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Exploding Penguin -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 18:56:30)

I don't think it should cost money to retrain items, since it never cost money to redistribute points on enhancements previously. I also feel cores do cost way too much, 5k credits per core and 400 varium is sufficient enough for me. What I really don't like is how promos without cores previously pretty much lose all their value. E Eggzooka is now just like any other energy aux, and dragon buster is virtually useless compared to other physical swords, as well as infernal slayer. Mark of azrael is also devalued greatly by the passive effect of +4% crit on primaries.

Lordlake -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 18:57:39)

there must be more options on cores in evry weapon...coz i guess 2 active/passive cores in evry weapon.armour is not enough to be more startegic on battles

for me more core options must be put on it

Joe10112 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 18:58:37)

So...I have a useless Charbinger Core. Can I get it unlocked?

Random Number Generator still too strong. I get blocked by people with 10 more dex than me CONSTANTLY. Sure, I can accept a few of them, but my streak of once-per-battle for OVER 10 BATTLES in a row?

The Moron Merc -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 19:07:47)

Well I'm really happy with the omega update :D
except for these two...

1) Surge Strike ain't working. People keep raging after I do surge strike... IT'S JUST INSANE!
2) I have 3k worth of Chairman Bux left >.>
Fudge my life >.>

and I'm kinda disappointed about the cores...
I thought that there was gonna be a core shop where we choose what cores we want use, but instead... we got fixed cores >.>
not really that much freedom

kittycat -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 19:17:46)

Interesting, but also displeasing. 71 stats for a level 35 is too little. It should be in the 80-90 range.

LatinLover/Martini -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 19:24:16)

What I am proposing, keep the core system. And the new changed, but bring back enhancements.. or a different way to solve, is to lower the level gap for opponents in juggernaut. And why not make 2v2 and juggernaut npc's

rej -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 19:24:38)

I've noticed that the health nerf has made strength builds extremely useful again. I've stunned and killed in 2 turns with no way of fighting back twice already. [:@]

AssassinOrd3r -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 19:28:10)

Hey thxs for the omega update....but i agree its ok but the builds now are terrible lots of loses happening not just to me but others and people. People like the builds before omega.

Lycan. -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 19:29:35)

My thoughts on this so far:

- Wide variety of builds to choose because of armor defence change and skill cores.
- A lot of polishes done to make Delta V look new again.
- NPC doesn't count towards win record (Biggest Positive) means we can find battles a lot faster.

- All passive cores so far are mostly based on luck.
- NPC's are way too op now, maybe lower their health a little bit?
- Strength builds are dominating, i was thinking the exact opposite would happen once Omega releases.
- Most of the battles i had lasted 2-3 turns, i tried many different builds but i guess the 1 HP per 1 stat is too low, maybe increase defences a little bit or change HP to 2 points per one stat like before.
- Health boosters..What happened to them?
- Juggernaut is completely dead and needs a revamp!
- I really hope we get core inventories, but we don't.
- Can't see opponents skill cores, maybe EPICDUEL should be called EPIC GUESS, wasn't this game meant to be strategic?

ale6300 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 19:32:36)

Really like the update, the problem is all player cant find a good build and go into the darkness with str build, now are using a bh build with 70-80% win ratio and can kill these str spammers, cant kill if they had the luck to start first.

drekon -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 19:33:51)


Juggernaut is balanced now. Players are just complaining because they are used to the imbalance of delta.

Oh really? I suppose win rates as low as 15.4% is balanced to you. See the numbers here and do the math.


I just played 5 battles of Juggernaut with a very "stupid" Dexterity build and won, maybe it is just me?

It's just you.

Others have already touched on the fact that stat redistribution should be free and core costs are too high. A simple solution for that is to allow players to store purchased cores in their inventory and be able to equip and remove it from the weapon it was purchased for without cost. Credit rewards should be greater for NPCs as many others have said.

