variums, and F2P's alike. Unfortunately mods are currently escaping that list because they nommed my sidearm

All in all it is good to no longer be a punching bag.
It is a bit pricey and I literally spent 10 minutes looking at how I wanted to set up my retrain and item restating before I committing to anything and I am out 4K.

Good to see people using other gear like Lycus is using Logan's Claws and beating me

Still using the weapon upgrade to add more health to my builds by pulling stats off a point and replacing it with an enhancement

Assassin01 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 17:38:44)

Since items are a bit more expensive it would really be nice if we got more credits per fight also I'm really happy that there's little room for extremely high hp builds without serious consequence to other stats,but last night I learned that strength builds are still an issue. Imo shielding has become a bit irrelevant since decent damage is usually done whether or not the shield is up now and now that hp is lower that's only made it more clear that all you need to do is keep striking/shooting and you win which is currently my only problem with lower hp.

Yo son -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 17:40:43)

I like the majority part of omega, you can get in fights and thinking actually come into play. The only problem I have with omega is the health, Basically you nerfed the stats then decided to nerf HP, which doesn't make any sense, because now weapons are hitting significantly high why a player doesn't have any hp or defense to combat that, in a way is kind of who goes first wins, and you can basically get whipped out with one powerful attack. High damage output + lower defense + low health + no boosters basically leaves no room for strategy because there is no longer in the long run strategy wins, is now who can dish out damage the fastest. This is also true in delta, but at least in delta the battle will not be over in turns.

Overall I like omega, I like the idea, I like that the cores doesn't show, because in a way the battle field hasn't changed, at a certain point of health you can expect your opponent to kill you, and that hasn't changed because of the cores. The only thing I wish is that the did not make hp scale that way.

I strongly believe that HP should go back the way it was in omega, mp should remain the same to avoid abuse of skills like massacre, and we should be able to reuse cores and move them to a core inventory( I feel like this one is a no brainier).

Players want control in the battle ground, and the hp system completely takes that away.

For those of you who are saying people are just complaining because the are losing to non varium, where exactly do you see that, I can care less if a non varium have same stat as me, but I do care about not having to lose a match because I went second on some one who can take 1/3 to 1/2 of my hp away in one powerful hit and forcing me to go defensive/ basically give up.

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OmilliYo -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 17:43:24)

The one thing i love about Omega is that weapons are all equal. (Well a great majority of them)

drekon -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 17:46:34)

1. Platinum's Pride gains more rage than it should. I've estimated it to be about 75% now instead of 25%.
2. Health is too low while Damage output has increased due to lower Defense and Resistance.
3. Block rate is not sufficient enough to be relied upon. Either remove or increase the limit on percent chances.
4. Strength builds...ughh!
5. The feature that allows players of 4+ levels lower to get First Strike needs to be removed or reduced.
6. Juggernaut mode is suicidal. Give it a shot and see for yourself.
7. Don't start the tournament until the obvious problems have been fixed, or I'll spam a strength build and win it easily.

Fortitudo -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 17:52:36)

Juggernaut is balanced now. Players are just complaining because they are used to the imbalance of delta. See my post in the balance forum.

jzozezjzozez -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 17:57:26)

Beautifully worded fortitudo, very well done. It was imbalanced before, now its balanced and people aren't used to it.

edwardvulture -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 17:58:38)

Resell rate vs. buy rate is definitely not 50% anymore. Can it be raised back that high?

Stabilis -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 17:59:29)

I just played 5 battles of Juggernaut with a very "stupid" Dexterity build and won, maybe it is just me?

PieroBS -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 18:00:39)

Omega , is one of the best things i've ever seen at EpicDuel history.
Of course when a release comes out , there will be things that have to be changed , and i completely support ED staff.
They have made a great , i mean GREAT effort for us , and they deserve all our love.

