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Bolter -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (5/20/2018 10:53:09)

Despite Blade of Agony's Blood saying that it has paralyzed the target for an extended duration, the target is only paralyzed for one turn instead of 2. A bug?

Willowofwish -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (5/20/2018 11:14:38)

Simply look at the pedia:

The special has a (84*[FireResist]*[0.75 if Magic, 1 otherwise]*[HitsConnected]/3)% chance to attempt a 1-turn Paralyse.

If the Paralysis chance goes above 100%, then there is a chance-100% chance of Paralysing the monster for 2 turns.

Bolter -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (5/20/2018 11:17:13)

the fact, the white box on top said that it paralyzed for an extended duration. If it were to just say that it simply paralyzed then of course I wouldn't even post this at all.

Willowofwish -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (5/20/2018 11:31:25)

Just tested it with Sea Titan (Fire Resis 140%), he did indeed got paralyzed twice when the popup said "extended duration"


Further testing did produce some odd results. Firefox seems to be fine as shown above but Chrome for some reason is bypassing the two turn and giving you only one.

Bolter -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (5/20/2018 11:33:12)

that didn't happened when on the Tundra Reaver that it supposedly paralyzed for an extended duration, one turn paralysis only. This was also the case for one other target, I forgot which already though.

I'm using Edge.

Primate Murder -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (5/24/2018 0:55:12)

For some reason Ballyhoo advertisements seems to be broken. Battleon stuff seems to be doing ok, but everything else just turns the page black and does nothing.

Bolter -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (5/25/2018 10:34:44)

The Morningstar whips have surprisingly low base and random for a non-magic weapon though.

Slayne -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (5/25/2018 12:16:29)

The Ironbloom package needs a shop in Ballyhoo and info subs please.

Edit to add:
Sabertooth Grenwog needs a shop as well.

Thor -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (5/25/2018 20:28:51)

Any news about the Vamp/Were subrace changable no drop slot?

alchim -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (5/31/2018 14:07:06)

Can we please get the info subs to the luna neko armours?

We only got the sol ones.

Bolter -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (6/3/2018 11:45:34)

So when will the Pinatas, Dead Goats, Cinco de Mayo, Star Wars and Mother's day Stuff in the LTS go rare? Of course it's good to give us an advanced notice before it goes off for another week.

GwenAQ -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (6/10/2018 17:14:53)

Hi, I was wondering if we could get the level 150 Megathirio Defender shield tagged as guardian-only? The level 150 axe already is, so I'm guessing it's a bug.

overdead -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (6/18/2018 0:48:09)

Will trading be implemented at all?

That's a Capn question. He's been working on porting the games to work with the game launcher, so I imagine that he's been busy. ~IMR

Seth Hydra -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (6/18/2018 10:12:20)

Can there be a limit implemented on the no. of resets that players can do? It's not an issue during normal times but it really puts players who buy packages at an unfair advantage over regular players during wars, especially when there are top 10/25/50 rewards at stake.

Bolter -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (6/19/2018 13:14:55)

Angel of Souls set is not in the upgrading system, are they supposed to be unupgradable or not?

That's intentional. ~IMR

Bolter -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (6/28/2018 19:52:04)

May we please have higher level updated versions of the old Independence Day rares such as Liberty Torch, Liberty Scythe, Firework Spear etc.?

Also please fix the Base and Random of the Shinyaro Warclub, 22-26 is way too low for a melee weapon.

Caecus -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (7/1/2018 0:43:38)

The berserk status seems to have been removed/disabled recently. The rose in full bloom pet and the grakma horn no longer function. Is this intended/permanent?

Asking here because I know there's been issues with the status before so I wanted to clarify if this is intentional to simply cut the losses or see if a bug has reappeared.

Dreiko Shadrack -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (7/2/2018 8:47:52)

Is there any chance lucretia's potion fetch quests could be made not sequentially unlocked? This is an extremely long and arduous section that is made worse with the inclusion of being at the mercy of RNG for a lot of it. [:(]

DarkOmega -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (7/3/2018 1:54:51)

Are any of the old Void Takeovers going to return at some point in the future? Some of the gear from those fights look absolutely amazing (looking at you Pyromancer Bloodmage).

dansyg -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (7/3/2018 2:36:21)

erm i'm not sure this is the right place. but i haven't been able to open the game? the webpage doesn't load up anymore.

Uskius -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (7/4/2018 23:41:22)

What's been your favorite thing to code or draw/animate?

Keno Chao -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (7/7/2018 4:59:07)

What with Morningstar and Kindred being swept in such a short time span, is there any chance of a Nemesis update? The set doesn't get much play atm and I think it's a real shame. Plus the pet hasn't had a MC bonus since pets became 100% attack.

Also, unrelated but, are any more items going to come out with different level tiers? Most recent items have followed the same level pattern (15, 35, 55, etc) which means that a lot of them just don't get used. Personally my favourite thing to do in the game is to roll a new character and level it to max, and different weapons to use most levels is one of the better parts of that. Not saying you guys don't do a great job with the new equipment, but it would be nice to have a chance to use all of it.
EDIT: Just wanted to add that I appreciate that the standard level pattern allows for both 135 and 150 variants, but I feel like you can still have those ones with other level variants present.

We'll be getting to all the older sets eventually. I want to get all of them taken care of, brought up to current standards, and if possible given neat new toys to mess with. As for the level tiering, yeah, that's def an issue we try to deal with, main thing is we want to ensure there's always a Lv 135 and 150 version, so sometimes we do a random number roll to get a # between 1-120ish, and use that for tiering, but we tend to go with 5/15/35/.../135/150 since it's solid, gives even newbies a chance to get into the new content right away, and gives solid leveling as you go. It's def something we try to pay attention to, though. ~Kamui

poopbum -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (7/8/2018 3:14:53)

Is it just me or is the boss rush mode on the morningstar set quest no longer available? I just finished the quest twice but there's no boss rush mode button.

I accessed the quest from travel maps as it's no longer on the event page.

The Travel Map was pointing to the wrong version, and has now been fixed. Thanks. ~Anim.

RedEyedDrake -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (7/8/2018 8:43:37)

Seconding what poopbum said. Also, the second of the quest's three traps is bugged and doesn't let you roll, automatically proceeding from one bit of dialogue to the next as if you failed the roll. This on top of the bug with the Morningstar misc item, which I'm assuming hasn't been fixed yet.

Carandor -> RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions (7/8/2018 14:34:12)

It's been fixed now. Travel map button was pointing to the old quest.

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