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In Media Res -> "Limbo" "Bugs" (6/23/2015 3:26:10)

This thread is for stuff that the dev team forgot about. Did a quest fall off the front page and not get put anywhere permanently? Did an item leave the Limited Time shop and not get put into a more permanent place? Is it Frostval and we haven't released the Reigndragon Rider armours that we promised we'd release every year? Then post here and let us know!

Archlist -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (6/23/2015 15:53:56)

The only quests currently in limbo (aside from the Ode to Seasons) are Big Trobble on Little Syna and Liliana's Request, both of which are relatively recent so it's hard for us to tell if they were forgotten or just waiting for the devs to find some time to put them somewhere. How much of a delay should we usually consider as "being forgotten"?

Both added. Thanks! ~IMR

RMC -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (7/4/2015 5:53:31)

Diamonds & explosions seems to be in limbo atm

Added to Dragonspine. Thanks! ~IMR

Remellion -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (7/8/2015 11:37:03)

It has been 2 months since Cinco de Mayo and I can still fight Pinatas in RA.

Fixed. Thanks! ~IMR

Seth Hydra -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (7/21/2015 11:06:48)

Arena of Enthusiasts is also in LIMBO! ^_^

Added to the Guardian Tower. Thanks! ~IMR

Yozai -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (7/27/2015 7:56:33)

Stratus Cleaver should only have been in LTS for 2 weeks.

Taken care of. ~IMR

In Media Res -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (8/11/2015 2:01:22)

OK, getting things done.

How much of a delay should we usually consider as "being forgotten"?
As soon as they fall off the front page. We've got the collective memory span of a goldfi-HEY LOOK A GOLDFISH

DarkLore -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (8/11/2015 2:22:05)

What about arena of enthusiasts? That's still in limbo.

Added to the Guardian Arena. Thanks! ~IMR

Archlist -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (8/11/2015 17:33:57)


As soon as they fall off the front page. We've got the collective memory span of a goldfi-HEY LOOK A GOLDFISH

Hmm, in that case I can volunteer to be your personal (...or, collective) reminder/alert system on legs, if you agree. Just provide a list of things you would like to be reminded about and choose a preferred method of communication. [8|]       <-- [ This is a sincere offer. ]

In any case, here's a small note that I believe does belong in this thread: The clues and the shop from the last Rare Item Hunt are all still in their places and perform their function just as if the Hunt were still going on. removed with the release of the new hunt on 8/20/15.

darksampson -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (8/22/2015 3:28:51)

The Warpforce crossover quests seem to be missing from Today's events.

Appears to have been fixed. Thanks! ~IMR

Carandor -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (9/6/2015 15:56:53)

Sooo...would the Fireball Z update fall under this?

Added. Thanks! ~IMR

Dragoncat777 -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (9/10/2015 12:46:00)

I was trying to become a pria knight on my level 92 mage (base class) character , I got up to the part where you have to kill these enemy knights by shooting arrows t them, I was wearing the pria knight armour and everything, but sometimes when I would click on the enemy knights to shoot an arrow at them nothing would happen, I should have been hitting a lot more of those enemy knights than I have been, I keep getting "not good enough, try again" can you please help me?? this pria knight quest for getting the barrage of arrows seems impossibly hard please help thanks in advance...

The quest is working fine for me. It sounds like a problem on your end? ~IMR

Bolter -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (9/12/2015 2:27:17)

Agony's Wrath items are no longer in the LTS, but since they were discounted I supposed they weren't intended to go rare, and at such they are currently in limbo now.

Fixed. Thanks! ~IMR

DarkLore -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (9/13/2015 19:15:26)

Light in the Dark is in a state of Limbo since Its quest button in the chessmaster chain leads to The fallen fisherman.

Should be fixed. Thanks! ~IMR

darksampson -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (9/13/2015 22:19:47)

Not sure if this belongs here, but Hotshot Sword, Lucky Lamp and Hook Fist were all updated with brand new art, but never received new tier and balancing.


Added to shops. Thanks! ~IMR

EDIT: We are also well into September, but the seasonal summer z-token faces are still available.

Summer faces run until Sept 21 (first day of autumn). ~IMR

SnakeYear -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (9/13/2015 22:24:25)

Also not sure if this is worth mentioning, but the dragonscale armor ( http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=545927 ) didn't go rare with the arrival of dragonhide armor? For example, the water drop mace from the warlic's shop went rare when the updated version came out in the ggbs.

I consider them unrelated. ~IMR

darksampson -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (10/9/2015 14:35:33)

Corruption Corundum is now in Limbo.

Fixed. It's now found at the end of the previous crossover quest. Thanks!~IMR

darksampson -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (2/7/2016 21:38:53)

Fred on Strike seems to have gone in Limbo since Twilly's menu was changed.

Moved to the southern Travel Map. Thanks! ~IMR

lifetime dreamer -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (2/7/2016 22:48:04)

Mogloween 2015 on the portal painting is still only putting scary masks on people and we still can't access it[sm=zorb_smilie.gif]

Taken care of. ~IMR

Caecus -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (2/8/2016 0:28:20)

Not positive, and it's possible I've just completely missed where to find it, but I believe the first part of this year's mastercraft quest (where you'd get the sphinx pet) is still in limbo. The second part is still available from the recent events button but as far as I can tell not the intro.

Taken care of. ~IMR

dragonlord555 -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (2/8/2016 1:24:15)


Fred on Strike seems to have gone in Limbo since Twilly's menu was changed.

Travel south, Fred on Strike is there.

Taken care of. ~IMR

znsinger -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (2/14/2016 12:48:12)

War of the Seas seems to be in limbo.

Taken care of. ~IMR

TRB1965 -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (2/17/2016 8:22:04)

Per this discussion in Q&A, The Agony's Wrath Weapons were in the LTS as discounted and went poof.

[EDIT] Blades of Victory was bumped off the Today's Event page.

[EDIT2] Blades of Victory is now in Walric's Shop Quests.

Taken care of. ~IMR

Rafiq von den Vielen -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (3/15/2016 8:08:20)

Apparently the first part of the Osiris MC quest (you know, the one with the Sphinx pets) is still in limbo as afterlifex told me relating to my question in Q&A.

Taken care of. ~IMR

charlette -> RE: "Limbo" "Bugs" (3/26/2016 23:49:47)

The Arsenal of Wukong doesn't yet a title.....

Taken care of. ~IMR

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