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speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (1/9/2016 3:56:27)

Actually I remember Artix saying something like 100% for an hour [or some other small amount of time] or something but only as a speculation... so it's not "set in stone" but maybe if you sell it back before you can you have enough time to test it, you might get 100% back [;)] in the future, hopefully

Yamadronis -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (1/18/2016 10:36:49)

It would be nice to get some transparency for the quest-log so when we open it, it doesn't completely obscure a third of our screen.

Also, I would love a quest! or even a short blurb explaining just what exactly Yulgar is doing with these stacks upon stacks of dried crust that he continues to pay us handsomely for.

Nightmare AQW -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (1/20/2016 2:16:33)

I have an armor set and weapon suggestion.

Aurora Set (plate, helm, shoulderplates) :

Esoteric (sword) :

Character Page :

Rezilia -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (1/20/2016 3:27:23)


Aurora Set (plate, helm, shoulderplates) :

Esoteric (sword) :


If this doesn't get in-game, I'll be very disappointed! :O

You, uh, might want to make a female version, though. o.o

Nightmare AQW -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (1/20/2016 10:57:04)

Ahhh I knew I forgot something... Female version added.

konintje -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (2/3/2016 10:52:16)


* It would be great if we could walk on top of houses in town, I love walking on top of the great skeleton in doom wood forest
* Do not implement fall damage (!)
* Houses to store treasure, ideally with mannequins: to show our finds
* Make monsters rove longer distances, perhaps even randomly ( random selection of known non-glitchy waypoints that is )

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (2/3/2016 17:18:08)

*1: You can get on top of hourses but you have to do "tree parkour" literally you can jump your way up a certain tree and get on the roof of all roofs
*2: Fall damage is okay if there is a way to break it. Like, for example, you jump from a high distance but if you tap the 'jump'-button right before you hit the ground you roll and break the fall successfully. That'd make fall damage great and it could become part of quests (insane parkour etc.)
*3: Interesting.... I think that's kind of what the bank is/was for in AE games, but this is almost the same idea; still this suggestion gives a nice nuance to the regular way
*4: That could get problematic and would make for a lot of trouble (mostly because of how many monsters are in each area and how small the areas are

omgGrim -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (2/5/2016 0:30:11)

The UI currently is only trying to please towards the future mobile players.

A suggestion in the future would be to allow PC users to move elements around.

EDIT: Or allow changes in a config file from a PC download version (Steam).

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (2/5/2016 8:52:29)

Ohhh that would be really interesting! Nice idea!

The Jop -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (2/7/2016 2:44:02)

More skills per classes and branching skill paths. This way there are a lot of different ways you can play one class and the game has a lot more value in making multiple accounts.

Also I want to be able to see our character from the front. You can't really appreciate all the items when you only see them from the back.

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (2/7/2016 11:01:47)


Check the feedback thread. We were just talking about that and came up with a way that would work with everything [including AE's limited stuff (because mobile really lowers their standards)]. I tried to get it to Cysero and he saw it but we don't know how they'll use it. Maybe if we all (or just a bunch of different people ask for something) ask for it on FB (to artix, Cysero and the aq3d page) then they'll probably use. Because I don't think they check here enough to see the billion tmes it's been suggested.

EmbraceTheDarkness -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (2/17/2016 1:17:41)

Is This beautiful creature ever going to get put into the game?

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (2/17/2016 17:08:23)

I heard Cysero and/ or Artix say that sometime during early or right before alpha, it was in their plans too add this, but I really am not sure now.

Rezilia -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (2/22/2016 1:45:39)

Ranger Pack - $20

Gain access to the Ranger class and 3 chapters of a mini-story featuring Robina. The Ranger class base armor is styled after Robina's outfit and it, along with its 3 armor variants, will be the first color-customizable armor, so buyers of the package will be the first to use the mechanic (which now can color 4 parts total instead of 2).

Each chapter will release at a different time, but the package gives access to all 3. Each alternative armor and equipment set is dependent on a chapter and will be collected within each chapter. This package will always be available, so you can buy it early or wait until all the chapters have been released, but note that each chapter gives a higher-leveled set than the last!

Chapter 1 - Forest Ranger. The strange mutations that affected the forest have disrupted its balance, causing even adventurers to keep away from its deeper areas. Help Robina deal with some of the harsher threats while creating incentive for other adventurers to help clean things up.

Chapter 2 - Bandit Ranger. Bandits have been causing trouble in BattleOn and nearby towns. There are too many of them for the adventurers and knights to handle. Join one of the bandit gangs and cause a gang war so that they wipe each other out.

Chapter 3 - Royal Ranger. Assassins have been eliminating officials in and around Swordhaven. They found out Robina's secret identity and are targeting her and her family. Having gained her trust, she asks you to help get rid of the assassin infestation. NOTE: VERY HARD

Completing all 3 chapters gives a special level-scaling bow that represents your adventures with Robina!

Frost Moglin -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (2/25/2016 15:55:45)

Are there any plans to add a map feature to the game? Something that shows the map of the area you're on at, with quest givers and such visible if you have visited them earlier. Possibly with the ability to mark parts of the map?

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (2/25/2016 17:17:32)

Those are some good ideas. I only know of something like the travel gryphon from DF, but idk how detailed it'll get.

Magmamax1818 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (3/8/2016 12:59:10)

So I heard that people aren't quite content with the current combat/class sytem, so I came up with a little idea.

