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speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/14/2015 18:27:57)

Hey guys the good things we all agree on should go in the suggestions thread. Somebody postem. Chances are the devs will check there every now and then, but won't peek at a side thread like. So yeah. i continue to update my first post and we don't want this game to be less than what it can be. Edit ~ Sorry, I meant to say we should take the good ideas from the other player made threads (like "will this game be a succes" and (AQ3D Feedback Thread") and plop them here so they can be seen (or will be more likely to be seen)....

scodic -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/16/2015 14:27:26)

Not sure if this is planned or not but i love it when you can link item descriptions from your inventory into the chat. Thanks.

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/16/2015 22:44:42)

Is for like- trading or something? what is that and where did you see it before?

Frost Moglin -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/17/2015 17:10:44)

I'd love to see some kind of small questlines that instead of quests, take the form of things hidden in the world. For example, there could be a campfire with 2 NPCs around it, talking about how their friend went adventuring somewhere and they havent heard anything of him since. They could say some hint to where their friend headed to (like the friend saying that he'll miss seeing the sun, hinting to underground or doomwood), and then there would be something to continue the quest line in the hinted place. This could really give players a reason to explore the world think about where they need to go next to advance.

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/17/2015 19:03:08)

Yeah... some of that stuff was in DF... I liked that and hope it comes back

So I always wanted to do this but I could never get it across. Basically there were some [potential] sets in the 2012 AQ3D and I organized them so people could see how they would fit in this AQ3D (sort of). I really liked them because they seemed like they could make nice rewards for some small side quests you may find when exploring... Also the art and is nice and could be much improved in this version of AQ3D. Just some ideas that could be thought of. Not necessary at all, but something that could be done in the future, I guess.
[Samples with explanatory text below]

The gold-trimmed male/female here would be for the "True Hero Set" [example provided already] The red one would be for "Red Royal Guard Set" [example provided] and the Green would be for the "Jade Set" (which had no example, so here). And BTW a purple version would look great for the "'monsterous' knight set."

Also in an effort to make the camera slightly more user friendly, I have a suggestion about panning. Could there be a check-box for "auto rotate" and "always face the monster" because I notice that for something like a fan made trailer, a player may like to have certain cinematics such as watching the player run from the front, as you may know. Also players generally like to auto-face the monsters they're attacking (which we can't do now) but I know that for some screenshots and pics (like dage's legion) it is nice that we won't . So yeah that's another small thing, I think would be nice.

Oh boy! Forget the sets from above! That update today was amazing. Great Job AE it's like you listened to me, but I was the stupid one to suggest something you would already do :P Though there is only one suggestion I have for the future which is on another thread and I'm sure you're already planning/ working on it or similar. It's the idea of super-small cutscenes at the beginning (and end sometimes) of every many quests; especially the ones that have to do with the story within a zone. That way the players have a semi-interactive visual of what's going on in the quest along with the NPC's dialogue.

Also another idea for combat is to sort of merge multiple skills into 1. Sort of like DF's double and triple and attack being merged into 1 skill. So if you consecutively hit without missing the jump-smash attack can move from 1 hit to 2 then to 3 and reset. Doing lots of things like that could make players more satisfied with a five skill system.

BeefWellington -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/22/2015 22:43:20)

It would be nice, if AQ3D had environments and events based on the environment in the game just to add more tranquility and/or fun. Environments would include things like a day and night cycle, weather like snow (which would be neat to see in an AQ3D version of Frostvale), more animations for NPCs and objects like the leaves of a tree falling, and functionalities like sitting down on chairs and benches or actually climbing a tree instead of jumping up a tree to reach the top. In a day and night cycle cycle environment, it would be cool to see different NPCs, different quests, or even different monsters in a location based on the time of the day; even neat with a day and night cycle is if there was music depending on the time of the day (like a soothing song being played during the nighttime and an exciting song being played during the daytime). I think a day and night cycle environment should be limited to only certain places like Battleon as places like Doomwood should probably just have eternal nighttime. For weather, it would be nice to see locations with rain, snow, and other weather occurrences as long as the weather effect isn't too much to where you can't see what you're doing or where you're going. For animations, it would be cool to see NPCs do more than just stand around. For example, there could be an NPC playing an instrument (similar to the band in Yulgar's Inn) or an NPC standing in a different pose.

