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popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/9/2013 20:40:59)

I, too, count myself lucky to have not caught her particular attention. A mistake she shall live to regret. Well, that is, if she lives. I would hope more would also listen to Lucian's advice, but honestly, it doesn't appear to be much more than "stand your ground and never give in" or something similar. Of course, still a good message, I guess. Well, Kilvakar, do you and any who read this message wish to partake in winning a war with me? This is going to be something Xov shall regret. I'll admit, when I heard that Eukara was writing the quest, and was going to use everyone's words against them, I was slightly worried. Luckily, this appears to be nothing worth worrying about!


Kilvakar -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/10/2013 1:31:47)

^ I definitely will be participating, indeed, I have already battled many of her minions in defense of my Clan. It would seem that the strength of our counter-attack caught her by surprise, she seemed more than a little panicked as the called for reinforcements! Despite all her big talk of how broken Paxia is, the Clans always come together when it really counts. When the Devourer threatened us, we stopped our warring. Maybe this threat, small as it is, will help us to build up a wall of unity on the foundation of peace and cooperation that has already been laid.

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/10/2013 1:36:21)

One can only hope. And if this is truly like the Devourer, then it and it's lesson will stick with everyone forever. This could be a good thing. So far, I see no negatives, no downside, from continuing how we have so far. Let's carry on.

tommy2468 -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/10/2013 5:57:46)

Perhaps that is the idea of Paxia. An island where the elements are constantly at war. But they do not war for supremacy, instead they war for what they believe in. And when something tries to force their beliefs on the island every clan will join together because when all the clans unite together they have the characteristics of a single great person.

So in a way, when the clans unite they become a singular unit that works together in harmony.

Kilvakar -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/10/2013 14:18:31)

^ Indeed! United we are strong! I think that after this war is over we should consider making an effort to foster more communication between Clans, but also have friendly competitions.

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/10/2013 15:28:36)

No truer words have been spoken, except for maybe "yes" and "no" and other such common answers. But you get the idea. Well, of course you do, you just wrote it.

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