What if AQ3D had a Dual Class System?
Imagine being able to equip 2 classes at the same time. For instance, if you equip the Warrior class and the Mage class you'll become a Warrior-Mage (or Mage-Warrior, whatever you want to call it), which has both the skills of the Warrior and the Mage, making the total of skills you can use at a time 8. You can combine every class with each other, making for combinations such as Rogue-Mage, Paladin-Cleric, Dragonslayer-Ninja, Necromancer-Cleric, you name it.

A system such as this can have quite a few advantages:
-The combat system becomes a lot more complex, while still being easy to grasp. It would still be easy to understand how each class works individually, but being able to make mind-boggling class combinations will add more depth and customisation to the game. Also, it shouldn't be too hard to fit 8 icons for skills on a mobile screen while not cluttering the UI too much.
-Because each individual class has 4 skills, class development shouldn't take longer than it is now (if you would give each class, let's say, 5 skills in order to make the combat more engaging, each class would probably require more development time).
-New class releases will become more exciting, as it will immediately get you thinking about all the possible class combinations.
-If races ever get implemented into the game later on, it could synchonise perfectly with a system like this (for instance, each race is an individual class, so you can make combinations like Lycan-Warrior, Vampire-Mage, Lycan-Vampire etc.).
-Combining classes that are polar opposites would be a wacky idea, which would fit really well in an AE game (think back to ye olde Dracopyre days).

However, possible disadvantages would be:
-If there were to be a Dual Class System, there would need to be some extra time put into how the stats system (and possibly passives) work.
-Balancing would require more time.

So umm, anyone here who has some feedback on this suggestion?

ernitis -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (3/8/2016 16:11:45)


Marvelous idea! I feel like this would be the perfect fix for the 4 skill problem. It also allows for more roleplay! AE please listen to this person!

Emrys -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (3/8/2016 16:40:43)

@ Magmamax That sounds like a really cool idea and a really thought out system. However, it would require eight skills on the screen at once and the AQ3D team has said time and time again they're most likely sticking with just four to fit it on mobile. Maybe you could choose 2 from one class and 2 from another, or be able to switch between them.

The part about races seems like it would especially awesome, maybe it could affect the skills instead of adding to them? Like vampire-mage would add some passives or replace some effects to make it more vampirey but keep the mage attacks and animations. Very interesting suggestion you've brought up.

Dante777 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (3/8/2016 22:48:48)

Greeting there some User interface features I shall suggest , Since I feels they could help the game ,also reasons as to why i think they could help the game ,
The ability to auto run , so a auto-run feature , Since holding down w to move forward is tiring when traveling far.
and Since map are large. and since you can,t click to move , Also a feature to be able to have the number amount of health points visible on the health bar ,
also a feature to be able to have the number amount of mana points visible on the mana bar ,Also a feature to be able to have the number amount of xp you currently have ,
also the number amount of xp needed to level up visible.
Since so as to be able to see your health points amount and mana points amount without having to click on the helmet icon ,
Also be able to see your current xp amount and xp amount needed to level is a motivator to continue fighting and Questing and leveling and
healing Yourself and party-members while fighting could be easier if you could see yours and theirs exact numbers of hit points.

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (3/8/2016 23:11:08)


If you're looking for a clickable/tap-able mobile-friendly auto-run feature that might be okay.... but if you didn't know, auto-run on pc is activated by pressing the scroll wheel on ur mouse.

I also doubt they would add numbers as there are probably complications with the UI and development whee the text size may be too large on mobiles or something but they might be excluding the numbers for a reason. [on the bars]

DarkLore -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (3/9/2016 11:34:22)

This may seem like a lame suggestion, but its very doable! I noticed that while the Steam version has many different resolution settings, strangely it lacks 1280x1024! I've had several different monitors in the past. All of them pretty much had that as the default.

EDIT: Wow! Dage the Evil saw me in AQ3D, made a note of it, told Zhoom, and we can expect to see it in the next patch this week![:)]

Hnybnny -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (3/9/2016 17:40:12)

I'd think it be great to have Serenity (from Dragonfable and AQW) as part of the Inn in Battleon- it makes sense, considering she's either the innkeep or assistant innkeeper in the rest of the games, and the inn seems rather empty at the moment. She's a favorite of a lot of people, I know, and would add a sense of familiarity to the hub town.

Yulgar as the innkeeper, Serenity as the assistant, and Melodia as the server. Bing bang boom.

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (3/10/2016 19:05:02)


Your suggestion is simple and PERFECT!!! Devs, if any of you are out there, may you PLEASE give [in-game] reality to Hnybynny's suggestion?

On a thought what if all downstairs [future] activities were hosted by Yulgar and Melodia and then Serenity is right by the stairs (either at the top or at the foot of the stairs) managing the rooming? idk, but that would be a nice and nostalgic move :p

Milhound -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (3/10/2016 20:53:21)

I wanted to go through and list some items that I feel should be implemented relatively early due to amount of reward to time requirement to implement.

On settings page:
1. On hover text description for items such as Bloom/Depth of Field/etc. for players who may not know what they do specifically.
2. On selection of different resolution than current. Set a timed confirmation, if not answered return to previous resolution. Much like windows handles resolution changes.

General Game Play:
1. Armor Comparison key modifier. - Already confirmed in queue for development by Cysero.
2. Have Esc close current NPC chat window. (Currently bugged to crash game)
3. Auto loot key, currently large groups of players make it difficult to pick up items if they're stood on.
4. Possibly a loot all setting. For all nearby chests (depending on how long this takes to implement.)
5. Change UI depending on mobile vs desktop. Revert to previous UI for Desktop and provide current UI for Mobile users only. (Possibly an option to switch them in settings?)

I wanted to limit suggestions to only gameplay, and not items/boss/monster/dungeons/quests as the game is far to early to be suggesting content at the moment.

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