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Location: Epilogue, Jungle's Fury

Quests given

Shops owned


Adam: It's Adam now, Endnai.
Adam: I have faile-

Adam: I HAVE FAILED... the Guardian Order.
Adam: I have failed the people of Falconreach.
Adam: I wasn't strong enough. I thought that I was, but I was mistaken.

Adam: And I have finally realized what magic can do. And it has to be controlled. And I want to help with it.
Adam: And the Rose will help me. It's a mutual agreement.
Adam: We can't hate each other. The Rose and the Guardian Order, we both do what is best for the people and the world.
Adam: And sometimes... you have to crack a few chickencow eggs to make an omelette.

Adam: I will still be stationed around here. I'm not going anywhere far.

Adam: There are no sides, Endnai! The world isn't black and white!

Jungle's Fury

???: Stay away, beasts!

Adam: <Character>!? Thank the Avatars! Please, help me defeat these harpies!

Adam: ...
Adam: <Character>... w-what are you doing...?

Adam: I have been sent here by my superiors to investigate a potential threat, but... I got separated from the scouting party...
Adam: Why are YOU here?

Adam: Then why did you-

Adam: ME!?

Adam: ...

Adam: <Character>...?

Adam: Alright.

Jungle's Fury Appearance


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