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theholyfighter -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 3:42:13)


Have you ever had fully enchament Wepons if you had then don't complay about what i said about earlier.

Then you should complain about the compensation


It's Trye that some moth of Varium is Not waisted but You can't Change the Facts OF Varium Especelly Those who has Purcahsed Alot before omega But Gain Lower what you expected to have

Who expected that? You. And yes, you might think that some of the varium you spent b4 Omega is wasted. No offence but face the truth. The Terms and Conditions told you what you need to know.


and all the Varium i used to have dosen't exist because Omega changet The Skills and Varium and credits as we all know

The Skills haven't been changed. The usage of varium is changed. Credit prices went up.

ASSASIN123XXX -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 3:57:29)

It is good.I like omega very much !!!!!

the final hour -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 4:15:01)


and trying to defeat a level 35 NPC

actually the level 35 mechachild aint that bad im beating him more then he beats me somet ive won something like 18/25 times . that said before omega id never of lost once. but yeah back to the point he now has a stun and if he manages to stun u ur pretty much dead, but as i said he seems the easiest 35 wise.

on topic awful release.
why ?

1) i started out optimistic thinking i could play any build i want but nah not much can stand in the path of most of the strengh builds going around why almost every class and player are rolling strengh builds. so i was forced to go strengh to compete . i wont stay long if that doesnt change i want options . i dont know what you need to do aside from make strengh less effective .

2) some of the npcs need serious debuffs. and 12 credits for a level 30 are you trying to be funny . your not suceeding.

3) juggernaut lmfao i havent clicked it after what i heard i know i complained for the other side before omega . but comeon you dont stop the sheep being forced into the slaughter house. then turn the juggers into sheep . i refuse to believe you didnt see this in testing. this is your guys idea of a joke . very funny fellas now release the real omega .

3) i agree the gap was too wide between varium and none varium far too wide but making it 0 is bassically sticking two fingers up to anyone who bought varium . the gap shodnt be massive just tiny but theirs gotta be somet and dont tell me its speed . aint no one got time for that ,

4) hp and ep need reverting back to how they were ONLY after strengh abuse is dealt with .

5) defences need to be more rewarding and worth while investing in vs strengh .

6) boosters need returning not funny guys.

7) ive never seen this game so badly balanced

i could go on but im not going too because i know this is a joke

and its extremely funny

im going to wait patiently for you to release the real omega cause theirs no way this took so long and could be so horrifically wrong

Unknown Menace -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 4:29:16)

@Lord shadow

I am a varium user and i don't think non variums should lose completely against me, they should have a fair chance to beat me. But instead i get completely beaten and why it's because of strength it all comes down to that. I use a 5 focus build, means i decided to spend my points equally instead of spamming it all on strength. And to be honest ive never considered but will also take that road if it continues to be this way.

The whole var/non-var thing. Long story short. Non-varium users (credit users) have worked there way to get what they have. Varium is just the short cut for people that eather don't have the time or patience to work that way. Varium doesn't mean more power it means the user is busy or lazy.

I'm having you know poison does still matter, i had a fight with a poison user that knew a very smart way with it and i was impressed (and beaten) by him.

There is nothing wrong with anything about omega, just.. those.. strength spammers, that is all there is. (well and health system) Keeps me from playing the game excessively.

apw_10 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 5:00:35)

i like the update except 2 things i hate, i rlly hate the new stats system T_T how can a noob primary has the same stats than a new promo wep.... and u removed enhancements so i think wasnt necessary a nerf for health/energy u.u

Removed profanity. -- SMGS

TurkishIncubus -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 5:13:10)

Welcome to LuckDuel Omega.

Best side of this game is you dont need any strategy or game knowledge. All you need is Luck!!!

So what are you waiting for? Go waste your time to see if you are lucky or not.

Hun Kingq -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 5:14:31)

Mother1, yes nerfs should be undone, did I mention returning skills, no I did not, Omega is a new phase and nothing that affected the classes negatively should have been brought over but all new adjustments should have been made.

I have tested a high strength max fireball/bludgeon build and just like the beginning of Delta, fireball is the weakest tier 1 skill compared to Plasma Bolt, especially Cheap Shot and especially Double Strike and weaker than bludgeon. Take a look at the strength Blood Mages skill tree you will notice more often that fireball is at level 1 and bludgeon at high to max and the very first move is bludgeon and you are seeing tech mages following the same path.

