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nublard -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (3/25/2016 18:37:14)

If AE would add an
ally target button, like tab, but with allies. I would appreciate it.

Raime -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (3/26/2016 5:40:19)

I believe that AQ3D should transfer Characters from AdventureQuest unto its servers;when i say this, i am speaking only of the characters level. Replicating items (for Example, Moglord Tortress armor would prove to be a daunting task that is unrealistic. Older players realize know that the time they spent as kids playing this game was well spent, but that it is unfair and unrealistic to ask for such a thing. Instead, i ask that players simply be given back the hard-work they spent as kids (So many endless hours on weekends) back to our adult selves. Now, as i played this Alpha-Access, it came into light that this leveling up system is different, as well as its parameters. Perhaps there isn't any use of having 200 luck in AQ3D (wouldn't truly know, still level 1) but, but that data could be reverted into other core-stats in the new game. Now when i say this, i cannot base this off of any-other game, for Artix is the first of its kind to implement this sorta- "Omni-Game (or as far as i am aware); In comparison to DeadFrontier (An Online Free MMORPG), the game was at first 2D, much like AdventureQuest. The game saw a transition to 3D and all players saw their characters be hauled unto this game. I am unaware of how difficult/easy this task would be since 1)Only game they had at the time 2)Servers were retained, data was able to transfer over but what brought many players back from the woodwork was the fact that although this game saw its advancement, it retained its entire player database (Unless you were non Prem, then you were forgotten within weeks time without login). I truly did enjoy AdventureQuest as a child, i spent so much time alone during Recess to play in the computer lab, aswell as escape from bullying. But as a Sophomore in College studying B.A in H.R.M, i find it rather dreadful that I simply don't have the time as i once did to grind up to Level 150. Still remember my old Password, enjoy logging in to reminiscence every once and awhile.

TL;DR - Want Character Level (perhaps even gold) transferable from AQ to AQ3D. Having all content (items, weapons, armor) is simply unrealistic and draws attention aware from current issues

20 years old, so be aware im more then open to criticism
look forward to feedback from other members

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (3/26/2016 12:56:29)

Well, the thing is that this is a new game and EVERYTHING is/will be different. It's not like you can work to this level in 2D and continue on in 3D... It's like AQ classic and AQWorlds... different games; Dead Frontier's 3D version was probably meant to be a continuation of the 2D one. That b

The thing about bumping up the level to what you had in their other game is that they would need to have enough content to fill all those levels. As it stands they barely have enough content for 12 levels as the game is incomplete, right now, and by release the cap will probably still be below 50. So they would have to make enough weapons to decently accommodate every level, and etc. Also, I'm not sure if stats will work the exact same way as they did in AQc, so porting them over would be very messy. Also, this wouldn't work because with the different systems I'd imagine AQW players would want the same thing and again different game are different games, and the whole engine wouldn't be exactly the same or similar enough to do this sort of level port.

So yeah, it was a nice thought looking at the other games, but I think you had the wrong idea about AQ3D... it's actually not a 3d version of AQ classic.

Raime -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (3/26/2016 19:50:47)

Well, despite the rewording, i do enjoy the feedback. But to each of the points there is a counter; AQ3D is being advertised as the Three- Dimensional version of the 2D game that has been so widely-popular. True, Dead Frontier's Conversion was meant to be the continuation, but from the looks of it that is exactly what this game is entailing. Besides the Same Characters that the AQverse all carry, one can argue that yes, it wouldn't be considered a continuation due to the various other games they have developed. Different Games, of course, but we have yet to see mention of AQWorlds on the AQ3D page. I wouldn't want to call out the game, but it is clear that AQ3D is considered by the Company to be Adventure Quest's (2D) Evolution (As seen on the About Section of AQ3D). THis gives me hope that it'll soon be a overhaul of what was once AQ (as well various elements of AQWorlds, Ex. Wings)

Now, When you state about the leveling, i would imagine that Artix Entertainment already has a Level Cap Ready for the game. As seen in the AAA Title "The Division", a player was able to reach the games highest parameters by endless farming in only a weeks time (or close to). Now this was an Adult who was on vacation time, and had the lucary of non-stop grinding; it is plausible that player can do the same task here in AQ3D. But that is irrelevant, what is is' the fact that the game would already have those parameters, and the players who can transfer would automatically be boosted to the said parameter. In hindsight, it could be bleak as the character would be the highest level, yet with no gold/armor/weapons. That is where the open world for the player begins and they venture out to help lower-leveled players, reestablish themselves in a ever-growing world; I do not expect for their to be weapons/armor suitable to these players, for only small percentage would be using this. This would employ that the highest level players be using only the highest level equipment available (Ex. Level 150 using level 30 items).

