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Location: Search for Refugees, Shear Destruction, An Uncertain Future, Escape from Espina Rosa, Starcrossed - The Thorns of the Rose

Quests given

Shops owned

Search for Refugees

Navon: That orb... you're... you're one of them! Get away from us!

Navon: You have saved us...

Navon: My thanks, hero.

Shear Destruction

Navon: This is meant to rally us together? A stone is meant to save us all?
Navon: This is meant to rally us together? A stone is meant to save us all? A paperweight?

Navon: Do you think it can be done?
Navon: Do you truly think it can be done? How do you plan on destroying the Oculus Tower?

Navon: And... you think you can fulfill all those dreams?
Navon: AND... you think the resistance will just accept you after this? That they will accept us with open arms?

Navon: Really? You have such confidence, Leon. The Rose has been moving and we have struggled to keep up. Crest has been watching them.
Navon: You have such confidence in this plan, Leon. And though not invincible, the Rose is no sitting duck. They too have plans. Crest, you had a report?

An Uncertain Future

Navon: I've heard stories about torture, screaming, bad food.

Navon: Aye, too true...

Navon: Ready as I will ever be.

Navon: Is this..... ?

Escape from Espina Rosa

Navon: To help of course!

Navon: ... What are they doing?

Navon: Somehow, all the soliders we ran into on the upper levels froze just like these ones have...
Navon: We could not have had better luck! We are in control of the Runed Fortress!

Starcrossed - The Thorns of the Rose

Navon: Trap? But what trap? And where?
Navon: The... The FULL MIGHT?!
Navon: But why?!
Navon: But who could....
Navon: Why? What’s so bad about the Rose finding out about this?

Navon: Almost there!

Navon: Wait! What’s that... glowing thing up a head?

Navon: <Character>? Is everything-

Navon: ...Sam?


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