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Desolation Ruins

Location: The Shears -> Up -> Right -> 2 Up Right -> Into the building -> Left -> Up -> Sir Leon -> Quests -> Ruins
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Search for Refugees
Release Date: March 28th, 2014

Objective: Help Leon recover the Runestone from the ruins of the Archtemple.
Objective completed: You've defeated the Drake and obtained the Runestone from its clutches!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Panther
(2) Bear
(5) Wolf
(1) Earth Elemental
(3) Skeleton Rune Mage
(9) Skeleton Rune Warrior
(1) Runedrake - Boss

Sir Leon

Broken Crystal
Cracked Sapphire
Dull Diamond
Locked Case
Locked Picnic Basket
Zipper Jammed Backpack

Sir Leon: <Character>, we need to talk.

  • Quest!

    Our enemy grows in power each day, the Oculus devices are just the beginning of what we must face.

    They are gathering more and more, an attack is surely imminent.

    Knight: We don't have the numbers to fight them!
    Gordy: Most of us are mages, not warriors!
    <Character>: Perhaps Warlic could be called upon for help?
    Dracelix: We could rally the resistance.
    Crest: And who would lead them?
    <Character>: Leon?
    Leon: I have not the strength to command such an army, their spirits are low and us alone will not be enough.
    Crest: Then find your strength, you need to show them that the Rose CAN be defeated. There must be a way.
    Leon: Perhaps there is...
    Leon: Dracelix, <Character>, come with me, we must leave immediately.

    Leon: Here, the remains of my order.
    Leon: This temple was once the Jewel of these lands.
    Leon: Some day it shall be once more.
    Dracelix: Why are we here?
    Leon: To find a stone...
    <Character>: A stone?
    Leon: Yes, a Runestone, very few exist in these lands, and far fewer still hold their power.
    Leon: A single Runestone would be enough to make a difference, should we find one.

    Leon: There it is! The Runestone!
    RuneDrake: What do you think you're doing...?

  • Battle!
  • Extreme Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    To Be Continued!

  • Complete Quest

    Gather one of the ingredients required for The Plaguenog:

    "You found some chunks of Chuckielate!"

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