I have my little problems:

I like cores , like so much the meteor shower , passives helps a lot like ninja reflexes and more.
Yeah it should be a core inventory , we payed 7k for a core , it could be a only purchase , and usable for different weps, or as a 1 item, where you can add and de-add to a weapon.

I think poison of BH are strengh lowered.

health , oh my health T_T, i think health should be like was before Omega.
HealthBoosters : should be re inserted in game.

items are now all the same , it cost a lost due to your level and ... well was better when all the weapons has it different stats and damage ,i remember when i wanted to buy X blades because they give better stats than my Y blade , and i do a great effort till get my credits and buy it , i was happy haha.

i was a non-var player 'till a week ago , i was level 31 , lvl 35 var guys were soo strong , so i decided to buy varium , it was so cool i was so excited ,I buyed platinum pride armor , a new zooka , i was kinda better, but then ... what happens now? , seems to be like all points are the same per level , :/ i was kinda dissapointed , i buyed stuff because of course it have to be a little bit higher stats than non-var , whats the point now for buying varium if all items can be purchased by credits ? ... (yeah but credit cost is too high and with varium you can buy it quickly ... i dont think so should be only var weps and cred weps as before omega)

Due to this , i have to retrain like hundred times cause i was so confused , about points , about my health , i think retrain your wepons should be free once you buy them.

I want to thank you guys , this are my oppinions, All the best for ED staff.

Thank you so much


Yo son -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 18:00:41)

no Fortitudo, is just that the jugs are now at the opposite end of the spectrum. balance=50 percent win ratio, experience can boost that to 70 percent, but 20 percent is not balanced.

@ Drekon, I agree with everything you said, especially number 7. and no am not suggesting nerfing strength builds because that's not a valid solution, but rather make it so that damage in the battle filed, damage out will equal strategy in the long run, and the only valid solution is to increase the hp scale.

LatinLover/Martini -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 18:07:41)

Jugg is SEVERELY SEVERELY UNBALANCED. We have 5 hrs till reset and the highest faction has 130 jugg wins.....

Joe10112 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 18:29:43)

Just want to pop in again and repeat myself.

Luck is still #1. If I go first and don't get blocked on my first turn, I win. If I go first and get blocked, I lose. If I get critted on, deflected, etc..., I lose. If I crit, deflect, etc..., I win.

Also, retraining is too much, Re-statting a weapon should be free, and retraining your stats should be lowered down to 250.

Combatoid -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 18:31:54)

They should do some severe adjustments to 5 focus regarding hp, as well as strength abusers could get a nerf.(Str bm is back lol)
Also, my Commander title has the image of a Warlord.

Dual Thrusters -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 18:32:38)

-those high levels are very crippled without their precious enhancements so it's easier to best them
-low levels don't have enough stats to stand up to my build
-level 5 focus is more useful now
-Jack-o-fire is not random anymore, i just use it whenever i want

isaiahfish90 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 18:33:37)

Omega is awful! I have had to change builds about 35 times just to try and find the right build to not lose 50 in a row. the major problem is str builds, whoever has high str with malf/smoke wins everytime. Juggernaut, my favorite mode, has been destroyed as a lvl 28 can now solo a lvl 35 if he goes first, this paired with the temporary removal of boosters will make many players give up on juggernaut. tact merc has been destroyed as tank build is no longer possible and you die before u can even play as a support or posion tact. Any strategy whatsoever has been decimated by Omega as all the successful builds are STR intensive spammers. The game is going to lose many players if this lack of balance is not resolved. Personally i like everysting you did but the health change. The change from 2 health/energy for every point to 1 health/energy for every point made the game terrible. This coupled with the obvious destruction of juggernaut makes me wish to discontinue playing the game. I realize that the phase was to bring around very heavy balance but something must be done to save us from falling into a pure STR game where everyone is the same exact build of smoke + str + meteor strike + rage. In the senario that we do become this game the person who goes first wins every match. This is a death sentance to old members who are lvl 35. The lower level goes first most times which causes the higher level to get wiped out before he has a chance to act. Not only do the lower players disrespect us verbally but now we are being destroyed in battle by them too? I dislike losing to a level 29-30 with a .1 ratio who calls me a noob when I have played since Beta Phase. This is by far the worst thing of Omega. These low level players find ways to cheat the chat and use inapropriate language, and even with a report from what I have noticed is very little action is taken. Because these players no longer lose they are becoming much worse and trash talking a much higher amount. One of the things I enjoyed most about epicduel was the lack of trash talk and obsenity, this perk has now vanished along with little hopes of returning now that these players win more then the high levels.

