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Zeruphantom -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/17/2018 18:18:01)

Gauntlet of Xano has been rare from the GGBs since 2016 [&:]

In Media Res -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/17/2018 22:01:18)

I flipped through some old dev threads, and apparently the Gauntlet of Xano was removed during a later month. Hollow reserves the right to clear the GGB shops of old items.

I guess my word is only valid for one month, which is a horrible way of doing business >.< I'm sorry. I'll try to be more precise in the future.

alchim -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/17/2018 22:08:54)

Thanks for the quick response, and thats completely fine, i have no qualms about it, i was flipping through old info subs and i noticed that hence why i posted it.

On an actual related note for this thread; is it possible for Demonmancer plate and Cleric of Carnafex to be updated to use the new freeze seeking thing? being able to use freeze and its skill in the same armor is a big selling point. Thanks in advance.

Seth Hydra -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/18/2018 3:29:31)

When will essence Orb be added back into the game? I missed out on it for most of my chars while I was afk

Zeldax -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/18/2018 3:48:56)

Spirit Protector's skill only does Fire damage.

Kajimaru -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/18/2018 4:23:06)

i htink they said the donation drive items are supposed to appear in the guardian tower?

Xonuss7 -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/18/2018 4:37:09)

They are most likely currently in limbo. Removed for now, but will appear in the Guardian Tower soon enough.

Rafiq von den Vielen -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/19/2018 8:40:35)

ETA on the Sun/Moon/DoRays being fixed? Their "(x) Elemental" status is broken. You can't heal their MP until they explode. Multiple people reported that over in the bugs thread.

Bringing it up as it's kind of important since there are temp spells and items hidden behind the monsters.

v thanks, wasn't aware of that

afterlifex -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/19/2018 8:47:46)

^ I mentioned it to IMR just the other day. The base cause is known, it just has to be fixed when there is time.

Thor -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/19/2018 16:11:17)

It appears that the essence orb is in limbo, is this intentional?

Kilvakar -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/19/2018 19:24:55)

^ Yes, but it will move over the the Guardian Tower along with the other donation items as soon as they get the chance to put it there.

Dreiko Shadrack -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/20/2018 12:43:23)

In relation to the newly released Fiend of Vergil (of which I quite like the effect might I add), is it entirely possible for poisons of different elements to not overwrite eachother? As it stands the poison applied by the armor simply vanishes when attempting to use an item like toxic gladius due to the mismatched elements...could something like stacking the power without losing poisons be done? Something like darkness poison of 4.5 power followed by earth poison of 2 power becomes earth poison of 6.5 power instead of what happens now which is just the earth poison remaining with its own original power.

or heck just don't overwrite them and let the monster have multiple poisons/burns applied at the same time.

Andlu -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/21/2018 2:49:07)

Artix guest is incorrectly coded

as of right now, the guest deals 1.1 * 1.1 * 0.95 when untriggered and 0.95 * 0.95 * 0.95 when triggered (more damage when untriggered, less when triggered)

(should be 1.1 when triggered and 0.95 untriggered)

no reason to get in depth in the code here, but some of it is being applied twice, and one of them is being applied in the wrong way, making the triggered version do 0.95 instead of 1.1

Fixed locally, will be updated later today for anything that uses the string. Most stuff calls specific versions of the guest, but we swapped to a string setup otherwise. Also nuked that deal where it has 110% SP cost when untriggered and 80% SP cost when triggered, never was a fan of that. ~Kamui

Zeldax -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/21/2018 10:45:39)

Also it seems like Paladin's Oath doesn't boost skills that are treated as normal player attacks but do not apply weapon-based effects. Someone noticed that he was doing more damage with Ranger's Scope than with Paladin's Oath.

Kajimaru -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/21/2018 10:55:17)

Can we plsssss get a bow of awe? I'd really like an awe weapon for my ranger :(

battlesiege15 -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/21/2018 11:18:29)

@Kaji: The only thing about adding a Bow of Awe is that the staff would then have to add a Guardian Bow of Awe (!!!) and Adventurer Bow of Awe. (And possibly a UG Scythe of Awe which idk how that would work...)

