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In Media Res -> =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/18/2018 13:30:12)

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but we're kinda bad at answering PMs. Also, we get a lot of duplicate PMs about stuff that should be public knowledge (when is X leaving? is this a Friday release? can you update X to do Y?). Because of this, I'm making this thread. If you have any questions for me, Hollow, Kam, Anim, or anyone else on the AQ team, then post your question here instead of PMing us. We'll be able to respond when we have the free time - this way, we won't be answering the same question 10 times, and your questions won't get missed because of our poor organisation skills.

The only thing is that if this affects your account personally - like if you accidentally bought the wrong Z-Token item or if you accidentally sold a rare item and need some help - then still PM us. That kind of stuff should be kept private.

If you have any general questions that anyone can answer, please ask them in AQ Q&A: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tt.asp?forumid=17

If you have any bugs that don't need to be urgently fixed, please post them in AQ Bugs: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tt.asp?forumid=8

Shiba -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/18/2018 13:56:35)

Is this the right place to ask if staff could update X to Y standards so that player Z can enjoy some obscure item?

If so, I know some people (including myself) who could name a few of these. XD.

You can ask, but the answer's pretty much always gonna be "no, we have no plans to update X anytime soon". ~IMR

Rafiq von den Vielen -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/18/2018 13:57:56)

I endorse this idea.

So, could we get an ETA on Midnight Savage Werewolf being fixed to no longer freezing the game whenever a "helmet" misc like Goggernaut or Hairmuffs are equipped with it? That's been reported in the bugs thread 2 months ago so I thought I'd bring it up here.

I fixed both that and normal SWF. Thanks! ~IMR

<3 Thanks!

Thor -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/18/2018 14:34:05)

It appears The Wicked King challenge battle still hasnt got his “softcap” fixed, the cap that completley blocks every damage over 300 something, even ally assist, and any autohit

Saying it here as it is urgent

Should be fixed. Thanks! ~IMR

bluchill -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/18/2018 15:43:10)

thank you for the reply, IMR!

my issue was/is that both my chars from same account only received 2 GGBs this month, both guardian and with built museums, considering there should've been 3 GGBs

1 GGB is not the end of things, but just wondering why that happened..



icyboiz -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/18/2018 19:39:33)

#2488482 did not receive ggb as welll

Kamui -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/18/2018 20:11:43)

Got the other Zinn Seeds in Warlic's now, sorry for the delay. Now to conk out for some sleep.

jd33 -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/18/2018 20:58:21)

Great feature! Thanks IMR!

I hope I can ask multiple questions, if not delete my post and pm me pls.

Ok, so I would like to ask a question, free free to not anwer if you can't comment now. Is it as simple to fix the problem with 130+ characters having no skills as just taking the mid game classes with current stats [wizard, knight, etc] and bringing them up to a current lvl version? Is there no 150 lvl wizard because you want future classes to fill the void like archmage, necromancer, etc. ?
Yep, pretty much. We want Wizard as a mid-game class and Archmage/Necro as end-game classes. Although based on how subraces went over, we might have to review it. For one, it's getting easier to make classes that scale to high levels, and also development on new classes is slow, so I'm not sure how long it'll be until we have anything besides Pal and Necro. ~IMR

Is there going to be a rebalance of spells soon? It is kind of pointless for a mage to cast spells for pure damage because armour skills are so powerful, and the fact that SP regenerates nativly. Effect spells are pretty great right now but it seems spells with a damage focus need their damage fixed.
Nope. We don't see any problem. ~IMR

Is it an issue in your mind that the frostval painting costs 1500 z-tokens but is waaay less useful than other event paintings [harvest, mogloween, and April fools] because of how you can ONLY visit the frostval's Portal of the year the painting was bought [vs the other portals of exactly the same price that let you access all years of the event [even Mogloween 15 years ago is available 0_0.] This affects me a lot because I deleted a lot of my old frostval gear because it became outdated before the shop item upgrading became available.
I don't see it as a problem. Frostval stuff is meant to go rare and buying the painting gives you access to otherwise exclusive content, while for the Mogloween painting you're more paying for "I don't have to wait X more months for Mogloween to roll around again". They're different, but difference is good. ~IMR

Are there any plan to increase gold earned per monster, or increase the caps, or anything like this? It takes sooo long to earn enough gold for anything significant to be bought.
It'd be nice, but no one has any plans currently. ~IMR

Thanks, I have more but this is enough for now.

Lord Markov -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/18/2018 23:50:34)

Vampire's Control skill still seems to be working a little wonkily:

I was fighting Sylith the Lich and stacked it up to three turns near the end of the battle, but then the status jumped to 4 turns with only a 75% chance of not acting.

I fought her again to experiment, and on my second turn I inflicted it twice, but it jumped from two turns of 100% chance to again 4 turns of 75% chance of not acting.

On the combat trainer I stacked it up to five times before it jumped to six turns at 83.33% chance of not acting.

I suspect there's something going on with the rounding, but as you can see it isn't necessarily consistent in how it applies. At any rate it would be nice to have some kind of guarantee you can get at least a 2 turn safe-guard at 100% chance before it starts jumping around.

It's a bit of a limitation with how I wrote that piece of code. When I made the code for Control stacking I ran into the problem where something like 3 turns of 30% Control would collapse into 1 turn of 90% control, or 3 turns of 30% control would stack with a second application of 3 turns of 30% Control to give 2 turns of 90% control. I made it so that after stacking, the final duration has to be a multiple of the newly-inflicted duration.

