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Back to the Mainland

Location: Azaveyr Port Inn -> Mazurek -> Let's go!
Requirements: Completion of Precious "Cargo"
Release Date: September 16th, 2016

Objective: Time to go back to Osprey Cove!
Objective completed: Arr!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(X) Bonny Lass
(X) Buccaneer
(X) Energizer
(X) Galeocerda
(X) L.D. Monkee
(X) ManaHunter
(X) Ocean Fury
(X) Pirate Monkee
(X) Unlucky Pirate


Experimental Captain's Rifle (All Versions)
Pirate's Pal (All Versions)

Access to TLaPD 2016 Loot

*As you and Mazurek prepare to leave, Bavlo arrives at the pier in time to help pack and say goodbye.*

Bavlo: There, cargo's loaded. You are good to go.
Mazurek: Thanks sweetie. Love ye.
Bavlo: Shut up, you love everyone.
Mazurek: Yar, well, I 'ave so much love t' be givin' aft all!
Bavlo: Bah!
Bavlo: Be seeing you, surface dweller!
Mazurek: Don't count on it, gemborn!
<Character>: Bye Bavlo!
Bavlo: Harumph...

  • Quest
  • Heal & Potions
  • Leave

    *You set sail on the Kessel once more back to the main continent this time, daylight is dim, but you attack pirates and Rose members trying to get onto the ship as usual. You meet up with Mazurek after you dock the Kessel on one of the Osprey Cove piers, feeling accomplished you've done good to help others with her.*

    Mazurek: I be thankin' ye fer th' help <Character>. Tis much appreciated, it is.
    <Character>: I hope these people will find themselves at peace in Volkenraand. The Rose shouldn't bother them there.
    Mazurek: Aye, I be hopin' so too, but... th' winds are freshenin'. Thar be a storm brewin'.
    Mazurek: Anyway, fer a landlubber, ye 'ave some nice sailin' skills ye know. Th' offer remains. I expect ye t' sign aboard me crew in th' future!

    *You close your eyes and smile as the screen rapidly fades to black. Maybe a spot in Mazurek's crew could open a door to a noble opportunity.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - Opens TLaPD 2016 Loot

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