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Master K -> The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (2/21/2013 20:53:28)

I'm surprised to see that nobody has made one of these yet!
This thread is for welcoming new members joining our boards, and old ones who've been through the old boards.

So go on, join in, get greeted, and become a member of our humble and growing boards.
Who knows, you might just like it. ;)

To new members, we don't bite.

So let the fanfare ring out!

*Pops confetti gun*

This seems like a valuable piece for the community. Pinning it. ~superjars

TJByrum -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (2/22/2013 21:09:20)

Hello everybody! New members, hello. And hello to old friends. I hope we can establish an active and competitive roleplaying community.

Master K -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (2/24/2013 18:22:34)

I'll start with my coming back.

I was here for the old RP boards back in around 2010ish. I forgot, heh. My first RP was The Dark Descent, hosted by Schizo. That poor RP was remade and died about three times, refining and getting farther than the previous. I had one special character, Brendan, I used for that RP, my first character.

I've seen many RP'ers come and go, only to find that I never really left. The Elemental Championships originally drew me here, and I was sad to see that due to real life duties I can never participate in one. I've been in many RPs, and hosted a few, including the Arena Challenge, More Than a Dream, and Dystopia.

As Isis would do, I'll scatter some very delicious looking but questionable brownies around for clueless newbies to eat and disintigrate asphyxiate enjoy.
Happy RPing everyone, and may the brownies be ever in your flavor!

DaiTigris -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (3/5/2013 17:38:18)

Greetings and good day everyone.

This is my first year on the forms, but I'm not quite a newbie as I was around a few months before the overhaul. Was apart of Vanguard when It was still around here in the JRPA.
Well hope everyone is doing well and working hard on graduating from the RPA workshops. It'll be fun once we get to work on our own RP's[:)]

Legendium -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (3/6/2013 7:11:52)

*enters thread*

Hullo everyone. While I haven't been around for very long on these forums, I believe I have gained skill in the RP section. I've learned a good amount from veteran RPers, so I'm willing to help anyone who's newer than me get their bearings. I hope I can host an RP here myself, but that has to wait until we have more grads.

*poofs away in a cloud of smoke*

black knight 1234567 -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (3/6/2013 13:01:36)

Been RP-ing since...what, 2010?
I was ungodly horrible at first. Like really, an African child died from starvation every time I posted.
Now I like to think I am better at it.

TJByrum -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (3/6/2013 13:22:06)

Most certainly BK, you are much better. I myself was terrible (posting short paragraphs, little to no description, godmodding, etc) at first, but I believe I am much MUCH better.

Flarekyi -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (3/7/2013 13:37:41)

Woah something changed.

I remember beginning to roleplay here in 2009 or something like that... I was in Welcome to the Clubs, and that was about it. This place really taught me how to roleplay though, so today I thought I'd go pay it a visit. I feel like something's really changed around here, and I'm guessing this would be the new Roleplaying forums.

Well, I hope I can get back into the swing of things around here.

TJByrum -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (3/7/2013 16:24:28)

I remember the name Flarekyi, and the avvy. I have had a lot of names, but I am sticking with TJByrum for now, but I doubt you'd remember me anyway.

But welcome back, I assume you haven't been here in a while?

Flarekyi -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (3/14/2013 22:24:18)

I haven't been on in almost a year I think, but I'll try to figure out something around here and rejoin the roleplaying forums again.

TJByrum -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (3/15/2013 12:44:23)

I'd love to have you join us, as well as even more people. We have quite a bit of bios that have been approved, yet everyone is stuck on Step Two, but it really isn't to hard. They ought to pass Step Three with great ease once they get to it.

Dead_Night -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (4/2/2013 19:08:05)

Boo. So, I think I was on these boards once, a couple of years back, made a few posts and then real life took over and I forgot. I'm back to stay this time and with much improved writing skills! (Oh how I kid myself :P) Anyway, it's nice to meet you all.

Schizo -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (4/10/2013 20:58:50)

Hey, guys! It's me, Schizo. I've been posting on this forum since 2009, by my estimate. I suppose I'm most famous for my hilariously-tenacious RP, The Dark Descent. Frankly, if I still had time, I'd be preparing another version of that particular RP again. But alas, that will be a tale for another summer, possibly.

