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Mritha -> =BG= New Topic Suggestions (3/18/2014 18:46:54)

This forum is a reply-only forum so you can't post your own threads. We'll have this thread instead, so you can propose any good ideas for new forum threads here.

Please make sure to post the precise topic you wish to discuss. That way you can be quoted and given full credit for the topic.

WhiteTiger -> RE: =BG= New Topic Suggestions (3/18/2014 19:15:17)

I think that an Images & Screenshots thread similar to EpicDuel Movies & Images or Screenshot and Video Thread (OverSoul) would be great for players to showcase their epic screenshots and videos.

~ Done! Thank you for the suggestion :)

XapApp -> RE: =BG= New Topic Suggestions (3/19/2014 5:01:12)

A game feedback/review thread.

Examples: =OS= The Oversoul Review Thread / =HS= Game Feedback Thread

~ Done!

Warmonger DragonJax -> RE: =BG= New Topic Suggestions (3/19/2014 5:08:50)

How about a suggestion thread ! If the game gets updated they can take suggestions and put em in !

~It will be a long time before BG is updated with new content that isn't bug fixes, if they update it at all. (It depends on how popular the game stays if they will decide to add more content). A suggestion thread isn't needed at this time.

DarkLore -> RE: =BG= New Topic Suggestions (3/19/2014 16:33:49)

How about a thread where we say what our characters names are? It would be a good topic considering we can't name ourselves in battle gems. Basically in an RP sense. I still consider my hero to have a name. He just can't have one.

~That belongs more in the Legends and Lore section of the forums, or the Role Playing if you are leaning more toward RP with others than a written storyline of your own.

Misty_kitty -> RE: =BG= New Topic Suggestions (3/19/2014 19:41:49)

Maybe a quest discussion?

Items discussion?

Worst/Favourite/Best/ thread? For all the stuff you don't like and all the stuff like like on BG.

~ Thread created! Thanks for the suggestion :)

Kokujoe -> RE: =BG= New Topic Suggestions (3/20/2014 21:43:20)

How about [a]n [dis]accomplishment thread like this:--> =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread? or maybe a combo discussion/battle stratergy thread like this =OS= Card Mechanics/Combo's Discussion, perhaps?

  • Have a good day/night!
  • ~Glad to help!

~Kokujoe ^____^v

It can be found here. ~Leon

Arthur -> RE: =BG= New Topic Suggestions (3/20/2014 21:50:21)

Since BG has puns aplenty, I suggest a Puns and Parodies You Spotted Thread.

~ Done!

DarkLore -> RE: =BG= New Topic Suggestions (3/20/2014 22:42:50)

Storyline discussion! There is a story!

~ Done!

Warmonger DragonJax -> RE: =BG= New Topic Suggestions (3/21/2014 21:20:04)

How about Battlegems Artwork ! Like Dragonfable Art Gallery !

Done! Thanks to Eukara :)

mkmatthias5 -> RE: =BG= New Topic Suggestions (4/10/2014 8:48:17)

Hey. I am new here...hopefully I get the idea for this topic. I think that there should be a mech-quest themed world in battle gems! With mech armor, pets, and weapons! And plus- a PvP mode where you get 150% of gold that you would normally get! And plus, no energy required to battle! Battle tokens are the currency you get from PvP to get exclusive armor and weapons! Hopefully, I got the idea of this thread...

That is a suggestion for the game itself and would be better directed to the BattleGems Facebook page and the Twitter accounts of the BG developer team. Thanks anyway and welcome to the forum! :) ~James

Jake Harrison -> RE: =BG= New Topic Suggestions (4/16/2014 20:36:44)

Since Battle Gems has people and stuff from Adventure Quest and Adventure Quest Worlds, there should be a Familiar Things Thread. It disscusses things spotted from other games. I don't think it should involve real world and things from other companies because that's too much like the Puns and Parodies Thread, but that's up to you.

ADDunt -> RE: =BG= New Topic Suggestions (6/10/2014 10:15:56)

I'd quite like to see a 'What's your favourite outfit?' thread. I'd love to show off what gear I prefer to equip, and it would be great to see what other crazy combos others have come up with!


Lord Heisinger -> RE: =BG= New Topic Suggestions (8/6/2014 22:07:21)

I would propose and like to see a PvP thread.

Thread made!

lumonteiro -> RE: =BG= New Topic Suggestions (12/4/2014 19:31:12)

import dragonlord starcaptain or guardian armors to bg by using verification menu. xD

vampwolf29 -> RE: =BG= New Topic Suggestions (9/1/2015 23:57:58)

Guys i need some help i tried to link my battlegems acc on aqw but it says no crossdomain..please someone help

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