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Love Ship

Other name: Set Sail!

Location: Hero's Heart Day Storybook -> Chapter 7 -> Set Sail!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Bachelor Party
Release Date: February 15th, 2014

Objective: There isn't a lot of loving going on but Beleen has a plan, uhoh!
Objective completed: It's a good thing the Loooooove Doctor knew the magic words.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(5) Dirt Beetle
(4) Dark Drinker
(4) Vampiric Ghoul
(1) Darkness Elemental - Boss

Big Daddy
Captain Rhubarb
Mr and Mrs Puddingshins
True Mortal

Leftover Ingredients

Big Daddy: Hello <Character>!
<Character>: What's up Big Daddy?
Big Daddy: Glad you asked, this year we have a surprise for all the couples!
<Character> (thinking): I'm going to regret asking this...
<Character>: What is the surprise, Big Daddy?
Big Daddy: The LOVE SHIP!

The screen shows the crew for the Love Ship:

Your captain: Captain Rhubarb
Your (love) Doctor: Big Daddy
Your Bartender: True Mortal
Your Cruise Director: Beleen
Your Hero: You

*Big Daddy and the hero are on the ship*

<Character>: Just how did you get this ship?
Big Daddy: I have an old friend in Osprey Cove who has a ship.
<Character>: But if he's an old friend why didn't you do this before.
Big Daddy: It took me a few years to get the message he made it to captain and got his own ship...
Big Daddy: ... but the moment I heard Tom was promoted to captain and got his own ship I contacted him with this idea.
<Character>: Tom?
Big Daddy: Oh right... I guess you know him by the name of "Rhubarb"?
???: That'd be Captain Rhubarb now!
Big Daddy: There you are, Tom! Is everything ready for departure?
Captain Rhubarb: Arr, the crew be ready and the ship is clean!

*Beleen appears behind the hero*

Beleen: Then bring in the lovebirds!
<Character>: Beleen! You're here too?
Beleen: It's a cruise of love! I HAD to be here!
<Character>: Who else is here?

*True Mortal appears, looking rather down*

True Mortal: ...Me...
<Character>: True Mortal? I didn't take you for the lovey dovey type!
True Mortal: ... I'm not... SHE forced me to do it..
Beleen: Aww come on True! Are you still on about that?
<Character>: How did Beleen force you to do something like this? Aren't you a powerful spirit warden?
True Mortal: It was this or she would've colored Thorn pink...
Beleen: In my defense True does make a mean moglinberry cocktail!
<Character>: Right... So who is on the passengers list?
Beleen: Oh that's my job to watch! Let's see...
Beleen: Mister and Mrs Puddingshins, Ash and Aria, Ju and Tsu, and Scur and Vy.
Beleen: Hmmm... We better keep those four apart from each other!

*The screen shifts to the passengers, starting with Ash and Aria*

Aria: Oh Ash, isn't this great?!
Ash: Yeah!
Ash: I really needed a vacation with a good friend!
Aria: Right... a.... friend...
Aria: I actually hoped it would be a little bit m-
Ash: Ooooh they have Bandit Bingo on the ship!
Ash: Sorry were you saying something?
Aria: No...
Ash: Ok!

*The screen shifts to Mr and Mrs Puddingshins next*

Mr Puddingshins: Hmmm nice ship, I wonder if it's iceberg proof?
Mrs Puddingshins: Oh Mr Puddingshins, you scoundrel!
Mr Puddingshins: Not again with the routine! We're supposed to be on a vacation!
Mrs Puddingshins: ...

*Scur and Vy appear as the third couple*

Scur: I always wondered what this ship would look like on the inside!
Vy: We're having a holiday together and yer taking me SAILING?!?
Scur: Aye, what about it?

*Vy holds her hands up to her eyes*

Vy: We're PIRATES and we sail all the time!
Scur: Nothing like the sea to us pirates, right?
Vy (thinking): I'll keelhaul him....

*The screen shifts back to Beleen, as she holds a list of passengers*

Beleen: Hmmm let's see, that were all of them! Or... no, wait!
Beleen: Where are Ju and Tsu?

*Ju and Tsu stood behind Beleen without being seen*

Ju: We're here...
Beleen: EEP!
Beleen: When- no HOW- did you get here?
Tsu: We walked the board like everyone else.
Beleen: But I didn't see you come on board!
Ju: That's because we are ninjas... We're not supposed to be seen.
Beleen (thinking): There isn't a lot of loving going on on this Love Ship...
Beleen: Well... Ok... I'll just check off the list!
Beleen: There! DONE!
Beleen: Captain, We're ready to leave!

*The ship sets sail, and the four couples are with Beleen*

Ju: If we sneak in at night we can get them without them even noticing..
Tsu: No! We're not going to get the pirates! It's our vacation for crying out loud!

Scur: Just look at that finely made deck! What a beauty!
Vy: It's always ships with you! If you'd use half the time you spent talking about ships to talk to me, I would be happy!
Scur: And the rail! WOW!
Scur: I'm sorry did you say something?
Vy: ... Never mind....