At the moment, I'm sitting in front of my laptop, pondering how I should get back into this game of "Battleon Forums RPing" despite my work over on the TvTropes Roleplaying Forum. That, and I'm also being crushed between copious amounts of schoolwork and the desperate creation of my own unique story and universe. So until I find some rest, and someone to point me back on the right track around here, I'll be at the sidelines watching my contemporaries such as mrbk and BK1-7 become greater RPers than I ever was. And I'll be smirking psychotically the whole time.


Master K -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (4/10/2013 22:13:50)

Good god, Schizo, you're still around. You're like, the first RP'er I met. You're also the original of the crew...most of them are gone entirely. I memorized names from the significant RP'ers that hung around, but they're mostly all gone, which upsets me.

Poor Brendan was mean't for better than what he got. A creation by a barely even teenage me, using him in the Dark Descent felt like clinging to an old childhood memory. Brandon was mean't to be his name, and later on he rose as a darker expy of Brendan in the EC. Originally, they were meant to be one character. I was writing a AE fanfic story in L & L about him, Brendan, and Emilee from the Arena the end, which never happened, Brendan and Brandon would meet and merge into the one person they were supposed to be.

But enough reminiscing. Welcome back, Schizo.

Terraminator -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (4/16/2013 9:42:59)

I remember a lot of you!
Remember me? Amaera? So many good memories!!! We also did that Mary-Sue RP in 2010. Gosh, I've missed you guys!

Arthur -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (4/16/2013 10:06:44)

Hey Terra,

You might not know me but I started RPing here in September in the year 2011.

So... welcome back.^^

Terraminator -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (4/16/2013 11:22:07)

Hey, Arthur! I really hope I can partake in some more RPing here, maybe I will start my own. Not sure if rules have changed, so I will contact a Mod first to see if I can. I have some good ideas though.

Master K -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (4/16/2013 14:13:05)

Oh my god, Terra?! You're back...? I thought I saw the last of you after Assassins Guild went belly up after you got banned and left.
Welcome back.

Terraminator -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (4/16/2013 14:51:28)

I thought that was the last time I would be here, too! But hey, here I am! :D
We should totally do a sequel to Assassin's Guild. Amaer would be an adult now and OHMIGOSH.
But like seriously, I missed you. And everyone. And everything. <3

Master K -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (4/16/2013 14:53:28)


sequel to Assassin's Guild

Done and died, ghosts and all.

Legendium -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (4/16/2013 14:58:31)

I actually wouldn't mind a sequel to AG. Or rather, new start. It would make a good first RP. Maybe even have people allowed to RP as guardsmen working against the Assassin's Guild.

And welcome back Terra. I don't know you yet, but when things get started for real, I'm sure that'll change.

Terraminator -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (4/16/2013 14:58:57)

Aw...Well, what's the rules for creating your own RP?

Arthur -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (4/16/2013 15:44:40)

There's a few new ones.

Firstly, you need to pass through these 3 Stages of Initiation in order to become an RPer here. Once you do that, the Mods will check your conduct and if they deem fit, only then will you get a Host status, and Topic Creation rights in the RP Section. That's when you can create your own RP.

Also, as per the new Rules, 2 out of the 6 RP slots that are allowed in the boards are reserved for Out of AE RPs. So yeah.... a Skyrim RP is feasible.^^

Good Luck...!!

TJByrum -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (4/16/2013 17:43:30)

Assassin's Guild always netted a good RPer base and it could be brought back. But it'd need to have a better host (I'm a terrible host) and a better concept. I never could really piece together how to make a good Assassin Roleplay. Any tips and ideas?

How to make it interesting and have the players interact?

Terraminator -> RE: The RP'er Welcome (Back) Thread (4/16/2013 17:57:00)

Well I know most about it, and Dani (not sure if any of you oldies remember her?) and I did continue it once it had fallen apart, after Amaer had grown older and lived in the Guild with...Murdok, I think his name was? Something like that.

I believe that if we did another version, with maybe a few of the same characters, we could give it a shot. That was one of the RPs I most enjoy, and the reason I kelt coming here for so long. I'm willing to out some effort into reviving a sequel-type RP and map out a plot again. I'd have to do some research back into the old saved logs I have. Vanir, the old host, was plotting out everything with me, so I still have that somewhere.

If we just had like a loose, flexible plot that could still be followed while having players do their own thing, that would help it stay afloat a little more. Like maybe a rough outline, but even if something unexpected happened, there would be a way to fit it into the whole scheme of things. Or perhaps, once in a while, have some sort of collective IC event, similar to Belin's funeral. That helped move the plot along while letting other, sub-plot events take place elsewhere.

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