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The Dark Tower

Location: Amityvale (Book 3) -> Up -> Raven -> Quests -> The Dark Tower
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Locket
Release Date: November 14, 2014

Objective: Thursday has gone missing! Head to the Darkness Guardian Tower to confront Frydae!
Objective completed: There is no sign of Thursday at the Darkness Tower... where could she have gone?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Black Werewolf
(3) Fat Werewolf
(1) Albino Werewolf
(4) Dark Drinker
(4) Elite Vampire (1)
(4) Elite Vampire (2)
(1) Elite Vampire (1), (1) Elite Vampire (2) - Boss

Lord Frydae

Bloodstone Ring
Glimmering Bloodstone Ring
Glittering Bloodstone Ring
Gleaming Bloodstone Ring
Shining Bloodstone Ring
Vibrant Bloodstone Ring
Brilliant Bloodstone Ring

Misc. Items
Emerald Key

Raven: Thursday is gone! I need your help!

*The two manahunters restrain Raven as she flips out over Thursday’s disappearance*

Raven: Let… go of me! I need to go after her!!!
<Character>: Stop Raven! She’s gone!
Raven: You were supposed to be guarding her! Why did you leave her alone! WHY? We were supposed to protect her…
Raven: She’s my only friend and now she might be gone forever!
<Character>: We’ll find her, Raven. We should start with the locket… and the creature that might have infused it with blood magic.
<Character>: It’s time to find Frydae.

*Raven glances at you. She sobs briefly before frowning. She flips a stake in a 360 degree angle and her face appears determined and angry.*

Raven: Let’s go…

*Walk down a path in Doomwood Forest and attack vampires in the castle. A silhouetted figure is sitting on a chair while you and Raven barge into the fireplace chamber.*

Lord Frydae: You again, <Character>? Did you finally decide to take me up on the offer I made you years ago?
Raven: Where is she?! What did you do to her, monster!
Lord Frydae: That offer doesn't extend to unwanted peasant children.

*Raven's face turns red from anger*

Lord Frydae: Frankly, I’m loathe to even offer it again, <Character>. Once upon a time you seemed a worthy opponent.
Lord Frydae: Now, you drag around the dregs of that worthless mortal town for what? To help her find a loved one turned?
Lord Frydae: A mother who abandoned her child to join the night? I guarantee that anyone associated with that trash won’t be found in my company.
Lord Frydae: I will not have low-born peasants given this gift and only those who I deem worthy will be accepted into my company!

*Raven’s make-up runs and her face turns pale as she gets angrier.*

<Character>: Don’t toy with us Frydae. You know why we’re here.
Lord Frydae: Do you really think I care? Long ago, I was a King! I held the borders of Darkovia strong against the Drakath dynasty.
Lord Frydae: I accepted this gift to complete my rule over this dark land, but that slug Drakath reduced me to hiding in the darkest shadows.
Lord Frydae: Then he and his children and his children’s children took my kingdom, my legacy, for their own.
Lord Frydae: The once mighty kingdom of Darkovia… reduced to a mere Doomwood within Greenguard. My own descendants were weak. Pitiful.
Lord Frydae: Thursday is still the first and only being who is worthy of the gift I once foolishly offered you.
Lord Frydae: Once she is ready, Thursday will be the first step to regaining my kingdom.
<Character>: Then you haven’t turned her yet?
Lord Frydae: Turned her?
Lord Frydae: You've had her trapped in that town while those mangy, flea-bitten werewolves prowl outside its walls.
Lord Frydae: Between your interfering, that worthless Rose, and the wolves on my doorstep Thursday has been hidden inside those walls.
Raven: Thursday is gone.
Lord Frydae: Gone?

*He throws his book behind him*

Lord Frydae: GONE?
Lord Frydae: You worthless imbecile! If those wolves have her, they will bleed her dry! Find her, or I will tear you limb from limb myself!

*Raven angrily runs off and just as you join Raven, you stop for a moment.*

Lord Frydae: FIND HER, YOU FOOL!

*You finally leave the room. Moments later, Frydae stands in front of the fireplace.*

Minion: Y-you've called Master?
Lord Frydae: Find her. Search both.
Minion: Y-yes. Yes yes.
Lord Frydae: Make sure you aren't seen.

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