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Oliver Bell -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/25/2013 14:50:09)

A most interesting teaser, not sure what the 8/8/8 is about, since it clearly cannot be the date unless AE has had a much larger than normal accident with time travel fairies, design notes for anyone unsure of the reference; AQW design notes have quite a few as do the early DF design notes.

EDIT: perhaps it is time/day/month but this seems unlikely, the only reason I state it is that they may want to use the number 8 as that is the number of Paxia Clans.

flashbang -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/25/2013 15:23:39)

Well then, everyone, get your weapons ready! Incoming War, 8/8/8!

@Oliver Each different clan has a diferent bar so: 8 Clans/ 8 Wars/ 8 Weeks to win!

Oliver Bell -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/25/2013 15:28:33)

8 weeks to win sounds far too easy, since estates are likely to be used and many people have very full estates to use alongside an abundance of time. Ofcourse it would be unwise to underestimate Xov, if it is weeks then it sounds easy but for one reason or another it obviously won't be.

Heroes of the Scape -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/25/2013 15:46:07)

Maybe it is the time of the release. 8 o'clock on 8/8. Also the time travel fairies have made an appearance in AQ before a well. It was in a war but I can't remember which one.

It could also be similar to when they advertise big events: 8 Clans, 8 Fronts, 8 Days. That's right, I'm thinking timed war!

tommy2468 -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/25/2013 18:08:21)

Well I live in GMT. So when AQ makes a release it is out at 8 o'clock in the evening (we are 5 hours ahead)

I think HotS' idea of:


8 Clans, 8 Fronts, 8 Days

Seems to be the best idea at the moment.

Oliver Bell -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/26/2013 14:24:16)

8 days certainly sounds more like it, bit of a strange choice of number, since AQ has weekly releases, but I can't think of a better explaination.

Heroes of the Scape -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/28/2013 13:30:11)

BTW popin, kalle has returned to Aerodu.

Kilvakar -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/31/2013 19:55:46)

You'd better stop laughing, Xov, and start thinking about how you're going to escape when a united Paxia kicks your boring bahookey! [:D]

Heroes of the Scape -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/4/2013 16:33:37)

From Vox's Twitter:


Original: Eukara Vox
Hmm, The numbers listed for the clans in the Paxia thread have me worried. Should I start composing their dirges now?

What do you think this means?

Nightly -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/4/2013 16:39:14)

She think's there aren't enough people who will defend Paxia. Not something to worry about, just her being cocky again ^^

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/4/2013 17:32:48)

Thank for the update. Kalle has been moved. Such a shame, though. Glacius now only has one representative that is listed.
The list can be found here.
And as for Eukara's "hint"... Let it worry you not. We will figure out what it means. In the meantime, while we think, you guys can prepare for war. Also, as to who "we" is, it's just anyone who reads this who is willing to put their brain to use.

hict98 -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/4/2013 22:14:34)

Well the amount of people who said that they were going to defend Paxia was a majority of the forumites. I mean there were 40 people on that list and I think that there are really only a max of 60-70 people on these forums. We don't have to worry about being outnumbered, just outsmarted. I just have an itching feeling that there is more here that meets the eye. Luckily though Euky isn't allowed to burn Paxia to the ground.

Tha Killa -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/4/2013 23:43:01)

Even if she tried, we'd stop her. Yup, we're that good:)

theosenia -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/5/2013 5:51:29)

Plus it is quality and not quantity that counts...especially during WAAARS!!! [:D]

(Okay! That and the fact that many of us play with more than one characters during we might seem a few on the list but imo we can at least double that number in game. [8D] )

Heroes of the Scape -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/5/2013 11:50:43)

I agree. I know my secondary mage will fight right along side my beast warrior.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/5/2013 12:34:52)

My AK doth speak nonsense...

I am not cocky, ladies and gentlemen, I am merely worried. Am I not allowed to be worried for the players I try to make happy? I know what is at stake. Have you truly thought what could happen if there is failure? If Xov's assessment of Paxia is correct?

0Neo -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/5/2013 13:47:41)

Trust me Eukara, we all now full well what will happen if we fail. We avoid talking about it not because of denial but a feeling of comfort, that we will win.

It might sound childish and optimistic but we all here will fight for Paxia with all we've got. No-one wants to see the island fall....and if it does, we'll fall with it.

If such a threat draws near, I say bring it. We will stand strong against it. I cannot say we'll win but I'm sure we'll give them one heck of a fight.

So when the dreaded day starts, here we will be to stand and fight for what we want to protect.

PS: Many many many many players who don't care about the island will still fight for the war's sake.....I said so already: "We might start a war against farm animals and it'll be just as attractive"

Oliver Bell -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/5/2013 15:05:46)

Your concern is appreciated Eukara but I don't think you need to worry, the list only gives the names of those who have posted and I am pretty certain there are quite a few Paxians we can count on returning when the conflict does get under way.

flashbang -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/5/2013 18:23:04)


and if it does, we'll fall with it.

'Nuff said.

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/6/2013 17:19:38)

The only way we could possibly lose with THIS level of determination would be for you to make the war unwinnable, or for another staff to add more waves or set us back mid-war. If you DID make the war unwinnable, then I would question your definition of "worry". Also, if Xov's description of Paxia is correct, then we can easily change things for the better.

EDIT: And if you were truly worried, you would not send us in unprepared. All the riddles and mysteries surrounding this whole event are making me start to doubt a couple thing...

flashbang -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/6/2013 21:16:11)

If I have to, I'll destroy the Trumpha. With 1337.

Oliver Bell -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/8/2013 15:19:13)

Nice job with the cutscene Eukara, literaly using our own words against us. Still I will fight against this Truphma threat despite them capturing Geoto, even if my character was captured in the cutscene.

hict98 -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/8/2013 16:41:27)

So... it has begun

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/8/2013 18:52:35)

Xov is not nearly as threatening as I remember. It is much easier to defend your point of view than to change others. Xov merely tried to defend, while the clan leaders tried to openly change Xov's opinion and view on the world. They had the harder job, and held their grounds firmly for some time. Xov resorted to the tactic of pointing out flaws to defend instead of actually giving her point of view. A coward's defense. And everyone has flaws, as was pointed out by Glaciar. In the clans, the flaws are balanced out by the strengths of the other clans. We have a Monolith Island for a reason, and that reason is balance. Paxus created the leaders in a balanced fashion, each with strengths and weaknesses to be balanced out by the others. You can easily take down a single clan at a time with an army at your disposal. I'd like to see Xov take down every clan at the same time, or at least three at once, when each clan is teamed up, each with their own armies and loyal members, each with their own strength, each with their own cover for another's weakness.

Kilvakar -> RE: Meheheheeee (8/9/2013 20:07:49)

Well, well. Only the second day of Xov's assault on Paxia and already her armies begin to fall before our might! I must say, it was interesting to see her interactions with the Clan leaders, although I was particularly impressed with the way Glaciar handled her. On a personal note, I was overjoyed at seeing actual players mentioned in the cutscene! While my character has been extremely loyal to Nautica for many years, I haven't been active enough on the forums to attract her notice, it would seem. That means that Kilvakar is free to strike back at the Trumpha forces at will, Muahahaha!

@ Popinloopy: I agree with you completely, Xov did little but insult the Clan Leaders and twist the words of their followers. At first I felt that Nautica was unfairly made to look like a pansy, but then again, he did try to show Xov the ways of peace and harmony, which our Clan has always stood for. Hopefully after we defeat her puny armies (which we most certainly will), more of the Clans will listen to Nautica's wise advice and try to get along more.

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