As for the Parameters, you do make a valid point, but what i was trying to get across is that players would receive the max states available. In AQ, one could have at 150 200, 200, 200, 150 (or similar) for max stats. Surely the stats arent going to match because some stats have been replaced/deleted in favor or something else. A bypass around this would be to allow a leveling system similar only theatrically to the instance in Dark Souls 2 where a player is willing to reset his parameters, he is given the max amount of level up points available to him/her and apply points to their liking/fitting. This would be a good scenario if the game allows a different set of skill trees/Main Stats. No player besides Devs should be allowed to have EXACTLY everything. In AQ a player was cut off once they spent thier training points, leaving 2 stats to equal Zero, so as veer away from being too Overpowered.

As for the AQWorlds players, i can only put it like this. This (IMHO) is the continuation or "Evolution" of the 2D version, which lacked multiplayer functionality and various other features that were given to AQWorlds. AQWorlds already has its own Massive Multiplayer Database that will continue to thrive, while as AQ2D is dwarfed in comparison due to lack of many features that make AQWorlds superior. It is not meant to be biased, but if it sounds this way i apologize in advance. AQ2D was left behind once DragonFable arrived, then once more when AQWorlds arrived. Its best not to forget where one started, and i honestly believe this would be a good route to go at the games release. Even later on, if this were to be implemented im sure plenty of Veteran players would come check this out, only to once again bust out their wallets to become an X-Guardian again. I myself wouldn't mind spending excess funds on this game, for it was part of my childhood (Plus after spending 400+ on World of Tanks, I've come to understand Micro-transactions)

TL;DR - Very specific now on points im trying to get across, offered multiple suggestions on how this idea could function properly in the newgame. AQ3D is the "AdventureQuest Evolution!

The original AdventureQuest is one of the world's best known 2D Flash RPGs. It is time to take our world to a whole new level... and, an extra dimension. *coughs* Even the character models look like they have grown up."


It feels amazing to finally see our legendary home town of Battleon in 3D... but once you step outside it's protective gates you are entering a fresh new exciting world that we are going to build together. This game is officially a reboot of AdventureQuest. There are no rules. There are no limits except for our imagination.

This was taken off of the Games Homepage, so theirs also that (Located next to the greyscale drawings)

Link ( )

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- David the Wanderer

DLTA -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/4/2016 14:15:27)

A bank is really needed ASAP, also need to release the level cap soon

David the Wanderer -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/4/2016 14:34:51)

@DLTA: A Bank system is probably being worked upon. The level cap will be raised when the game staff is ready to release the next patch of content (no point in getting to level 50 if the highest-level equipment and enemies are 12).

orc orc orc -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/4/2016 21:12:36)

I would like the monsters to not reset their HP whenever they're no longer engaged in battle. It's a well-known issue and can be especially aggravating against high HP bosses. It's not fair for a boss to replenish all of its health back just because one player ran out of its aggro range. The other players would have to start all over consequently. Therefore, a possible solution to this to make monsters rest like players do. They will still regenerate HP but not reset the battle. However, this may make monsters more soloable as players can continue even after death. But there are many ways to get over it, like making a monster's healing dependent on the number of players fighting it, (more players mean less healing, less players mean more healing.) This may promote teamwork among players and make boss battles more just. While it has its drawbacks, they're easy to get around and thus I feel that this is a change worth considering.

I would also like the monsters to use their mana, and possibly have skillsets. Most monsters are limited to just their auto attacks. Monsters in this game have their own unique mana bars so not using them would be a waste. I like what they did with the Slime Lord by giving it a charging AoE nuke do why not expand upon it? Give it more skills and make them cost mana. That way, monsters (particularly bosses) become more challenging but still fair with powerful skills that are not spammed in succession. Furthermore, giving different skill sets to monsters may also add monster variety. I noticed that some of the monsters share the same/similar models with others (but with variations such as different colors, textures etc.) like the Booglerlings and Shadow Wolves. So giving them different skills may further set them apart.

I've largely played DragonFable, AQWorlds and HeroSmash. Monsters in those games have mana bars but very few make use of them, (the only monsters I can remember that use mana are the bees in DF.) I hope that AQ3D improves on this. This is only the Pre-Beta stage of the game so there's ample time to brainstorm ideas for the monsters. I also know that this is a mobile game as well, so there may be limitations. But I hope improvements can be made for the better.

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/7/2016 0:58:40)

^ Great suggestion! I agree with all your points.