LVXYZ -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 19:38:15)

It seems to me that Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries have it the easiest in this update. Reason? They can...

1. Abuse Strength - Obvious, STR doesn't seem to diminish when above 55 anymore, plus the lower HP thing.

2. Smoke Screen - With more stat points needed to be put into HP, item stats not giving as much defenses, AND the strength abuse thing, Bounty Hunters can own you regardless of what you do.

3. Bloodlust - This one is sort of like a bonus. When you consider the top two points AND the fact that BH's will recover on each of the decimating hits they land, you see that they are pretty hard to beat in this update. RIDICULOUSLY hard.


1. Abuse Strength even MORE - Same as first STR point, but even more with Field Commander.

2. Berzerker - Seriously. This one has to be obvious. Berzerker already did enough damage as it was in the past, but NOW STR is BETTER, HP is LOWER, and defenses are HARDER to get. You have to realize that when you took away enhancements, that you took away a lot of everyone's defenses, and need to balance the attacks now, since EVERYONE is weaker.

Finally, Mages have it the hardest. Mainly Blood Mages in my opinion.

1. Tech Mages actually have a Resistance debuff, while Blood Mages don't have any defense debuffs of any kind - This means that it can be a lot easier for Tech Mages to kill enemies.

2. Low HP makes Defense skills less useful - Kind of weird, right? But since Strength can be easily abused, and defenses are less, added with the lower Defenses because of the new stat limits, you can still die reasonably fast, regardless of what defense buff you have active. The best bet would be to have any defensive skill maxed, and heal maxed, which is too much SP aligned into those skills, and you could still die WHILE activating those skills.

In summary...

ALL Classes need either a Defense/Resistance buff, Strength DEBUFF, or Health/Energy points buff.

This can fix most issues instantaneously.

If this somehow doesn't happen, then Mages need some sort of buff to be on par with Mercenary and Bounty Hunter.

houtny -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 19:39:56)

i feel that the way you get stats after each lvl to add to weps, armor, etc.. is perfect, creates great balance between lvls. cores are fine just an added plus to your build. i think the main promblem is how health and mana only go up by one point at a time. the reason this causes a problem is because with the elimination of stat enhancements we are having to put more of our stat points towards strength, dex, tech, support to still have as affective builds, causing us to be beaten before we even reach our main attack. if i may suggest you could raise the base health and mana to 65 as opposed to 55 giving us just 10 more stat points. i feel that would make a world of difference. also with the elimination of wep requirments combined with no stat requirments for certain skills it is easier for some classes to spamm a certain stat and be overpowered. i.e. tac mercenaries and strength. i hope you find my input helpful in some way.

bladekiller1992 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 19:51:42)

If you ask me Omega needs some tweaking for instance strength builds are ruling the game. Omega is officely the worst update ever. Too many players are thinking of quitting epicduel i think we should get more stats also check in on the lag issue the new prices are responsible

NPCs / OVERPOWERED if u ask me and any other player.

JUGG? what the heck its impossible too win now too much strength abuse also the lower player are calling people who have been playing since alpha noobs now wow

CORES/ well sure the core prices are good but what about a core inventory i got too keep buying cores to try them out

Stats need some work because too low hp and what happened too the epic tank build tac mercs are weak now :( no fun anymore

GAMEPLAY the battles are decent all except the strength abuse so yea it needs a few tweaks if u ask me or alot of other people

thank u for listening EA TEAM

LatinLover/Martini -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 19:59:21)

My suggestions:
Reduce level for opponents in jugg
Change the armor offensive cores
Lessen power of NPCs
More Achievements avaliable
2v2 and Jugg NPCs

Thylek Shran -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 20:11:41)

  • Need of a core inventory because if you enhance your items with the expensive cores your stuck with
    them and your items and wont have the money to customize your character by buying and using new
    armors and weapons.