So again Mother1 you are wrong about which skill is more dangerous with the Blood Mage that causes more problems of a class without energy regain. Then you donít have a problem with cheap shot that causes more damage even with fireball un-nerfed of classes that has either smoke or malfunction or donít have a problem with double strike of a class with reroute that can double strike you to death or another class that can double strike and berzerker you to death or maul stun and berzerker you to death or bunker buster and berzerker you to death or that level 7 massacre with low strength can finish you off with 50+health. All the skills I mention with an exception of fireball use to be blocked but now how often do you see those skills blocked not that common anymore and that is why those high damage skills are used.

To those that thinks all classes block the same they do not with shadow arts present whether active or not the hunter classes block more often than any other class and that code needs a closer look.

So many players had a problem with the multis skills doing any kind of real damage especially in 2vs2 and 2vs1 but you Mother1 and many others donít have a problem that basically improves with strength getting 110% more damage than fireball or with level 6 reflex boost on giving me 111: 31-38 +5 and 51 health meteor shower hit me like if I did not even had it on.

The nerfs need to be undone and the skills need to be readjusted to comparable skills to make them equal in battle from damage to energy cost.
The amount of energy EMP and Atom Smasher takes need to be reduced if those skills not going to be removed or changed out.
Equations that drives blocking needs to be adjusted.
The code for shadow Arts need to be looked at to see if it is giving inherent protection when Shadows Arts is not active.
The Dex and Tech part of the stat progression needs to be adjusted.

supermasivo -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 5:47:40)

i think this update is HORRIBLE, now there is no difference between a non var player and a var player... all my money LOST to get a advntage... this is a joke i quit.

Mother1 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 5:52:45)

@ hun

Look at how balance is now. Do you really think undoing all of the nerfs would do any good right now? I don't think so. BM is already OP and guess what it isn't the focus one but the strength one the aggresive BM you wanted back. Omega killed focus with some classes but strength is what rules right now due to less defenses and health. Plus if you don't remember a lot of the nerfs that were made were due to abuse. Fireball was nerfed to 4 strength because strength BM was abusing it! Berzeker was replaced with bludgeon because Str BM was abusing it.

Plus guess what? Thanks to the regeneration core every class can regain energy even the BM class so that make your statement about BM not having energy gain invalid. Plus with another core they have energy removal as well or did you forget about that Hun? While in delta they didn't have energy regain in omega they do.

Now lets look at what you are getting at. Cheap shot bunker blaster and Plasma cannon are all moves that are made to go through defenses and have a 1/4 chance to crit so of course those moves would do more damage, however with cheap shot it is blockable unlike fireball, and unlike fireball it didn't improve with anything. The scaling of the old fireball was way to face.

But can I ask you this hun? Other then maul and berzeker (if they have enough strength) what other combo could be used to 2 turn any build back in delta with decent defenses? The only one I can think of constantly was the fireball berzeker combo since fireball was a granteed hit, and if berzeker didn't block you were screwed. Plus even if it was blocked they still have their strikes, deadly aim, plus they would gain health back every turn thanks to blood lust.

Add that back now and blood mage would be even more unbalanced. we will have strength bm running around again just like before the infernal war and during it, and the forums will be even more full of BM hate.

MONCHITO19 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 6:00:27)

I have been playing for hours. And i have one question for the admins. Which is the difference now between a varium player and a non varium player. All players have same STRENGHT BUILDS and same STATS. YOU HAVE DESTROYED EPIC DUEL. [:(] WE CANT PLAY NOW!!!

DestruRaGe -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 6:05:04)

No more enchantments made 2vs2 a little bit better but situations like 35 and 31 against 35 and 35 are ridiculous! Very unfair.
Juggernaut is so bad cause you blocked boosters... With boosters its gonna be fine but if not then lower the lvl cap of enemies.
About HP and EN scalling, I say make HP 2 points per 1 stat point and energy leave 1 point per 1 stat point. Why? Because
more hp = more can happen. Energy is good cause lets say 140hp and 100 energy builds were OP before omega.

Oh btw str is too strong. Even with crazy defences theyre making too much dmg on me.

kaj -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 6:09:23)

1 word, awesome.

