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Melissa4Bella -> =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/20/2013 17:09:36)

Hiya DragonFablers!

You wanted more various threads of discussion about Classes and we listened! This week and every week following, we will be introducing a thread for every class in DragonFable.

This thread: Ranger Armor
Now for the rules of this thread:

  • All =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules apply.
  • The "All Classes" thread will remain pinned to the top of the forum until all the current class threads are released.
  • There will be a Class Directory stickied to the top of the forum once a few class threads are active for quick locating.
  • On suggestions: The DragonFable staff offer specialized suggestion threads from time to time and you may post your suggestions when those events occur.
  • Please keep discussions to the Ranger armor.
  • Most important: Have fun!

  • dragon_monster -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/20/2013 17:38:10)

    A little weak not so great artwork but you have an awesome hawk friend that well gives little damage.

    Sentimental Melody -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/20/2013 17:47:50)

    I used to love ranger armor back before I stopped playing for a while. Which lead to me adding 35 DEX to my main even though she was a mage. At least I think that's why... >.>;

    Really looking forward to the upcoming revamp (as long as the hawk is kept). Going to make sure all my secondaries get trained for it.

    DarkLore -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/20/2013 17:51:17)

    Hopefully there will be a way the staff can covert STR and INT into Pierce so that warriors and Mages can use it without retraining.

    Faerdin -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/20/2013 17:53:49)

    I really hope Ranger becomes more focused on single target damage and debuffing this time around. They need to hit as hard as they can and use whatever tactics they can to keep their enemies at a distance. Become a leather-clad warrior without the advantage of magic or stealth and try to punch an incoming dragon, and you're gonna have a bad time. ;)

    Really looking forward to the revamp either way since it used to be my Default Class. Back when the ability to choose your Default Class was first introduced, I was torn between Ranger and Death Knight. I ultimately went with Ranger because its Multi-Attack wasn't Element-locked. Still brings back memories.

    Chaosweaver Amon -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/20/2013 19:28:56)

    I love some of the skills Ranger already has, it's just so underpowered atm! And that picture from the DNS...I thought I was going to faint!

    It also looks like something that wouldn't be hard to match with...I've needed an outfit to use my Hide Cap for...

    The Finnish Phoenix -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/20/2013 21:01:51)

    I remember Flurry being so sick when Ranger first came out lol.

    GearzHeadz -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/20/2013 22:36:17)

    I love this class, really suits our hero our hero to me, or at least my hero. Always out and about, fighting enemies, getting gold, adventuring!
    Can't wait for the Update.
    Oi Dracelix! If you're readin this can we get an update please? I can't wait for the vamp! [:D]

    DJ9K -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/20/2013 22:56:47)

    Ranger - one of the strongest classes of early game. Especially if you're Dex oriented. Having so many two hit skills on such low cool down, one of the all time best blinds, and a weakening strike. The class is amazing for 1v1 fights.... however is still good against multiple enemies!
    I consider Ranger to be the funnest class to play personally. I used it as my main class for the longest time and still use it on occasion.

    I would most certainly say that Ranger needs a small revamp though. It's accuracy skill, still does ranged damage instead of pierce damage (mean no damage at all). Its style and art work are both very very nice, I must say I like them a lot. However, a small revamp on this would be welcome if it retained its stealthy style.

    Rangers are known to be crafty, quick-witted, and clever. Using the terrain, traps, and their bow as their main forms of combat, with a dagger or sometimes sword in case an enemy got too close. However, they're also known for using trinkets, toys, and other things like animals or inventions to help them in what they do. Because of this, I think rangers skills need new animations. We don't use our bows nearly enough, and rely too much on close range attacks. - We should use our blades less, and everything else more in my opinion.

    Faerdin -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/20/2013 23:56:57)

    That is why I love the idea of Ranger having short but powerful debuffs focused on debilitating the opponent. They may not be too shabby at melee range, but that is not where the combat expertise of a Ranger lies. Rangers fight at melee range when necessary to set the stage and distance themselves from an opponent so they can get a clear shot. They are masters of playing both the environment and their opponent in their favor, and when the time is right, they hit. And they hit hard.

    Keeping their distance is almost a constant struggle, especially against powerful creatures like dragons, hydras, and the like. But when they do it just right and get the opening they need, WHAM!

    The "WHAM," of course, being a boxing-glove arrow. Because if we had Green Arrow's arsenal, that would be hilarious.

    Tigirosa -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/21/2013 3:08:07)

    Ranger armor.... Well i must say that armor and animations itself is beautiful but since i am a mage, this armor is even weaker then my mage armor. So after i fully trained it i have battle with it only two times and since then i havent tched it anymore.
    I really, really, really look forward for a revamp.

