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Location: The Gala, The Burning Village, The Bargain, Reminiscence, Darkheart, ANOMALY

Quests given

Shops owned

The Gala

???: Enjoying the gala...

???: ...<Character>?

The Burning Village

???: Uneventful.
???: Give me a status report.

???: Is that right?

???: Anything else?

???: Does anyone else suspect?

???: Good.
Lysander: Continue as planned.

The Bargain

Lysander: I do believe that's checkmate.

Lysander: Ah. Thank you.
Lysander: I apologize, Your Lordship. We'll have to play again sometime.

Lysander: I look forward to it.

Lysander: And the Rose?

Lysander: I see.

Lysander: I was just thinking. The red-eyed man you mentioned before...
Lysander: I believe it's time I pay him a visit.

Lysander: No. There's no need.
Lysander: I'll see to it myself.


Lysander: I should hardly think one girl is worth the effort.

Lysander: And therefore, you've enlisted my services... correct?

Lysander: You'd burn an entire village just to get one girl?

Lysander: You're a cruel man, Chancellor.

???: Interesting.

Lysander: You exceeded all my expectations.

Lysander: Don't worry. I have no interest in harming your friend.
Lysander: On the contrary, I should thank you.
Lysander: You eliminated the Chancellor for me. And saved me the effort on my part.

Lysander: I wonder. To defy fate at such a young age...
Lysander: The two of you... will you change the world someday?

Lysander: If so, then I look forward to it.
Lysander: Until then...

Lysander: I thought I told you to stay at the villa.

Lysander: No matter.
Lysander: And so the wheel of fate turns.


Lysander: Allow me to introduce myself properly. My name is Lysander.
Lysander: Baron of Swordhaven. Marquis of Fairglade.
Lysander: Though I admit, those titles hold little interest for me.

Lysander: I've heard some interesting things about you, <Character>.
Lysander: Your exploits with the Rose. The Shears. The Thorns.

Lysander: Ah. We meet again.
Lysander: To think you're still alive... after nearly two decades, no less.

Lysander: You. Boy. It seems you have quite the interesting skill.
Lysander: Enchantment? No.

Lysander: Something else...

Lysander: Augmentation. How brilliant. Using mana to strengthen your physical abilities beyond the norm.

Lysander: You can increase your speed and reflexes a hundredfold... or heighten your defensive capabilities to the very limit.
Lysander: The possibilities are endless.

Lysander: Simple, yet elegant... with nearly infinite applications. That is the nature of my magic.
Lysander: Auralmancy.

Lysander: The manipulation of air. Of sound.

Lysander: That's quite enough.

Lysander: My only goal... is destruction.

Lysander: The current conflict is quite a boon for me.
Lysander: War is easy to fuel. And money is easy to acquire.
Lysander: The demand for weapons and supplies never ceases.
Lysander: Whether it's the Rose, a foreign nation...
Lysander: Or even the Vind.

Lysander: I see you're beginning to understand.

Lysander: Organizing a resistance is no small feat. Nor is running a kingdom... and providing for all its subjects.
Lysander: It requires funds. It requires power.

Lysander: —who are sympathetic to their cause? Nobles willing to lend an ear to their plights?

Lysander: Right... wrong... it doesn't matter to me.
Lysander: Because no matter who triumphs in this conflict... we can always engineer more.
Lysander: The only victor... will be anarchy.

Lysander: You're more than welcome to try and stop me.
Lysander: In fact, I look forward to it.
Lysander: Good day.


Lysander: ...

Lysander: Do I know you?

Lysander: I'm afraid you're mistaken. This is our first meeting.

Lysander: It seems we have company.

Other information
  • Lysander previously appeared in the retired quest The Gala; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.

    Young Appearance

    Thanks to Phastore for Young appearance image.

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