People are shocked by the change but in the long run its for the better.
Only real downside are the cores, pay each time for a core you already used before...

Buffy A. Summers -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 7:03:48)


I have been playing for hours. And i have one question for the admins. Which is the difference now between a varium player and a non varium player. All players have same STRENGHT BUILDS and same STATS. YOU HAVE DESTROYED EPIC DUEL. WE CANT PLAY NOW!!!

^ There Is Alot Of Truth To That.

I Understand The Point Was To Make Non Varium Players More Competetive, Which is Fine....

But To Almost Completley Nullify The Concept Of Varium...

And Make An Almost Equal Playing Field For All, Is Not Cool To Those Who Have Spent Alot Of Money On The Game And Stuck Around Through It's Ups And Downs.

And The Irony Is...

Omega Should Have Inspired An Assortment Of Various Builds That Would Work Well, But Once Again, It's The Same 1 Or 2 Builds/Classes That Dominate And Exploit The Currently Broken Battle System.

~ Buffy

the final hour -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 7:09:06)

^ i diasagree on the class bit

are all pretty powerful now on the strengh build
its a case of 1st turn / block or crit wins now

tlm and mages from what ive seen and when ive fought them r pretty much dead in the water

the whole varium trhing i agree i sais earliar they should of left a small advantage to getting varium .

but no biggy no reason for me to spend money on ED now , so im saving money ,

not like the servers need $$ or the staff need $$ to keep the game above board . really no biggy

TRizZzCENTRINO -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 7:19:35)

well varium is a rare mineral with magical properties, so i suppose varium weapons should have a few more stat points than normal weapons, plus the credit price on the frost reaper and beast rider armor needs to increase, 30k credits is too low, it needs to be atleast 50k credits for a expensive varium item.

theholyfighter -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 7:23:56)

1. Juggernaut Mode
Reason: Go for a try at it is more beneficial than what I type.

2. Skill Cores
a. Needs to be able to Unlock them (meaning it's a 1-time-pay feature. Currently we have to pay every single time we use it.)
b. Needs to be able to move it from an item to another or put it in our inventory.

3. Stats Retrain
Prices are too high for moving stat modifiers on an item.
Currently we have a little amount of stats to work with. Once of the reasons is due to the health/energy scaling.
With little stats to work with, we have to redistribute stat modifiers AND retrain to change a build, which ends up spending 1500 credits to retrain.

4. NPCs
Some of them are not difficult to defeat; the problem is with the credits. A lvl 35 player only gains 12 credits from an NPC win. It'd be better for it to go back to 32.
However, some NPCs (ie. Yeti Hulk, Nightwraith...) They're critting too much.

5. 2vs2 Pairing
It's quite common so see 2 lvl 35s vs a lvl 35 and a lvl 30 OR a partner losing weapons/armor

6. Strength
Strength builds are dominating unreasonably again. Strength Mercs are making battles within 3 rounds.

7. Pricing
First, I'd say that I'm not complainging about the prices. They're actually fine. I think it'd be better for we players to know how prices are calculated, so we know what we're paying for.
I'd like to as well ask a question: How come Assault Bot costs 20k credits, Infernal Android costs 25k, and a Yeti costs 45k?

TRizZzCENTRINO -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 7:36:21)

@above assault bot is not that powerful compared to the infernal android, hardly anyone likes it, infernal android is more powerful than the assault bot so therefore it is more expensive, the art on the android is better too, the yetis are expensive because you can upgrade them to the omega yeti by doing missions, you are paying more for the art.

the final hour -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 7:47:11)

from another thread that got locked told to post it here so meh im not doing all my posts but this rlly somes it up


they should have i mean lmao

99.9% of mercs are using strengh builds
99,9% of bhes and ches are using strengh builds
99.9% of bms are using ? you guessed it strengh builds
99.9% of tlms are dying -__-
and the mages i aint seen to many the ones i have are rolling focus or support the focus builds die fast in my experience the support builds die about 75% of the time

im guessing everyones using strengh cause its so weak right now ^.^ not cos its unbelieveabley overpowering and pretty much unstoppable

huuduy1 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 7:47:19)