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/23/2015 2:32:46)


Yes. These would be interactives, which I believe they have planned. I definetly agree though. There should be thing like ladders and trees that have climbing animations, chairs, rocks, and doorsteps with sitting animations. Now as far as the weather goes, I have asked the animator about things like that, falling leaves, and blowing grass. That kind of stuff is not very likely to happen because the lower devices can't handle it well, I think.

Another suggestion I have is that you can't start another area's quest-line until you've finished the previous one's unless you're in a party (but you can still do side quests). It's like saying you have to do Edon's Quests to unlock Reed's/the-voice's to unlock the trolluk's quests to unlock artix's unless you're with a party where 1 member has already [but you can't complete it on your own until you've unlocked it]. You could still do side quests like Jimmy the eye's or Cysero's (or Robina's if not part of the area's questline) or any quests the environment provides (like a dungeon) but nothing part of the story. Then, the monsters can get harder by area, so the area quests guide them, but side quests are always available for players who still want an experience in a higher lvl appropriate area. And with the small cutscenes in the beginning of every quest/area you could have a nice story building up (not necessarily part of the main story, but something like the journey the common player will go on). Then, as these places start to branch off players can develop different experiences as they do things in a different order. Kinda like how in AQc there was the Vampir side and the werewolf side. You would choose a path and it (sort of) increased in difficulty at the same rate as the other quest [area in aq3d would be this] and eventually they both met up at the same place and you had to do both Vampires and Werewolves to unlock. If you do that with the Area's quests [not side quests like Jimmy the Eye, but the one's that pop up in the top right corner) in AQ3D, it would make it a lot more fun. Don't forget the small cutscenes... those were vital to Dragonfable, which felt amazing, and you can give aq3d the same feel with these.

P.S.- I do understand, AE, that even with this you probably have different plans for the quest-line, and that you are very uncertain of cutscenes right now, much less the frequency of them and I respect that. Same goes for the interactive features in the beginning of this post.

David the Wanderer -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/24/2015 9:10:36)

Could it be possible to have the game track where you were when you logged out, and make you start from there/that area next time you log in?

LyRein -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/24/2015 11:01:48)


I agree wholeheartedly about the can't-complete-story thing.

This way people are encouraged to ACTUALLY BE INVOLVED IN THE STORY, can still do side-quests and explore the area.
Though I think the side-quests should become harder or easier depending on your level.

Their main inspiration for gameplay is looking like AQW and as we know AQW's leveling and exp gaining system was absolutely terrible (I think having classes that can 1 hit caused me to gain exp slower as I didn't kill as many monsters).

I finished Chaos Saga at level 34... SOLO...
I hated it..

We need a way to stop players from going to new expansions just to get cool-looking gear they bank and log off..
We need a way to get players to actually play the game, interact with the environment and go through the story.

David the Wanderer -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/24/2015 13:11:58)

@LyRein: That can be easily accomplished by "locking" shops until you've completed the area's quests/a certain quest, so people can't just drop in, buy what they want and then leave.

@speedmeter01: I agree, although I think it'd be ok to leave some freedom on order of play. There can be sagas that aren't connected to other ones and can be played independently, or some sagas that, while connected, don't necessarily need to be completed in a precise order (think DF's Orb Sagas).
Another thing can be level restriction, meaning you can't enter a certain area unless you are a certain level or above, instead of AQW's suggested level (that ended up being useless and rarely used anyway), as to avoid people being slaughtered by normal mobs and ragequitting.

Also, I think it'd be nice to have the inventory compare stats between the item you have equipped and the one you're looking at, so you can quickly understand whether you want to equip this new item or not.

LyRein -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/24/2015 13:21:00)


i think linear stories are better because you can bring back older characters and expand on them instead of bringing in new characters constantly so that players can play the saga in any order.