It's also in the Suggesion's FSI: ""of Awe" Equipment: These are not an exception. Please do not suggest anything such as "Axe of Awe," "Shield of Awe," etc."

However, I do agree that it's about time that this change was implemented. Rangers are more common than ever and it's only fair to them to have a no drop equal to it.

poopbum -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/22/2018 4:28:50)

1) Any ETA on when ballyhoo can drop tokens again? IIRC it was said that the team's trying to implement a solution to make her non-exploitable with the vault by early this year.

If you guys are open to suggestions, well one idea is to simply put a bare minimum amount of tokens before any transferring can occur.(e.g. at least 1000 tokens must be deposited into the vault every time, no amount less than that allowed)

2) Also I've been hearing that Samukematsuri Samurai armor's skill is costing more SP than it should, due to it's elecomp being calculated as if the skill deals light damage rather than fire like it should. Could someone check on this and confirm?

3) To date it seems like almost all EleVuln sources(e.g. Deatharrows, Grakma) still aren't able to stack, except for the bat swarm guest from vampire subrace. Is this an error or are bigger EleVuln meant to be designed this way, compared to smaller ones like bat swarm?

4) Speaking of vampires, mesmerize appears to still use player CHA VS monster STR for the save rather than CHA VS CHA like it should. I still find my control being resisted more often against high STR mobs even at 0 CHA. Could this maybe be checked just in case?

Elemental Magician -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/22/2018 14:57:15)

I'm not sure if this question belongs here or not, but is there a reason why the Custom Title Package isn't available on the to buy with Artix Points?

It just seems odd that Custom Face is available, but Custom Title isn't.

Zeldax -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (2/24/2018 10:56:32)

It's available in the main page of AQ. I assume it's because you have to type your title right away when you buy the package, unlike custom faces where you have to email your details to the email address shown when you buy the package.

Primate Murder -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (3/10/2018 4:52:34)

Are there any plans for a melee version of the Mutant King Club?

It provides you with an armor posessing a weapon-based skill akin to Headless Horseman or Human Fisher which is a major selling point, but it's wasted on a magic weapon, since mages generally use spells rather than skills.

It is also an earth element which is sorely lacking from ele-skill armors (since Hunter lacks top levels and Chimeran focuses on poison).

Dreiko Shadrack -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (3/10/2018 7:17:07)

There is a melee version already, it's the Frogzard Sword.

Bolter -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (3/10/2018 9:50:20)

Galactic Void Katana's special animation somethings freezes the game.

Shiba -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (3/15/2018 10:43:07)

Could status damage (burn, poison, bleed etc.) please have a smaller damage range? Higher base, lower random?

Ninjaty -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (3/15/2018 14:52:51)

Regarding classes that have already received revamps, couldn't we at least receive higher level versions of them, so that we can use them up to level 150? Seems like a terrible waste, for something that takes so long to develop, to just become completely obsolete and suicidal to use after levelling past a certain point, especially considering that they are the most unique and interesting armors to use in the game.

For instance, shouldn't a DragonSlayer, regardless of their level, always be best suited to fight a dragon on any serious ground, when wearing the armor defining their order? Surely no other armor in the world of Lore should be as well-tuned to fight these beasts, than the one armor used by the very people most dedicated to fighting them? It just seems so wrong.

Since subraces have now been turned into class armors with just a fancier label on your character panel and page, and they were allowed to receive higher levelled variants all the way up to the level cap, there seems to be nothing that should prevent regular classes from receiving the same treatment. In fact, I think it would be a great injustice to give them anything less than the same treatment, considering the amount of detail has gone into the armors, skills and the stories surrounding the training.

Jams Loyal Subject -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (3/15/2018 17:29:53)

Would it be possible to add level 100, 120 and 140 versions (mastercrafted?) of the Summon Woolly Thoctar spell to Account Item Upgrader, like was done for Kiss of the Amesha? Also perhaps a rebalance to Thoctar's SP cost per turn?


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