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Jorath -> Zealot (12/25/2013 13:42:59)


Location: Friday the 13th - Frostval the 13th! -> Boss Fight
Level/Quest/Items required: 100% War Meter None
Release Date: December 21st, 2013

Objective: You've defeated the waves of cultists and now it's time to face their leader!
Objective completed: Wow... that was creepy. Now it's time for Frostoween! Moglovale?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Zealot - Boss

Baron Valtrith
Bubble (Witch)

Frost Pumpkin Knife (I-VI)
Frost Pumpkin Staff (I-VI)
Frost Pumpkin Sword (I-VI)

Frost Pumpkin Head (I-V)
Frost Vine Wings (I-VI)

Access to Frostval 13 DC

Zealot appears and faces the character, Chilly and the Sisters

<Character>: Sisters, Chilly, stay back! I'll handle this.
Zealot: Well <Class>, you are quite skilled, but...
Zealot: ... it's time I deal with you myself!

Fight Zealot in a normal battle or an extreme battle. After winning:

The hood comes off, revealing Zealot and Valtrith fused together

<Character>: What the...?
<Character>: You!
Baron Valtrith: This is not over yet! I will be back!
<Character>: But why?! Why are you doing this?
Baron Valtrith: Because...
Baron Valtrith: ... why not?
<Character>: . . .
Zealot: Should I run now, master?
Baron Valtrith: No, you idiot! You were supposed to protect me until... gah, just initiate a tactical retreat!
Zealot: As you wish, my lord!

Both Zealot and Valtrith turn red, then vanish

<Character>: Is everyone alright?
Trouble: I think so. Monsters were defeated, and the remaining cultists fled. Croft is safe, thanks to you.
Chilly: And Frostvale is safe, too!
Toil: Well, we should be going now. <Character>, thank you again for saving Moglowee... ah, Frostval.
<Character>: Hey, maybe you could stick around for Frostval? Since we already defeated the threat, it's time to celebrate!
Bubble: Ooooh, can we stay? I've never seen Frostval!
Trouble: Well... it does provide for a whole new confectionary experience....
Toil: Alright girls, let's have Frostval!

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot Shop - Opens Frostval 13 DC

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