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/26/2015 21:36:29)

I see both of you guys' points and both are very valid. I personally prefer semi-linear stories. I like how DF had chapters because the story within the chapter could be played however with many smaller stories inside but the chapter was one BIG thing. And Ch1 and 2 were basically the same aswell beside the addition of a new area (atlea) and then all of lore changed in 3. I think If they keep up stuff like that we'll be okay. And how AQc had the branching areas [like I said above, w/ darkovia / dracowerpyres] they could do the same thing with these areas. Let's say we have a crossroads that leads to 3 areas. They wouldn't be level locked, but locked based on the completion of the previous portion of area. Then lets say you beat a teir 1 portion of an area and you'll be strong enough probably (due to lvling from the previous portion) to survive in the next portion of that area whereas a player with a different playstyle would do, maybe, all 3 teir 1 areas at a crossroads and have an increasingly easier time working through the three [though more time consuming to complete one]. The other player would have it harder in the first of the 3 branches in the cross roads, but for the others it would get increasingly easier. So in the end, the players do the same amount of work, and put in almost the same amount of time (depending on how resourceful you are with your method) and the end result is the same. So it becomes how you get there that matters... it kinda reminds me of cookie clicker to be honest.

Also on a tangent, i wanna remind AE to have a ranger class somewhere with ranger appropriate armors as well. I just thought of that, and it would be a niiceee alpha treat.

Back to what I was saying, another idea just came to me. I don't like running through the same zone for half an hour killing the same 4 monsters. I know it would require a lot more loading and deletion of chunks, etc... but I'd much prefer areas with quests more like DF. That's more of a personal thing, i know, but if players agree they can voice it out. You see I didn't like doing this in aqw so I sucked up the fact that DF was turn based (which was actually okay in the end), appreciated the animations, and loved the crap out of the art in the quests. AQ3D is leaning more towards aqw: STAY HERE AND PLAY IN YOUR LITTLE SANDBOX!!! DF was more like, "go through the labyrinth, appreciate the art, be awed by the story and cutscenes along the right path in this labyrinth, and get to the end and find a special cutscene with EVEN MORE!! [keywords: cutscene and path]!!! (and because aq3d doesn't have cutscenes yet, I have hope because cutscenes allow for events to happen that are not part of the game's mechanics like advanced parkour, flips, ladder climbing, special block/dodges on key press IDK so many options)." The rest of dragonfable was like aqw, location-wise. The difference is that aqw turned these same locations with beautiful art similar to that of DF and turned the area into a battlezone, in turn, creating an inescapable sand box. I liked how it felt like in DF you just had this GIGANTIC system of locations where the main paths were monster free, (for the most part cuz there were somma those random battles [usually cutscene based, tho] anyways where the main paths were monster free) and the the quests served as extensions to these areas. I think you can do the same thing, here... you just need a creative idea like templates or something for quick production (like dragonfable had) and to make a room or small portion feel unique (in a monster zone w/ lots of rooms or a more set path) add special items like furniture for a castle, shackles with a skeleton in a normal dungeon... AE knows what to do. I guess the main reason why they'd be hesitant to do this is because of all the loading screens that would be needed (and time isn't too big of an issue if they have template rooms). Whatever :P

If u wanna better idea of what I'm saying, I have a good example. Onigiri. Funny thing, the friend that brought me to AE showed me this. It's built much like aq3d but just has bigger areas and can handle more stuff because it is a PC downloadable game. I think it would be the perfect role model for your system.
Combat - I'm not sure if their really are classes in that game though so you can't relate to that. It gives you a few skills per weapon... so each weapon has its own unique skills. Regardless, that's the same idea with your classes. Very few skills to use. I don't reeally know how to deal with that.... I think they use other charms similar to trinkets in DF, or some attacks you could store in that fifth skill slot in aqw. I think you should take advantage of this and make this option for an extra purchasable skill a bigger part of the game. Maybe allow players to buy bomb packs for quick larger damage... stun pack to stun the enemy longer... you know. Make it easily accessible and at a reasonable price, which you already know how to do.

