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Occavatra -> High Protector(s) (6/15/2018 22:43:49)

High Protector

Location: Theano: A Thorn's Story, First Halo, The Proclamation -> Interfere!

Quests given

Shops owned

Theano: A Thorn's Story

High Protector: Smoke. We're going in.

High Protector: Contact water mages.

First Halo

High Protector: Apologies, traveller. The Forum is currently unavailable, due to the preparations for the Harvest.

High Protector: Yearly tradition, when our God walks amongst us. The Harvest is almost upon us, you should stay a while. Rejoice.

High Protector: Please don't disturb the mass.

The Proclamation

If you select the 'Interfere!' option:
    High Protector: Halt! How dare you disrupt the sacred Harvest!

Thanks to Zeldax for correction.

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