I really disappoint to this update.Luckily i didn't buy the stupid omega package ( include both phy and ene weapon 2 bot ) I have 4 reason to tell this UPDATE IS ABSOLUTELY TRASH !!!
FIRST : COMPREHENSIONS, i spent over 6k to enhancement last year but i received only 1.5k varium ( my other account spent 6k too but only 1k refunded varium ) <- SO UNFAIR !!!
SECOND : NERF HEALTH and BUFF MP. 1 points/1 health COME ON !!! This will make the game end faster and boring time with people built with STRENTH AND DEX ( UNBLOCKABLE ) STRIKE DOUBLE STRIKE GUN AND BERSERK. In 1vs1 match, i haven't seen anyone play over .... 4 turns.
THIRD : % chance block deflect and crit are crazy. Match searching... : My dex is 74 ( pretty high + shadows arts 3% and 4% from armors ) my OPPONENTS has ( 65 with FULL STRENGTH BUILD ).Then in the games my opponent blocked 2 my strike in the ROWS ( EVEN HIM DOn't know why it's happen ) <- this could be luck but this won't. I play CH with 48 RESISTANCE and 28 DEFENSE ( I gamble that if i meet energy opponent i will win the game) but all i met is PHYSICAL opponents like BH, TM or MERC ( after i change my build back to normal i meet mixed opponents )
LAST : VARIUM/NON-VARIUM PLAYER : If we want the game alive, we need to put "MONEY". AND MONEY came from varium players. But i don't think we gonna buy any VARIUM in game because weapon/gun/aux/armor/bot now can be buy with CREDIT and there are no different between weapon bought with varium and credit ( stats and core are the same )
P/s : English is my second language i tried my best to explain my idea to ED STAFF

kaj -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 7:59:00)

I got like 10k var refunded so im happy enough...

stevns22 -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 8:00:34)

I was looking forward too some of my older varium items, becomeing usable again. But with the new release, my founder armor and weps, are no better than the armor and weps you get when you forst create a new charecter. I also preordered the yeti set, and i kinda feel like i wasted my money. I didnt buy it for the golden ticket, since i have work to do, and dont have the time to win anyway. I just wanted the weps and bots, thinking that they might be crazy powerful since i payed 10000 artix points for them - but they are not.
The benefit people used to enjoy by purchasing varium has gone now, and several varium users i have spoken to feel like i do - we dont see a reason to buy varium again.
We are a lot of people who supported this game finacially, and if we dont feel like were getting something for our money, we wont anymore.
I fear that with the current release of omega, ED is going to lose a great deal of funds, since a huge part of the paying customers now feel ripped off - and not only that, were a laughing stock when we meet free players. Were getting ridiculed for being stupid enough for ever investing in this game, and i dosnt help that what im being ridiculed for is somewhat the same as what im thinking - why did i waste my money, when i can get it all for free now?

SS -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 8:01:23)

This update removed the functional diversity (maybe increased the visual one, but I don't give a damn about it, I want to play and win a fight, not a beauty pageant), so I find it extremely disappointing. The core system is interesting, but does not compensate the complete loss of diversity in weapons and armors, especially when an elite rare expensive item becomes almost trash because of a locked useless core. I don't know whose idea it was to remove any real difference between items, but it is the stupidest one I've seen in all the ED development. Sorry if I'm being harsh, but this is what I think. I hope you care about it.

L.E. Oh, and making Assimilation impossible to use if your energy is full: unbelievable! When people say it should be made more powerful (by, let's say, reducing cooldown), even the ones that are not playing as mages - you nerf it. A stroke of genius: listen to what people say and do the opposite.

kaj -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 8:08:46)

Ill buy var again when the time is right.
I love combining good looks with a good build which is now sooo much easier to do.

the final hour -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 8:25:17)


I want to play and win a fight, not a beauty pageant)

im all for the beauty pageant bit of aqua barbie girl and weree their ! -_-

theosenia -> RE: =ED= Omega Update Feedback (2/7/2013 8:27:51)

After spending a whole day with my main "learning" all the new skills,how to use cores and re-arranging my equipment; personally, I have only one comment: I just loooove Omega!!! [:D]

Great job,in my opinion!

(note: my characters are all non varium but I plan to buy and spend some to get a yeti,now)

EDIT: I find the new core based skills extremely usefull if used wisely! [;)]

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