With the Control skill, you Control the monster for 1.1 turns rounded randomly. What happens is that it rounds to 2 turns, and then you stack with the old Control. You already have 1 turn of 100% control + 2 turns of 100% control for a total of 300% control-turns, but then apply the things where the duration has to be a multiple of 2. 2 turns of 150% Control is too much, so it goes with 4 turns of 75%.

I can probably rewrite it a bit more elegantly, but it's not a high priority :/ ~IMR

EDIT: Oh, didn't see Kam's reply XD

Kamui -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/19/2018 10:05:39)

@High Paladin: What you're describing is intentional. Way stacking works for % stun stuff like Daze/Fear/Control is that if you're applying a fresh version of an existing status then the new effect's total power is folded into the existing effect. Here's an example: You put a standard 25% stun rate 4 turn Daze on the foe, next turn this ticks down to 25% stun rate with 3 turns remaining. You manage to apply the same effect on this turn, so what the game does is check the turns on the current status, take the total "power" of the new status (in this case, total power is 25%*4, so 100% total power) and divide it among the existing effect's remaining duration (so that 100% total power on the new effect gets split into 3 33% stun rate chunks, so the old 25% stun rate for 3 turns now becomes (25%+33%) = 58% stun rate for 3 turns).

To ensure that nothing gets wasted, and to make it so it's not super easy to just stack to 100% and totally cripple mobs horribly, anytime while doing this if the stun rate goes above 100%, then the stun rate gets halved and the duration doubled, this is the only way to lengthen the duration on an existing Daze/Fear/Control. Basically what you're seeing is the duration getting doubled and the stun rate getting halved when you go above 100% stun rate when stacking stun effects. Hope this explanation helped!

Andlu -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/19/2018 11:34:59)

Nezujimbo guest from the contract spell is not stacking properly with other ways of freeze, it appears to use the old stacking rule of not stacking at all. This isn't intended, right?

It's just on an old standard but *shrugs and updates it*. Clear your cache. ~IMR

Lord Markov -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/19/2018 12:11:26)

@ Kamui
So I understand your explanation and how you don't want to be stunlocking a monster for a super long time at 100% rate, but there's two things I'm confused about:

a) The inconsistent timing of when the status jumps around (2 turns, 3 turns, or 5 turns)

b) Why 2 turns stacked had the exact same effect as 3 turns stacked (changing to 4 turns with 75% chance) It seems strange to me that these two different durations can mathematically have the same effect.

Kay Oh -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/19/2018 13:28:18)

Along with the Zinn Seeds, Revenant was also forgotten about. Staff planned to revamp it as its effect was not practical at all. Any words on that? Thanks.

Nope, no plans. I don't think it's on the table anymore. ~IMR

Willowofwish -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/19/2018 13:52:31)

Samurai armor from the frostvale set has a higher SP cost than Horseman, even though both skills are identical(weapon based skill.). Is this due to Samurai also having a light secondary? Thanks for your information :)

Right, it's due to the secondary elements. ~IMR

darksampson -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/19/2018 16:43:03)

I sent a pm about this, but I would like if we could get access to the previous frostvale parts, considering the light version of legless elf was added afterwords and a lot of people may not have known right away and didn't get a chance to grab it (like me)

No, sorry. ~IMR

Relinfearous -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/19/2018 16:59:26)

It's because HH has a significantly higher Ice Modifier, the Element the Monster is expected to attack with if you're using a Fire Skill.

The Yamish Magi -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/19/2018 17:41:04)

A general time frame for your friday released would be nice, or at least this one :D. Also been a fan of AQ for years.

Shiba -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/20/2018 8:31:55)


Hi! Sorry for the late reply - I'm bad at correspondence X.x

We don't offer refunds for faces. The game keeps track of which faces you've bought, and Cap'n has on his to-do list to add faces to the shop system so that you'll get all your faces eventually.


When will we be able to have our token faces back (for free)?

Looks like Cap'n already gave these out! Enjoy! ~IMR

Kajimaru -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/21/2018 2:02:55)

The skull pet doesnt seem to stack with werewolfs snarl or the fear set items, is this intentional?

It should stack now. Thanks! ~IMR

RMC -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/26/2018 16:37:39)

Regarding custom titles : Can you use anything UNICODE and letters/symbols from other languages (offensive symbols aside) ?

In general, you can add any symbol that Flash can handle. I just tried adding 😘 to my title and it didn't work, but I guess it depends on your browser. ~IMR

Caecus -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/26/2018 21:03:10)

Will/Can the annual February GGB extravaganza come out before the 15th this year? It'd be wonderful to know what the items are/ have info subs on them before the developer's ticket event was over since I imagine the double incentive of new items and extra chances to win would get more people to buy boxes.

No, sorry. ~IMR

Bolter -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/26/2018 23:35:59)

Will the Lorelympian Torch be returning this year? It didn't for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Oh, I forgot that existed. We'll talk about it. ~IMR

jd33 -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/28/2018 1:45:53)

This might be the wrong question to ask but are the z-token sales/discounts on a set schedule [Christmas, summer, spring break etc.] or are they just going to be random whenever they are thought to be needed? I ask because before I go and spend 30 dollars I want to know if there will be a price drop soon that will make me rue not being patient.

I know that we have a sale for Black Friday, but I think that the others aren't on any fixed schedule. ~IMR

popinloopy -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/28/2018 1:49:40)

Is there any chance of adding a shop to Ballyhoo for the Electric Guitar Axe? I'm always scared I'm gonna misclick and sell it and won't be able to get it back.

Poked Capn about this. Cross your fingers! ~IMR

kreem -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (1/28/2018 2:25:19)

The Play Now button in many newsletters links to AQ.com instead of Battleon.com.

Also please fix the Cracked Ornament not giving any status potency and any other bugs if and when possible.

Cracked Ornament Bug: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22311926

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