I will take this next paragraph to discuss the positive things about epicduel. First thing on the list is the ability to customize weapon stats. I thuroughly enjoy the new weapon system and I am confident that this system is the future of Epicduel. The cores are very fun to play with, although a tad bit expensive, I think they are a great addition to the game. Another positive is the battle engine. The battle engine has corrected many cases of insanely low dex players blocking pure dex players. The same has been corrected for deflections. This is a good fix because there were many times where a player with 45 tech would deflect my 115 tech character 2 times in a row. The absolute best change to the game however is the removal of NCPs affecting battle records and influence(although their credit payout should be a bit higher for the cost of things nowadays.) This makes sure 1v1 factions cannot abuse NCPs every hour and then just do PvP part of the time. The battle records cannot be padded by NCPs anymore as well. This helps show if your opponent/ partner is axtually skilled and wether he/she is worth the heal/rage. Another plus to this is now more PvP battles will take place due to the NPCs being a waste of most players time.

This final paragraph is to thank the Epicduel staff. I know this is a very stressfull time for your staff and you have worked very hard for this update. I would like to thank you for the hard work you put in and I would like to thank you for always trying to bring us the best game possible. This update is just in its first stages so it has some issues but that's ok. You have all been working very hard and deserve recognition for your amazing overhaul. I also want to thank you for taking the time to read my feedback as it is lenghty and based on opinion(selfish opinion that the tact merc should be buffed quite a bit due to its new uselessness.) I am eager to hear your thoughts on my feedback, and I am glad you are giving the players a chance to provide our input. Thank you again and I look forward to hearing your take on the issues at hand.

Exploding Penguin -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 18:36:35)

I am surprisingly satisfied. I believe that the entire system (for the most part) is balanced. Most people are just having a hard time adjusting to the new health thing and thus believe that high damage output classes are overpowered. I think many high level NPCs need to be nerfed though, because I can pretty much never kill the yeti hulk and he's 5 levels below me.

I also think meteor storm makes the harvest promos obsolete because jack-o-fire does 3% more damage. I believe a mod should be made to one of the two active cores so that they're different. I also think that the energy removing skill on the sidearm is totally useless because it sets the gun back into cooldown. Even if it does benefit BM, they lose their deadly-aim gun to cooldown. Some of the cores are really neat, but aren't thought out practically or are made obsolete by other cores.

DunkThatOreo -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 18:51:07)

The prices are simply too high for the average player.219 wins would equal the cost of 1 dam core. Plus why does it
cost credits to move around stats on your weapon? Before it was free why add prices and not only add prices but boost the prices of everything
else? This phase could really be great and I can see myself having a fun time but its not any easier getting credits than it was before. Lower the prices or
boost the credit rewards from battles. Npcs are fine in my opinion, if you're not comfortable with playing other people on a PVP game then this is not
the game for you simple as that. Overall this is a OK update. I say ok because you guys just need to tweak some things such as prices or credit rewards and
then we can take off from here to making this a great game [:D]

Blaze The Aion Ender -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 18:53:32)

I agree that the prices are too high, for skill cores
I thought they were going to be cheap so everyone could try them

edwardvulture -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 18:54:33)

How about HP and MP go up by 1.5 instead of 1

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