ShadowMoon -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/7/2016 1:30:20)

being able to use attacks via the number pad like how its done in aqw and being able to jump with 8

Jaeger Krix -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/9/2016 18:00:28)

First, let me start out by letting everyone who reads this know that I mean no disrespect by anyone who may fit as this image. Yet, I believe it to be sending the wrong message,
and should not be the art stylings of AQ3D.

The female characters in the game are far too skinny and look either anorexic or bulimic. There should not be a model, model, as those women are completely unhealthy and without
any form that makes them into a female. For a healthier look, even if they are to be symbolizing a young person would be to step away from the entire industry of self bloated egotists
that find that to be acceptable for all of the characters in the game to be stick figures.

Mind you, I am not saying to make them fat, and I am not saying that there truly is anything wrong with anyone who is that size. But to be the norm of all of your female models is sad.
Look to your other games for a better view. If it takes it, a character creation option to choose size and muscle tone would be a great additive and would solve the entire problem, for both male
and female characters.

Once again, anyone who saw this post as an assault against a certain look of person I am sorry. I just don't want that to be the main course for all characters to have to follow with no
representation of a more natural look.

Thank you for your time...

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/10/2016 0:07:55)

They can't change muscle size for characters because of how the engine works. For them to do that they would have to introduce them in as races the way they're doing this (as of right now) to load in a brand new model. Toning really is just a matter of art style, but at the same time, this art style they use doesn't really receive toning very well. So about the muscles, muscle size would be for waaay in the future, if possible, and I don't think toning works with this art-style.

About your female model comments, I see what you mean now. They do have somewhat thin waists and arms... if I had to justify it, I'd think they were going for a fantasy physique without overdoing the chest. So I think compensation (through exaggeration) went to the waist and arms which, I guess, you took to be a little to far (but it seems their main goal was to clearly differentiate between male and female models through slight exaggeration of female's features. Then at the same time, (we're not children, here so I think this is safe to say [no nudity but there's a bikini model]) you can go on google images and look up "Anna Virmajoki" and you'll see that AQ3D's models are only a little more exaggerated than that if any bit at all. I think that's the "fantasy" form they were shooting for, but maybe went a little too far on. I think if they widen the waist of a really tiny bit and add a little more muscle to female's arms (at least to Virmajoki's state of physique) they would be a little more accurate and lean towards your suggestion.

Still the models don't look bad at all IMO and if they've done too much work to turn around, I'd be completely fine with these models.

omgGrim -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/10/2016 0:36:13)

Healer class should be added before the Kickstarter classes. It would encourage supporting especially during bosses.

Guardian's Healing Strike really sucks. Heals can be really decent or really bad and worthless.

Health Bar, Mana Bar, and EXP Bar should have it's #/% with it.

Chat should be able to close.

orc orc orc -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/10/2016 6:00:09)

@Jaeger I find the female model's intended body shape to be all right. Firstly, this is a video game, a fantasy game furthermore. The Characters do not need to look like average real life people. So of course it is to be expected for the characters to have tip-top/good-looking/uncommon physiques. Moreover, these are fictional characters in a fantasy setting. This means that they do not necessarily need to suffer real-life consequences and it's up to the creators' freedom. The characters sport such physiques for pretty much the same reason why they can wield massive weapons, equip 'impractical' items and engage in battle without any drawback etc. This also applies to the male models. Therefore I am not against the body shapes of the models. It's just my opinion though so feel free to rebut.

Nevertheless, I do see your point. So I feel that it would be great to be able to adjust character physique like in many other games. As every human character in the game share the same models, some variety would be appreciated. And it would also give players more freedom in customizing their characters to what they like.
Sadly, this is something that's very unlikely to happen due to the game's limitations. So player characters are restricted to the same models. However, there will still be race options as it's still possible to add playable humanoid races, (like kittarians and lizard people etc.) The only option they can do is to fine-tune the models. This may cause some complications however and I'm not sure if it's at the top of their priorities.

Jaeger Krix -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/10/2016 12:44:11)

I hear what all of you are saying, and first, I am not asking for muscle growth or shrinking, the male models are fine.

The female models are far beyond skinny. They look as though they weigh only about 60 pounds and are meant to represent fully grown women.
No argument from me if my suggestion is looked over, yet in their other games, even though they were skinny, they didn't seem as though they ate an M&M a day.
I'm not worried about bust size or adding more curves to the posterior. So we will agree to disagree.

Thanks for the feedback.

Also, I agree as above, the healing strike gives back absolutely minimal health with the Guardian. If you were to up the healing instead of the damage I think it would make
it a viable skill.

oishii -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/10/2016 14:12:53)

re: Healing Strike - the skill requires Guardian Marks to be powerful. If you use it with no Guardian Marks then the healing amount will be very small.