Mr Puddingshins: It's cold out here and it reeks like fish!
Mrs Puddingshins: Oh Mr Puddingshins, you sco-
Mr Puddingshins: DON'T even say it!
Mrs Puddingshins: ...........

Aria: So... Ash want to go feed the gulls?
Ash: Nah...
Aria: Get something to drink?
Ash: Nah...
Aria: Oh I know! want to play Bandit Bingo? You were enthusiastic about that earlier!
Ash: Not right now, I just need to relax from my full time hero job for now!
Aria: Fine...

*Aria walks away*

Ash: What was that all about?

Beleen (thinking): That's not a lot of loving at ALL!
Beleen: Hmmm.... I know!

*Beleen takes out a bottle of Beleen's Mambo #5 1/2 potion*

Beleen: This will get them to love each other some more!

*She then goes to True Mortal's cabin*

Beleen: Hey True! Could you make 8 of these awesome moglinberry cocktails of yours?
True Mortal: ... I guess I don't have a choice...


*Eight glasses of moglinberry cocktail are done later*

True Mortal: There you go...
Beleen: Thanks pal!
True Mortal: .........

*Beleen then returns to the deck with the cocktails*

Beleen: Free drinks for all the guests!

*The cocktails are served*

Mr Puddingshins: That's the worst cocta-

*Suddenly, he looks really dazed*

Mrs Puddingshins: What's wrong honey?
Mr Puddingshins: I'm seeing you in a whole different light now!

*Hearts appear in his eyes*

Mrs Puddingshins: Ooooh Pookey.
Mr Puddingshins: Oooh Darling!
Beleen (thinking): Much better!

*Big Daddy approaches Beleen*

Big Daddy: Wow, the atmosphere around here changed drastically, much more... "Lovey dovey", what happened?
Beleen: Must be the sea air! Oh and I also helped them a little!
Big Daddy: Helped them? ... how exactly?
Beleen: With my special Love potion! Mambo #5 !
Big Daddy: A love potio?!? Oh no....
Beleen: What?
Big Daddy: During Hero's Heart Day a special kind of magic is in the air...
Big Daddy: ... it's kind of a slow working love potion that brings the lingering love for someone to surface!
Beleen: Awesome!
Big Daddy: Normally it is... but with another love potion... The love will grow out of control!
Beleen: Less awesome...
Big Daddy: The people won't be able to eat, sleep or drink because of the love!
Beleen: Not awesome at all!
Big Daddy: Indeed, luckily I also know how to make potions that counter the effect of love potions!
Big Daddy: But I need <Character> to get me some ingredients, could you go get them for me?
Beleen: Yes sir!

*A few minutes later, Beleen find the character*

Beleen: <Character>, we need your help!
<Character>: What's wrong?
Beleen: Weeeeeell... I might have spiked the guests drinks with a love potion and now the love's getting out of control!
<Character>: And what can I do about that?
Beleen: Big Daddy knows how to counter the effects with another potion but he need you to gather the ingredients!
<Character>: Then there's no time to lose!

In the steering hut

<Character>: Ok Big Daddy, what do you need?
Big Daddy: I need Wings of a dark drinker, claws of a ghoul and Essence of a darkness elemental.
Captain Rhubarb: There be a shady island a two leagues away from here, I think ye can find what yer looking for there!
<Character>: Ok, drop me off then!
Captain Rhubarb: Ok, as long as ye won't expect me to come with ye! May the four winds blow in yer favor!

The hero is dropped in a tropic island. Find the right ingredients by hunting the creatures living there. After you kill all the necessary ones:

<Character>: Sure! Tons of Ghouls and Dark Drinkers but only ONE Darkness elemental! Well... At least I have what I came here for!

*Back on the ship*

Big Daddy: You're back!
<Character>: I got what you asked for, Big Daddy!
Big Daddy: Good! I'll start brewing the hate potion right now!
Beleen: Hate potion? That sounds cruel!
Big Daddy: There's a fine line between Hate and Love and yet they're complete opposites.
Big Daddy: A hate potion is the only way to counter a love potion and vice versa!
<Character>: Ooooh like how my light weapons damage creatures of darkness and my darkness weapons damage creatures of light?
Big Daddy: Exactly! and now please give me a second!

*A second later*

Big Daddy: ... and done!
<Character>: Wow, you didn't lie when you said 1 second.
Big Daddy: Big Daddy never lies.
Big Daddy: Now Beleen, could you be so kind to bring the potions to the guests? Just tell them that it brings them even closer to each other, they'll love that!
Beleen: Roger that!

*A while later, everyone's back on deck*

Beleen: Done!
Big Daddy: Good! And now we can let the Hero's heart day magic go it's normal course!
<Character>: Yeah! It seems that it's already working for Ash and Aria!

*The two are holding hands, looking happy together*

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to Voodoo Master for additional dialogue.

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