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Muchiha -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/19/2013 22:47:56)

The day I see the likes of the great Warmage Elryn "ROLFLOL". Wow. Now I'm starting to get worried....

Heroes of the Scape -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/19/2013 23:26:28)

Wait, so the AKs know what is going to happen???

Eukara Vox -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/20/2013 2:10:12)

No, to be honest, only a handful of people know. Elryn has just had to endure mine and Ryu's constant Mehehehe's around the AKs. And he knows... KNOWS me well.


popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/20/2013 2:42:39)

Absolutely spectacular. The more people to torment us with little snippets of information to torture us, the better. Soon, we shall see what is in store for us.

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/20/2013 8:57:46)

How DARE Xov not give a letter to ME personally!! I am the Mogfather of Paxia, the Forefather of the Forefathers, and yet I had to recieve this... this DISTURBINGLY accurate and yet infuriating letter by removing it from Lord Aerodu's site after he read it!

I am OUTRAGED that I was not sent a personal copy of this letter by this cooperate schmo! This schmuck must be taken down at once! I will personally nom every last one of them in creative and at tiimes frightenting ways! I will make them explode in all the colors of the rainbow and every shade in between! I shall send them all Dilbert Comics that will make them explode with creative irony and scarasm and paradoxes!!!


Eukara Vox -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/22/2013 16:29:38)

*methinks Pie thinks much of himself...

Be warned, such things will only give Xov ideas...

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/22/2013 16:47:00)

Just let him have his moment. An angry Paxian is useful right now.

hict98 -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/25/2013 0:21:23)

It won't be long now

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/25/2013 0:24:48)

Just a matter of days until all is revealed. Or so we assume, anyway. I get the feeling as much will be revealed here as there was in "The Riddle Solver who Can't Solve Riddles" and "The Riddle Solver who Won't Solve Riddles" which if you have ever seen both of those, you know just how much "everything" is when we say "everything will be revealed."

Eschaton Thunder -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/25/2013 11:25:39)


*methinks Pie thinks much of himself...

Nailed it!

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/25/2013 11:28:52)

Careful now. You already have Muchiha to deal with, as well as a couple dozen beasts, so there's no need to incur the wrath of an Ultrapowerpie at this point.

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/25/2013 11:35:29)

I'm just that awesome. Have you seen my juggling routine? Guarenteed to explode a Truphma from the sheer spectacle. :D

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/25/2013 11:37:05)

Alright. We don't have much time, so shall we do a headcount?

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/25/2013 11:46:35)

Aye, it'd be useful, organize who's in what clan and whatnot for the pre-war phase.

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/25/2013 12:05:19)

Alright, we have Eschaton, SIGMUND, and I as Lucians. Ultrapowerpie, you have hict and Muchiha at your side as Aerodus. I'll look into the other clans by checking the thread in the AQGD for currently active people and checking their clans.

EDIT: ss2195 is an Igneus, Disc Lorde is unalligned, and bones996 is another Aerodu.

EDIT: Add more when you can if you find some.

mythicswords -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/25/2013 15:00:04)

it would be probably best if we do it in each clan instead no?

ps: I want a piece of thrumpha and i am fro mthe aerodu clan

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/25/2013 15:26:28)

I thought about that, but it seemed a bit complicated to organize. Might as well try, though.
  • Ultrapowerpie
  • Muchiha
  • hict98
  • mythicswords
  • bones996
  • Heroes of the Scape
  • Tha Killa
  • Kalle

  • Eschaton Thunder
  • popinloopy
  • theosenia
  • flashbang
  • Drakkonax

  • ss2195
  • Ubear

  • Oliver Bell
  • Neo_manni

  • Zyrain
  • Digdog

  • tommy2468

  • Archmopecake
  • Vagaran123

  • 0Neo
  • Brotherbeast

Oliver Bell -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/25/2013 15:32:04)

One Geotian here as always popinloopy.

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/25/2013 15:33:35)

I'll keep updating the list as more names come along. Wow, I feel like a lister now. In DF I am listing the warmongers, here I am listing clans...

Eschaton Thunder -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/25/2013 17:31:48)

No need to be melodramatic about "incurring wrath." Also Muchiha and I are actually on friendly terms. We just both enjoy the occasional trash talking. [:D]

One more thing, theosenia should be added to the Lucian list.

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/25/2013 17:35:45)

Theosenia has been added. And it's too bad, I was actually looking forward to seeing you and Muchiha duke it out.

hict98 -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/25/2013 18:10:14)

You should probably add Mythicswords under Aerodu

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/25/2013 18:13:00)

Already did a while ago. Anything else I'm missing?

Heroes of the Scape -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/25/2013 23:22:10)

Have we all forgotten the Gamemaster and second most active member of Aerodu?? Myself.[:(]

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/26/2013 0:21:22)

Of course not, I just have a lot of things to remember simultaneously right now.

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