Area/Quest relation - This game does it kinda like you sometimes... kill 8'o'these and bring me dat booty (of the pirates). But not as much as aqw which i hope won't be aq3d. I wanna go along a path. Like in DF. This game (with all of its resources) makes a nice scenic path for you to travel on with almost each quest. And a lot of these dungeons end up having checkpoints with cutscenes (hmm sounds a little like DF) and if I remember correctly some of those cutscenes were interactive sorta like [that super high flip-slash that's not 1 of ur skillz]. I hope you, like they did (and technically in DF because all quests weer dungeons), take advantage of the dungeons... it'd be best to be the kinda dungeon where things don't respawn after you kill them or something (respawn at a low rate so you see the next monster ahead)?... (clear all the monsters in the room?) something so that we have a definite path that works with the plot, not of the main story, but the plot of the quest itself. And of course a cutscene here or there like those used in DF would help to explain the story well to. And really, I don't know how you would pull something like this off, but if you could, the game could get 10x better (jk I just feel it's vital).

Now I know cutscenes aren't implemented yet and we have yet to see our first real dungeon, so I do have hope that it will evolve past its alpha aqw state and form something better such as the combat in dungeons described above. [Glad to know we get daily dungeons, but I just hope they're not always storyless/questless "fight to the end and claim a reward." (cutscenes plzzz)] As far as real combat goes, I, along with every body else, I think, am hoping for combat at least a little better than just 5 skills and synergy with other classes. There have been many great suggestions on how this could work better, but I guess that it's too much work to change now, though i wish it weren't. Still, we know it's gonna be a great game and have faith.

If you did or didn't understand it, could you voice your thoughts on this, reexplain it in brain-friendly terms, or ask questions to help me explain it better? I really wanna make sure this isn't just a personal thing for me and I wanna know what you guys think.

megakyle777 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/30/2015 2:44:56)

Okay, so i accidently move the camera too close to myself, and I had a thought: FIRST PERSON MODE ALA SKYRIM. Seeing a Gatewrath come to you in first person would be scary.

Noldor Numbwit -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/30/2015 5:12:21)

My first post:

I would love to see an exploration reward system in the game. Nothing as elaborate as in ArcheAge but something that rewards players that enjoying finding the nooks-and-crannies in games. Rewards could be titles, small amount of gold, maybe a ring or banner that would give a +1 to dodge...something small.

As you can tell in this video, I enjoy exploring. After I found this and captured a video, I reported it and had a GM there to walk him through the steps. It was shortly fixed.


Noldor Numbwit
aka Elondra Numbwit (in-game)
Eternal Testing Newbie

Trancendus -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/30/2015 9:45:45)

Like the Explorer in Wildstaar,me likey that idea ^

LyRein -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/30/2015 10:49:38)


wildstar got it right see

Noldor Numbwit -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/30/2015 12:00:51)

Other suggestions which could/should be included in the testing phases:

1) Having a /loc or /coords command during the testing phases (the command can be removed after release if needed) so testers can easily report bug locations. The command would show x, y, z coordinates, the zone that they are currently standing in, and the server time (plus the local time). The player could then take screenshots to attach to their bug reports and the QA wizards could pinpoint exactly where the offending bug resided. This is especially helpful with out-of-bounds-holes, collision boxes not working, holes in the terrain (and a quick trip into the deep dark abyss), floating objects/bad texture mesh, etc.

The Devs could also program in hidden information that the /loc command would generate...for their eyes only to help squash internal layer #, server #, etc.

2) Showing the zone where the player is currently playing in...placed in one of the corners of the screen. Instead of forcing the player to remember...which most won't bother to do.


Noldor Numbwit
aka Elondra Numbwit (in-game)
Eternal Testing Newbie

gdmacd1 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (1/3/2016 11:31:25)

I have a couple simple suggestions.

first, keep the game simple.Don`t add too many buttons to press, etc...This will make tablet/phone use difficult. Simpler the better, not too mention, it will reach a wider audeince I would think.