  • I would like to have the green exit button on the lower right for character profiles and inventory back.
    Having the win exit button on the lower right and the other exit buttons on the upper right is puzzling.

  • Basically this early Omega is the revival of Gamma builds and it feels like being back in the old days
    due the low health builds that nearly everyone is using: Alot Str-builds, Support Mercs with Artillery Strike,
    Plasma bolt mages

  • Jugg mode is screwed for the Juggernauts and the level cap has to be lowered by alot (max 2x lvl 26)

  • Enhancement refund has not worked for my Tech Mage "Thylek Shran": He had worn 13 enhancements
    and had about the same amount on inventory items. Didnīt received a single credit and no achievement.

  • NPC credit rewards are to small. But its good that a lvl 35 NPC does give more reward than a lvl 30 npc !

Sir Xander -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 20:13:51)

I would either lower credit costs for upgrades/cores, Make the core a 1 time purchase, or Increase the Credit give out from pvp and NPCs

I also like the Idea of a core inventory. That way you dont lose your cores, and you can switch them out as needed or desired. It also saves people credits as you only have to buy a core once and when you are not using the item you have equipped but like the core, you can switch it to the new item.

Also on the Bh issue, It is just fine. People seem to be convincing themselves that they need a ton of Hp. They simply need to adapt.

huuduy1 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 20:14:18)

Pros : no need to spend lots of money in this game anymore ( enhancement removed ) varium item last year now basiclly = with non-varium this year.
Cons : I don't if this is a game or gamble because my ch has 28 defense and resistance 27+10+9 from passive and armor. But the result of that gamble is i meet all BM,BM and Merc who mostly deal physical... ( 80% match i meet these class ). Weapon passive/skill passive don't need to show ( make me difficult to choose my action ) NERF BLOOD LUST AND STRENGTH BUILD.... BUFF TANKY BUILD/HEALTH. Make Multi spell more viable

Midnightsoul -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 20:42:35)

Seriously, it's hard to play defensive anymore. Defense and Resistance needs a buff.

cyber/xrevenge -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 20:43:41)

HEYY MODS/ADIM IT i think tht a refund/sell back of the core would be nice cause i bought the wrong core D:[X(]

ashtonsdad -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 21:04:00)

I noticed , and reported to moderators that a core skill is bugged, it is the concussive shot core that is supposed to strike with aux and put one of three of your opponents top skill on coolsown for 3 turns. The first problem is that this is the only core, that i have noticed, that does not have some sort of animation or wording to tell you that it worked or had any effect, and an opponent i was fighting a couple times said it put his heal on cool down both times, and his heal was set at level 1. Overall I like Omega, but I have only found missions that apply to Legion and mages. I am sure there are many others but i have not had time to go around searching. I think the health and mana only getting 1 point per stat point used is not good either. Stats are way too low now. I am happy however, to see peoples win records actually reflecting their skill capacity and not their npc farming lol. i couldn't tell you how much i lol'd to see 71% as the highest ratio on the LB for 1v1!

Removed off topic content. -- SMGS

PieroBS -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 21:16:03)

Re-insert PvP Drops please

hijinks -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 21:24:03)

Arrgghh, do we really have to join a faction to do the missions? D: Also, the NPCs are OP with having lots of health, 5 focus builds are getting crushed by strength builds, cores' prices are too high, NPCs don't give enough credits, PvP drops should be put back.

What happened to removing focus and having support leveling medic? O_o

SMGS -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 21:53:14)

Questions have been removed, please keep this thread to feedback only and take your questions to the Q/A. Thanks!

CHELSEA ROX -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/6/2013 22:12:56)

1) juggernaut level difference should be adjusted. People with bunker buster and plasma bolt build are OP.
2) we should be allowed to buy cores in our inventory.
3) I dont know if its only me but i thought chairmans fury gave more rage than it used to in delta.
4) do not start the tornament in just a weeks time, people need time to do missions also make builds that could be OP.

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