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Snowy Forest

Access Point: Frostval Storybook -> Chapter 9 -> Act 29
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of A Tale of Two Timelines
Release Date: December 26th, 2014

Quests Available

Lady Celestia

Snowy Forest Barber Shop


Nulgath: You. Pathetic mortal. Explain why I have been forced into this timeline.
  • Who are you?
    Nulgath: I am Nulgath, General of the Abyss! This world... this time... I am not fully... evolved here.
    Nulgath: Which of my enemies has pulled me to this miserable, feeble world?
    Nulgath: Dage... Dage must be behind this....
    <Character>: Dage? The Sneevil?
    Nulgath: When I find the Oblivion Gateway... I will return to the Oversoul and gather my army to crush him!

  • Army?
    Nulgath: Yes... the army I am amassing will soon be powerful enough to surge over whatever world... whatever timeline I desire.
    Nulgath: You are puny and pathetic... but join my army and you will gain unimaginable power!
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    • Not Now...


Nightwraith: Hey, kid, can you tell me how I got from the Wasteland to here?
  • Who are you?
    Nightwraith: Heh, I'm just an independent contractor, kid, trying to find a way to finish the job I was working on....
    Nightwraith: Say, you haven't seen a big guy wearing a long coat covered in dust, have ya?
    <Character>: Um, no....
    Nightwraith: Hmm... alright then. I'll keep an eye out while I explore this pretty little corner world I've landed in.


Hollow: ... Not again.
  • Again?
    Hollow: I swear I was being careful with that ion drive this time...
    <Character>: Ion Drive?
    Hollow: Yeah. One moment I was working on the AssaultMecha, next thing I know I'm here.

  • Who are you?
    Hollow: Hollow Stoneforge. Mecha Engineer expert.
    Hollow: Mind telling me what's going on around here?
    <Character>: ... We're having a bit of a problem involving Time Travel Fairies and Merging Timelines.
    Hollow: Merging timelines? That's messed up!
    Hollow: I mean sure, I've had my scrapes travelling through time with the Order of Alpha, but that's a whole other level of bad...
    <Character>: Order of Alpha?
    Hollow: I think you should be focusing on fixing your timeline problem.
    <Character>: Right.
    Hollow: Good luck kid.

Lady Celestia

Lady Celestia: You must stop the merging madness, hero. I can only imagine the horrors, the agony, that await if our greatest enemies rise again.
  • Are you ok?
    Lady Celestia: The coldness seeps through me....
    Lady Celestia: Once you've defeated the evils that have merged... We must use the wand to separate our timelines once again.
    Lady Celestia: Please hurry, the agony I feel will only drive those who were defeated in my timeline.
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Blizzy: Oh, <Character>, I'm so warm! This is wonderful!
  • Blizzy?
    Blizzy: Yes, it's me! With all this merging... our fur has grown out!
    Blizzy: I can't believe we never thought to do this in our timeline!
    <Character>: You do look really warm and soft....
    Blizzy: Not only is it protection from the cold, but we're so silky smooth it helps with unwanted hug protection!


Titan: Mortal being, for what purpose have I been brought here?
  • Who are you?
    Titan: I am Titan. Sworn to defend the last of the free Krampus... and now I have been pulled to... this world.
    Titan: Either tell me for what purpose or be vaporized!
    <Character>: Well... a friend borrowed a wand from a Time Travel Fairy and now... well, the timelines are merging.
    Titan: ....
    Titan: Go, mortal. I have no time for your foolishness.

  • Can you help?
    Titan: Help you? You should be paying me tribute!
    Titan: If you cannot offer me information, leave me to find my way back to Frysteland.
    Titan: I must find out why things from my world have been pulled here....
    <Character>: Erm... well, like I said, the Time Travel Fairies....
    Titan: I do not wish to hear about fairies! Go!
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Ashendal: Oh, hey there <Character>! Long time no see.
  • Who are you?
    Ashendal: What? You don't remember me?
    Ashendal: I'm hurt. We went on so many...
    Ashendal: Oh, right. This you is the you that didn't go back.
    Ashendal: Well let's just say I knew the you that you aren't now but were.
    Ashendal: Except for the giant mecha. I'm pretty sure your bag of holding can't fit one of those.

  • Are you merged?
    Ashendal: Hah, no. I'm all me.
    Ashendal: Your temporal fracture has been REALLY active since the last time I visited.
    Ashendal: Not only did someone try to DESTROY my way into this one...crazy green dude...
    Ashendal: You've caused some major events on the level of what I caused all those years ago.
    Ashendal: Very impressive. Just don't let anyone try to blow up my way in anymore.
    Ashendal: Trying to get in the long way is just plain annoying.
    Ashendal: I will say that having someone eat the sun? Pretty heavy stuff man.

  • You've been here before?
    Ashendal: Yep. I just came back sooner than I would have.
    Ashendal: It'd be pretty hard not to notice everything going on right now.
    Ashendal: I usually visit every hundred years but this was more interesting than where I was.
    Ashendal: We can talk a bit more after we settle everything though.
    Ashendal: Frostvale village should still be there.
    Ashendal: Well I'll be there if it is. If not, I'll be somewhere else!
    Ashendal: Hey look! A button! You mean you can't see it? Someone can. You think I travel through the multiverse and don't know about the 4th wall?
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  • Can you help fix this?
    Ashendal: I may help you out, but I don't usually alter timelines anymore unless I really need to.
    Ashendal: Getting rid of all those Shadowscythe in the other fracture was messy enough.
    Ashendal: Besides, I want to see how you handle the big guys here and that merged dragon farther along.
    Ashendal: That challenge I set up for the other you went pretty well. Entertain me so I don't make one here!
    Ashendal: Just don't die, I wouldn't want to drag another one of you from a parallel fracture to finish things up.


T9: Hey. You. You look like someone who can explain what happened.
  • Who are you?
    T9: T9. Bounty Hunter.
    T9: And you are <Character>. <Class>.
    <Character>: You've heard of me then?
    T9: No.
    T9: I just... know. For some reason.

  • What happened?
    T9: You tell me. I was tracking my bounty on Gark and all of a sudden I'm... here.
    T9: Displacement?
    <Character>: Erm...
    T9: No, couldn't be, I was moving, I wasn't stationary.
    T9: Virtualization?
    <Character>: It wa-
    T9: Virtualization on an unadvanced planet? Highly unlikely...
    <Character>: You were moved through time.
    T9: ... How?
    <Character>: Magic. You see, a paladin stole a magical wand from a time travelling fairy...
    T9: .....
    <Character>: ... and now timelines are merging. I think. And I'm trying to fix it. As usual.
    T9: ... I can't tell if you are serious or not.
    <Character>: I'm very serious.
    T9: So I have... time travelled.
    T9: Perfect...
    T9: 40k Nova Gems down the drain...

  • You look familiar.
    T9: I've never met you... well, if I'm in a different timeline, I would guess you know my descendant. Or predecessor. Or whatever.
    <Character>: Does the name "Tomix" means something to you? Ring some bells? Sounds familiar?
    T9: Not really.
    <Character>: Did you unleash corrupted spirits upon your world?
    <Character>: You're a bounty hunter, yes? Are you tracking someone in particular?
    T9: You can go now. Didn't you say you had things to fix? World to save?
    T9: Go then.

Hair Cut

<Character> (thinking): I wonder if I'm going to start merging too....

Other information
1. You can access to a hair cut by going Right once, Down once, and walk towards the tree stump (with the scissors sign).

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