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Missed Croft?

Location: Mogloween Storybook -> Chapter 11 -> Missed Croft?
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Great Guber
Release Date: October 7th, 2016

Objective: Head over to Croft and see what the sisters have in store for you this time!
Objective completed: Time to get the necessary ingredients!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Bubble (Cat/Witch)



*You take a hike in the forests of Doomwood to travel to Croft once again during the Mogloween festivities, feeling more optimistic about the year.*

<Character>: With everything fixed last year, time to get to the trick-or-treating! I can't wait to try on the new masks!

*You reach a portion of the woods where Croft should be, but all you see up ahead this time is a large, empty clearing.*

<Character>: Hmm...

*You look around the clearing and even the empty farmland in an attempt to search for any sign of Croft with your optimism slowly starting to drop.*

<Character>: Huh...
<Character>: Am I too early?

*You walk over to a cliffside and take a seat to contemplate and wait for Croft's arrival.*

<Character>: This is odd.
<Character>: I must be too early...

*A few hours later (yes, you have waited for THAT long). Upon realizing that Croft isn't arriving, your suspicions then kick in.*

<Character>: Something is definitely wrong here.

*You make your way to Amityvale and you enter Verlyrus's cabin. There, you catch he and Bubble staring at a wide-eyed mouse, ready to pounce should it emerge.*

<Character>: Umm...
<Character>: Am I interrupting?
Bubble: Oh!

*Bubble stands up to greet you with a warm smile on her face.*

Bubble: <Character>! Hi!
Verlyrus: Meow!
Bubble: We were just...
Bubble: ... chasing...
Bubble: Nevermind...
Bubble: What brings you here?
<Character>: It's Mogloween.
Bubble: Yes, I know, but...
Bubble: I still haven't found a cure for the Moglins. I was going to visit Croft in a few weeks- I'm this close to figuring it out, I swear!
Bubble: I just didn't want to let them down... and my sisters too...
<Character>: Well, here is the thing-
Bubble: Yes, of course, you are right... I didn't accomplish much this year, but I should still visit them as soon as possible.
Bubble: We can all figure this out!
<Character>: No, there's-
Bubble: I said I'd go, okay?! Why are you-
<Character>: Bubble!

*Bubble looks at you sternly as your impatience surfaces.*

<Character>: Croft didn't appear!

*Bubble turns to shock when she realizes what you are here for.*

Bubble: W-what?
<Character>: I went there, as usual, and it wasn't... there. I've waited and waited, and nothing.
Bubble: It should be there, today's the 1st of Mogtober...
<Character>: Well, it isn't there this year.
Bubble: I need to see for myself. Verly, come on.
Verlyrus: Nyan!
Bubble: Don't nyan me! Let's go!

*The three of you leave Amityvale and walk through the Doomwood forests again and arrive at the clearing where Croft should materialize onto the physical world.*

Bubble: Hmm.
Bubble: Why would... ?
Bubble: No. They couldn't have... ?
<Character>: What? What is going on? Are your sisters in trouble? Talk to me!
Bubble: If Croft didn't appear on this plane... then it is still in Apsaydaaun. As are my siblings. But... why?!
<Character>: Upside... down?
Bubble: My home. Our home. A dark realm existing parallel to this one. Think of it like the Void... but different.
Bubble: It occupies the same spatial dimensions as countless other planes, but while there is nothing in the Void...
Bubble: ... in Apsaydaaun there's a reflection of all of this. Just more... umm... sweet.
Bubble: In Mogtober, when the veil between that plane and this one is thin, a portion of Apsaydaaun materializes itself in this very place.
Bubble: Which could either be via natural reasons or... they are allowing it to appear.
Bubble: It's a realm full of terror, <Character>, let me tell you that... *shudders*
<Character>: I get the impression you don't like it there. Isn't it your home though?
Bubble: I like this place more, <Character>.
<Character>: Alright... then why is Croft still there?
Bubble: I think... they are preventing it from materializing.
<Character>: They, they, they! Who are THEY?!
Bubble: No point in explaining.
<Character>: Why?!
Bubble: Because you are going to find out.
<Character>: Huh?
Bubble: I am going to send you over. To Apsaydaaun.
Bubble: Two can play at this game. If they are keeping it from getting here... then I will help you get there!
Bubble: To do that, I'll need to make the most powerful treat in existence. A treat...with 999% of sugar! The Plaguenog!
Bubble: The timing is absolutely perfect, it's a full moon! I'll just need you to gather the ingredients for me.
<Character>: Of course you do.
Bubble: Goremel, fearmint, chuckielate, trickorice and gutterscotch. Once you've obtained all five, you'll need a passage circle to get there.
Bubble: I can draw one for you, but I'll need a Sinnomen Stick to do it-so you'll have to get one of those as well.
<Character>: Right...
Bubble: And finally, the most important condition of all. For any of this to work... you'll need to be on the verge of death.
<Character>: Huh?
Bubble: Unless you aren't, drinking the Plaguenog and activating the passage circle won't do anything.
Bubble: Only when all conditions are met can you cross over to Apsaydaaun.
<Character>: Oh...
Bubble: Yeah.
<Character>: "On the verge of death"... meaning I need-
Bubble: I mean, like, 10-20% HP left on your health bar.
<Character>: ... my what?
Bubble: Please, <Character>, you need to hurry!
<Character>: Yes, right away!

*You set foot off the empty clearing to look for the ingredients for the Plaguenog needed for the ritual to transport you to Apsaydaaun.*

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