Jaeger Krix -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/10/2016 18:51:34)


At the most on a Critical with 3 marks, I received 34 health. That is no where near a decent amount. I am well aware that the marks build up for a better affect,
yet 34 health when you are low and in danger is far too little to be considered available as a healing skill. That was the highest I have Ever gotten.

It is a useless skill at this point that should either be revamped or taken off of the class. Sorry oishii, I understand what you are saying, although there is truly no
point for the skill at it's current power level.

As well as this, and this is my own personal opinion as it is unbalanced at the moment. Rogues should do more damage with their regular attacks, and far less
with the use of stealth. One player actually verified doing 390 damage with a critical strike at one point of playing from being in stealth. That in itself is enough
to make the other classes cringe and if given the same opportunity at launch, if you plan on introducing PVP at all one or two strikes from the rogue would take
any and every opponent out of the picture. Just an observation and personal opinion

Have a nice day everyone

oishii -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/10/2016 19:23:10)

What level is your character and what equipment are you wearing? At level 6 and wearing level 6 gear, I am able to get crit heals in the 40s and even in the 50s. That is a 20% heal for my level and the HP that I have. Keep in mind that the class is about sustainability (and not straight up healing), but not meant to be sustainable to the point of invincibility. However, the class did get weakened by the changes that affected their auto-attack proc, which gave Guardian Marks. I will be re-evaluating the cost and damage of Guardian Strike to compensate; so that Guardian Marks will be easier to come by again! ;)

As for your example of a Rogue doing 390 on a crit; what level was the Rogue? What gear were they wearing? What level monster were they fighting / what stats did they have? It is easy to just take raw damage numbers and form a hasty conclusion from it; however sometimes there are more factors that come into play.


if you plan on introducing PVP at all one or two strikes from the rogue would take
any and every opponent out of the picture

I don't see how this is possible since Rogues currently need to ramp up to be able to DPS burst. But worry not, we will probably be doing a lot of revamps in general especially when we get to PVP :)

We do have some plans to continue working on the current classes as well as upcoming ones, so I do read and take all your feedback into consideration!

Jaeger Krix -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/10/2016 20:37:37)

@ Oishii

I started my first character as Joger. Just plain Joger. When I am considering the 34 crit, I was level 12. Also being equipped with Serpent Scale Shoulders, Deadly Zedd sword,
Pale Shroud, withered sash, rock gauntlets, and bone boots. Even with all of those equipped, my critical heals only reached 34. I don't know if there has been a change since then
or it was just simply my character being unable to control the awesomeness of the skill, yet that was my equipment, and that was my critical.

As for the DPS burst. I agree that the venom and kick skill need a major upgrade, and that was why I said for them to do more damage with their skills. As for the main
super saiyan over 9000 third attack, it is horribly unbalanced. So sustained and burst for venom and kick is very necessary, while the third needs major re-evaluation.

Just my personal opinion as I have said before.

Daxxter -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/11/2016 10:50:58)

Hi, I don't post here very often, I came in here just looking through the suggestions seeing what other are talking about
Then I saw Raime's suggestion, Sir, I respectfully do not agree with your suggestion at ALL.

Let's start with what I understand:


I believe that AQ3D should transfer Characters from AdventureQuest unto its servers;when i say this, i am speaking only of the characters level.

Okay so your main point is that the staff should transfer the levels from players' original AQ characters to AQ3D.
Your supporting reasoning for this is that you spent many hours as a child playing the Original AdventureQuest and you want that hardwork to be transferable to this game,


i ask that players simply be given back the hard-work they spent as kids (So many endless hours on weekends) back to our adult selves.


But as a Sophomore in College studying B.A in H.R.M, i find it rather dreadful that I simply don't have the time as i once did to grind up to Level 150.


In hindsight, it could be bleak as the character would be the highest level, yet with no gold/armor/weapons. That is where the open world for the player begins and they venture out to help lower-leveled players,

and with what you are saying here, you think that this would push the high level players to help the low-level players in this game.