Second, maybe add a couple non combat skills.Not everyone likes to fight alll the time, if you had alchemy or something we could do to raise money by crafting and selling or something like that, would give a better variety.

thnx, GD

LyRein -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (1/3/2016 11:49:53)


we've been asking for alchemy, blacksmith, crafting, fishing etc for ages, hopefully they notice and decide to make an economy out of it (and possibly trading).

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (1/3/2016 12:25:49)

Yeah those are all things we've said we wanted and that have appeared in their other games. My guess is that alchemy will be drawing shapes and patterns again, fishing could be a would be click and shoot again etc. And about the buttons there was an updated UI that was flashed by artix that may come in handy for the buttons/clutter so we don't have to worry about that. Especially if the dropdown menus are taken advantage of. And anyways the reason that we don't have more than 4 skills is because of clutter on mobile devices so they definitely won't disregard that.

Jolly Roberts -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (1/4/2016 4:15:06)

So I had suggested this via message on Kickstarter and Atrix replied saying it would be really fun.

Underwater areas seem to be a highly unexplored place in the AQ world, I mean the only icon on the Travel map is the Maelstrom. There is so much potential for underwater exploration especially with AQ3D's potential. Also, going along with the current excuse that a large shipment of water breathing potions fell into the sea and all adventurers can breath underwater, the plot is secured underwater.

Many water elemental monsters and enemies that wouldn't be able to travel on land can also be fought underwater making the monster variety larger. The size of the world map can also nearly double in size due to the increased variety of maps that can be done underwater.

Lastly, the amount of quests and treasure that can be found underwater can bring out an entire new saga and story line that AQ can create.

I understand this may be a HUGE task but I would really like to see more underwater stuff. When I protect the world of lore, I don't just want to protect the land, I want to protect the sea as well.

afterlifex -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (1/4/2016 8:16:08)

^ made me remember in the original incarnation we could walk into the water.[&:]

Personally I think expanding it beyond just land based exploration is a good idea. Lore has already brought the breathing potion concept in to cannon so it's not too far of a stretch IMO.
While going into any body of water would be nice like you said it turns in to a lot of work. Even just specific locations would be nice for a change of setting.

It also allows for the use of many more classic monsters like Mermazons .

edit: Hmm..maybe a movement penalty for heavy armor while in water?

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (1/4/2016 10:55:40)

Reminds me of getting the water orb in DF. Now all we need to do is have areas we can ride dragons/gryphons [have some wings and/or an air mount] and we get sky-battles, underwater battles, and normal land battles...

and @above

about that edit of yours, I've seen a lot of players request things like that, and even more so after the kickstarter's 330k goal [environmental]. The most interesting i've seen takes the idea of speed into account and makes mount speed a more special thing. Like boots that can make you run faster, Sprinting, armor that prevents sprinting, different mount-speeds etc. Then, I've noticed people want more "live-action" blocking like an actual button that uses timing rather than a roll of the dice. well, yeah.... fun stuff!

LyRein -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (1/4/2016 11:22:26)


how cool would it be depending on your faction you do some randomized daily quests.

i.e Skyguard you get quests to defend skies of Swordhaven in a skyship, go on patrols etc

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (1/4/2016 11:49:14)

I think AE wants to stay away from factions tho, just because it's like a fixed place for you to be and they want more freedom. I get the idea though. I'd find it more fit, (assuming the plot and areas unlocked in the game are more linear) that depending on the area you've unlocked the quests for (ie you've just completed all the quests for the cave and you just started doomwood) each day, for that cave, you get 1 bonus quest in that area (like a patrol or population control quest [pebblars] etc.) and you get those until you move on to complete doomwood and then do something like that. Now if they decide to bring back good and evil, I could see them doing a pvp/war-like patrol sort of thing as a bonus quest. "Defeat 20 Evil players for [insert merge item here] in the [random name for kewl pvp map]. Ha, that would get PvP goin!

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