    DJ9K -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/21/2013 5:31:01)

    @Faer: That would actually be pretty amusing. And of course, the biggest part of a ranger being the ability to immobilize the enemy and keep them hindered the entire time. And the Ranger near always gets the first hit with a very threatening initiation, or a luring first off. Which makes me want multiple attacks that do some kind of special add-on effect if they're the 1st move you use in the fight. Of course, that'd be just plain hard to code :'

    I suppose, that's what ranger needs the most... is just a really really creative skill-set that's so unique, it alone can set it apart from the other classes without the armour having to look super good :P

    walker of the rift -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/21/2013 10:28:04)

    I like the idea but the art of the limbs has always annoyed me as there just blacked out and the skills need buffing as it really weak.

    bokterier -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/21/2013 11:22:17)

    The attacks done by the ranger is just weak. This class need some improvements!
    Luckily! Dracelix is doing the revamp! ^_^

    Some of the animtaions is actually pretty sweet, but not nearby any of the newer classes.

    Ranger now = weak.
    Ranger in the future = awesome.
    Atleast by the looks of it!

    Xanaomin -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/21/2013 19:00:26)

    When Ranger first came out, it was very strong. As other armors came out after, it's claim to fame was lessened by their superiority... Eventually, the only skill that could help it compete with other armors was the Stat Shot that made monsters without stats do 0 damage, up until Rolith fixed that bug. As it stands now, the anims are pretty neat and the DOT is pretty good, with the DOT arrow not doing less damage on impact like other armors, but all in all, the base armors are better then Ranger, now. And this is an armor that was quite a challenge to get, when it first came out! Really, I'm looking forward to Dracelix's rebuff of the class, and will certainly give a new discussion post once it's out.

    hijinks -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/21/2013 23:05:21)

    Since it's Ranger, I'd love to see more bows and arrows. *gasp* MAYBE they can create a new weapon type! Bows and guns for Ranger! [:D]

    GearzHeadz -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/21/2013 23:35:50)

    That would require ALOT of coding. And considering that'd it only be for one class, all that coding would not be worth it. I bet they'd have to re-write most of the system for combat.

    afb728 -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/22/2013 0:40:29)

    I think the one of my biggest problems with Ranger is like those with several other classes: It requires some strategy. As I really do not prefer battling as much as the story, I like OHKOs or simple, 2-step strategies. I don't like having to actually think through a battle unless it's a boss.

    However, if I were more strategy-oriented, I think I could make Ranger work.

    Mordred -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/22/2013 0:53:43)

    I'm hoping the new Ranger focuses much more on bow attacks; most skills being arrow shots, and the rest being melee attacks with the bow. Not only that, but it should be locked into Pierce damage for the arrow shots. Yeah, it would favor DEX builds, and that's the point. I was also hoping that the design would move away from the desert warrior theme, but Dracelix's redesign looks good while retaining most of the elements of the original, so it's too late now. I'm also hoping that either the arrows or even the bow will have differing designs based on the element of your weapon.

    The skills need a massive upheaval to make it a usable class. They should also decide where they want it on their nebulous tiering. Is it going to be a Rogue class on par with Cryptic? Above? Below? I'm also hoping it's a far, far, far more strategic class than straight offense or defense. Zhoom is an extremely talented tracker, marksman, hunter, and tactician/trapper. Because he's the trainer, the skills should reflect that; a net arrow to stun your enemy for a turn while also massively decreasing their defenses(because you can't really block or dodge while entangled in a net). A tripwire arrow that triggers in three or so turns to inflict massive damage and decrease the target's Boost for a turn or so. A shot straight up in the sky that has a 25% chance of being an instakill("Headshot!") in a few turns and 75% chance of being a miss. A smoke bomb skill would increase that chance to 50%("The enemy panics and will have a harder time tracking the arrow!"). Skills that can piggyback off of one another for devastating combos.

    walker of the rift -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/22/2013 5:30:37)

    I like to think the if they made a evolved version it will have a spirt claw style bow or a massive crossbow like one of the first ones ever made but as timekiller uses crossbows, ranger probaly won't use it.

    Rukaji -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/22/2013 20:36:25)

    Ranger... I'm never a bow and arrow guy, but I will definitely try out the revamp.

    GearzHeadz -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/24/2013 22:10:16)

    When will we be getting the new art? I'm so eager. [;)]

    Bustichia -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/25/2013 17:00:36)

    I like the way Ranger looks, enough to get some equipment to match with it for whenever I might use it, but I don't think that will happen until the revamp. It just doesn't really compare to classes like DK or Technomancer or some of the DC classes atm, which is sad because it's really fun to play as.

    Lemonus -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/25/2013 20:35:51)

    May try it someday whrn I get a DA. Bren hearing it's fun and all and I wouldn't mind changing stats in favor of DEX for a while ;)

    Galez -> RE: =DF= Ranger Discussion Thread (8/26/2013 11:57:09)

    Funny enough i always thought this class is a great class. i even said that this class i better than Soulweaver once. Boy was i a Nublet at that time.[&:]

    I don't think i have anything to say about this class actually other than saying it's weak :l i also agree with it having a lot more arsenal than before.

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