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Location: The Gala, Are Rocks Evil?

Quests given

Shops owned

The Gala

Zlatomira: We are from the Magesterium.

Zlatomira: You are meddling in the affairs you cannot hope to comprehend.

Zlatomira: Or we will take action. We have this place surrounded.

Zlatomira: However, if your "subject" won't come with us... then qualms will be had.

Zlatomira: Very well.

Zlatomira: Get her!

Are Rocks Evil?

Zlatomira: Whatever it takes! You cannot interfere with the Fissure!

Zlatomira: ...

Zlatomira: It's not yours, either!
Zlatomira: It is so much... more... ugh!

Zlatomira: We will stop you!

Zlatomira: My magick is much more powerful than yours! You... ugh... won't keep this up forever!
Zlatomira: You will tire eventually.

Zlatomira: ...

Zlatomira: You're telling ME what's despicable?
Zlatomira: We did our research on you!

Zlatomira: No!
Zlatomira: Ugh!

Zlatomira: We've... underestimated you, that much is true.
Zlatomira: But you will be stopped!
Zlatomira: You should fear us, because the Proclamation magi-

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