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Heroes of the Scape -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/26/2013 0:22:50)

I understand.

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/26/2013 0:43:34)

Since you seem to be able to pick out some missing ones, am I forgetting anyone else who is still active?

Heroes of the Scape -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/26/2013 7:39:03)

I know that Zyrain will side with Dynami. Kalle at this time is with Glacius. Not sure if he is still around but Neo_manni is with Geoto. The Killa is with Aerodu. That's all I can think of right now.

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/26/2013 14:17:42)

Thanks, they have been added to the second page.

Oliver Bell -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/26/2013 15:12:41)

I have seen Neo_manni around the forums so, while he doesn't frequently post here, he is still around. Balu is still around the forums as well but I don't know if he will take part, he has quite a lot of boards he is an AK on.

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/26/2013 15:23:56)

I will wait on adding Balu until I can confirm that he will participate. I added Neo assuming that he will take part in the war. Thanks for helping me update the list. We currently have 6 out of the 8 clans covered, 9 if you count Unity/Clanless.

EDIT: Ubear just posted in the Igneus Level Tracking. I think we can count on him to join the war.

Heroes of the Scape -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/26/2013 17:59:18)

If the war happens on the 4th or 11th of July I will not be able to contribute much.

On a side note I hope this doesn't mean we get pushed to the back burner again with us having some new equipment and a war.

Archmopecake -> RE: Meheheheeee (6/30/2013 5:13:43)

If it's not too late you can count me in as a Nautican. I don't know if I'll war a lot but if I don't I'll try to post a little moar anyways.

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/1/2013 16:04:59)

We now have our first Nautica on the list. Thank you.

hict98 -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/1/2013 17:46:33)

@Popinloopy I just realized you don't have 0Neo. How could you not have the only member of Nocturu to have an NPC there?
I believe that would be the eighth clan now.

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/1/2013 20:47:15)

Of course, how could I have forgotten? He has been added, and we now have at least 1 person from each clan accounted for. Let's try to make it 2 each.

tommy2468 -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/1/2013 20:51:11)

If the headcount is still going add me down for Glacius please! Just changed my allegiances from Aerodu to Glacius so I'll be happy to help out with my new clan

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/1/2013 20:55:33)

Of course. All we need now are an extra Nocturu and Nautica, and ew have at least 2 of each. The headcount will keep going until the actualy war is over, and it hasn't even started yet.

hict98 -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/1/2013 21:12:41)

Digdog is an active member in Dynami and I'll see if I can find anyone in Nocturu and Nautica.
edit: Vagaran123 for Nautica

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/1/2013 21:17:19)

Thanks. I didn't notice that we only had 1 Dynami. Those two have been added to their respective clans. This is going to be a fun war.

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/1/2013 21:19:56)

Gentlemen, while we linger, now is the time to bolster our arsenal. I am currently in the middle of launching yet another Paxia Revival... no idea what number I'm on now. Primarily cause the Aerodu Pedia is out of date!!! Go over to the ACC for info there!

I also call on the remaining clans who lack a history page to please add some sort of history to their clans, so that way prospective members know the proud history of your clan. The Moogle may remember general Paxia history, he certainly does not remember every clan's little details though. <.< >.>

I'm excited, aren't you? :D

tommy2468 -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/1/2013 21:35:27)

@Ultrapowerpie I'm sure you're excited enough for everyone XD

hict98 -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/1/2013 21:46:26)

@UPP Excited to kick some bland, colorless trumpha butt or excited Paxia is finally getting some much deserved attention?

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/1/2013 21:53:06)

Both at the same time O:

tommy2468 -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/1/2013 22:02:37)

Does anyone know if there are actually any active members in Glacius? :L I'm becoming fearful that I've joined a dead clan (with a little excitement at the prospect of bringing it back to life)

hict98 -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/1/2013 22:04:03)

Now that's what I'm talking about. We are going to trade the life of these silly pawns of Xov known as Trumpha for the life of Paxia. Their bland lives will be sacrificed... FOR PAXIA!!!

edit:@Popin Brotherbeast is in Noctoru

0Neo -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/2/2013 0:22:58)

oh my, a fellow Nocturu clansmen......I hardly know anyone of my clan
@tommy2468 even if you are, you should take pride in being Glacius' representative

tommy2468 -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/2/2013 0:51:04)

Yes the idea of being a breath of fresh air is becoming more appealing XD perhaps my years in Aerodu will have taught me enough to be in Glacius :D

And off topic (sorry) for those who have not seen my post in the general discussion I am writing a war story and at the moment I have around 5 characters including myself. The first chapter has been written (on paper over the past few hours between 3 and 6am) and I am looking for anyone interested for the second chapter. Would love some people from various clans and various builds so that there is good.... Variety...

popinloopy -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/2/2013 1:02:50)

Each clan now has at least 2 members in my list. Thank you, hict, for providing many names.

Elryn -> RE: Meheheheeee (7/25/2013 10:59:25)

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