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Occavatra -> Shattered (3/4/2016 21:39:31)


Location: Castle Valtrith (Town) -> Symone -> Calamity Saga -> Caitiff -> Shattered
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Breaking Down
Release Date: March 4th, 2016

Objective: The Darkness is pushing through... it needs to learn, to find out, how to finally bring the endless night back to this Universe.
Objective completed: The shattered dust of the Ultimate Orb... and memories of those who would defeat the Darkness.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(5) Bone Fire
(5) Shake Spear
(5) Shoulder Blades
(5) Skeleton Guardian


Coming Nightfall (All Versions)
Dark Midknife (All Versions)
Spectral Night Vision (All Versions)

Shadowheart Bracer

Access to Shattered DC and Hope (Shop).

  • Equips Warrior / Mage / Rogue.

    *A couple establishing shots of Sepulchure's ruined fortress are shown. On the broken outskirts, a black fog gathers and Caitiff emerges from it slowly. It disperses the fog and opens its mouth to make some bones levitate. A skeletal-like spirit emerges from Caitiff's body and puts its hand on the skull. It turns a sickly blackish-pink color as a black tentacle emerges from its visible eye. From that skull, Caitiff receives visions of the events that transpired during the climax of Sepulchure's ultimate plan. It could see the brave heroes that have gathered outside of the fortress, Sepulchure's spies locked in combat with a figure in a white glow, the witnessing of the Elemental Orbs fusing into the Ultimate Orb, and lastly, Sepulchure getting stabbed in the back by Drakath.*

    Sepulchure: Your living body cannot handle the power! I will watch you burn and then spit on your ashes!

    *Your dragon flies by the figure.*

    Caitiff: It's...

    *The glowing white figure turns out to be you.*

    Caitiff: ... him/her

    *Caitiff takes its hand off the skull for a moment and puts it on again.*

    Caitiff: Show me.
    Caitiff: Show me.

    *As Caitiff becomes relentless with its demand, the fog disperses as the skeletons reanimate and surrounds Caitiff.*

  • Equips Caitiff.

    Caitiff: I will know. I will learn.

    *Caitiff's spirit returns to its body. Caitiff must explore the ruins to search for knowledge, battling various skeletons in its path; after searching most of the ruined fortress, Caitiff does not seem to find anything that is useful and grows disappointed by what it did learn so far.*

    Caitiff: The Darkness was stronger. It lost. It was betrayed.

    *Caitiff repeatedly fires its laser that can be seen from a distance in a fit of rage, causing a crack in one of its hands to glow. Suddenly, it finds a few sparkly pieces of glass near a pillar. Caitiff levitates them and according to its visions, they are a few more pieces of the Ultimate Orb. Caitiff retrieves the pieces, however, the same hand slowly starts to break apart, enlarging the crack.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Drops - opens Shattered DC.
  • Hope - opens Hope (Shop).

    Other information
  • Pop-up headlines throughout the quest:

  • The skulls are crushed. There is nothing to learn.
  • The broken tower cracks and groans.
  • The bones are broken.
  • The bones sway. A failure of a minion.
  • Your path is blocked.
  • What you seek isn't this way.
  • There is nothing to learn from this one.
  • The remains writhe and shake but nothing new.
  • Broken pillars shift as the tower sways.
  • How are these fires still burning?
  • The fingers grasp but it doesn't have what you seek.
  • It shudders and points as you draw close to the remains you need.

  • Next Up: Ashes

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