My problem with this:

1. No player should given an automatic 'free ticket' to the highest level, max stats, and maybe even gold JUST because they played the original game.
You consciously made a decision as a teeenager/child to wake up everyday to play the Original AdventureQuest and now you want those hours back because YOU don't have the time. If you don't have the time to play AQ3D to get to max level, you shouldn't be rewarded with having the max level, stats,etc. That magnitude of privileges will promote elitism among the playerbase. The original AQ and AQ3D should not have that kind of relationship where previous gains should be transferable. This is a completely new game, a level playing field, sure you will have some privileges, maybe an achievement, maybe even a class, but it's just absurd that you want MAX LEVEL, MAX STATS and ALL OF YOUR GOLD from a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAME.
Yes I am saying this because I think that you think that AQ3D is supposed to be a continuation, I think what the staff really wants this game to be a new iteration of what the AdventureQuest could be like, NOT A CONTINUATION of previous storylines/quests/etc. You can't just say that because you, now don't have time as an adult to play these games as a reason for receiving such rewards. Let this be an even playing field where everyone, old and new, have an equal chance to get to max level by putting in hardwork in THIS GAME. If they don't have that time because of college/job/personal reasons you are just going to hand them everything on a silver platter.


I am sure that the staff/moderators and even other players respect that you put as much time as you did into the original AQ but suggesting that players reimbursed for their time, time that they willfully put into the original AQ, not AQ3D
, time, that we all know cannot be reimbursed based on a whim, that's just not logical. Raime, the staff cannot give you back those hours, no one can. We all have to live with the fact that we purposely played the original AQ knowing that we would get rewards in the original AQ. Similarly, I hope that all players recognize that the time they put into AQ3D will lead them to receive rewards in AQ3D.
No transfers.

Let this game and the effort you put into THIS game stand on its own two legs.

2.You also said that if your suggestion were to come through that the high level players would assist the low level players even though they would have similar level equipment.
You are level 100 with level 12 gear and you are helping out a level 5.

Why can't you just level your character to level 12, get level 12 gear and help the level 5, is there something wrong with that?
By your method, assuming the level 100 had level 100 stats, that would make a huge difference, and yes, I could see that making fights a lot easier.
But, in that sense wouldn't cause the level 100 player to just solo everything? Wouldn't he/she just realize that because they have such high stats, that they can just do everything on their own?

Doesn't Artix(and the team) want this game to be a game you play with friends, to complete events/dungeons/quests TOGETHER?

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/11/2016 19:49:34)

^ well. I was trying to be less mundane about it with my reply, but hey, you have to have gotten the point across with this. Bravo.

omgGrim -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/12/2016 0:10:23)

I would like to see the room name and player number in the bottom corner like in AQWorlds. It would help show how many players are in the area with you.
This is possible at a point; though I guarantee nothing.

I want sliders for Music and Sounds. The music is beautiful but it's so dang loud.
Point taken, and this is actually in the works.

The censor filter is sooo strong. You can't set reputation because of "puta".
Compared to AQWorlds it actually is not, we have a blacklist filter. Feel free to report any faults in the chatfilter to

I would like to see a number on the backpack/inventory so we know how much space we have left.
Point taken, we are working on this but I'll stress it again.

I would like to see when turning around with right mouse click stay on screen.
This is a bit confusing, I am not sure what you meant.

I want to see a way to prevent from trollers/newbies from ruining the boss fights by running out of the area when they're aggroed on. Maybe send the boss to attack a different person.
Point taken, I will pass this on to the developers.

speedmeteor101 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/12/2016 13:40:50)

^ like your suggestion. Also I saw this reply by undead lunatics and just because I agree, I'll post it. I'd love to see refill-able potions, and like @Undead Lunatics said, similar to Dark Soul's Estus Flask. Though instead of bonfires, you'd refill your potions by visiting your (nearest?) alchemist (or NPC) and paying a small fee. It would be almost exactly like DF's except you pay to refill.

ShadowMoon -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/12/2016 14:21:44)


The censor filter is sooo strong. You can't set reputation because of "puta".

yeah, they shouldn't be using aqw's faulty chat filter in this game, especially considering their claiming that their "aging it up" with this game

omgGrim -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/12/2016 18:45:35)


Was just about to post that after seeing the reply. I would love to see the consumables be able to refill. It would give another reason to go to the Magic Shoppe or the Alchemist if they ever add one in.


I do agree, while I understand they don't want flat out profanity and such, maybe restriction servers like AQW and normal servers (where it's similar to AQW but more freedom of speech).


What I mean by that is when I'm using the left/right mouse button to turn my screen around but move one direction. The mouse (I don't play fullscreen currently because alt esc will shoot up FPS to like 3k and GPU screeches) is not locked on to the game and it will go off the client/game.

I see what you mean and that could actually be classified as a bug or glitch. I am going to put it up as such. Thanks for the clarification. ~ Gjappy

ShadowMoon -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (4/12/2016 21:18:32)

i'm pretty sure its the same chat filter thats in aqw, its got the same quirks. either way, neither of the chat filters even stops cursing. people just find more creative ways to by-pass it.

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