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Capitol Citizen(s)

Location: First Halo, The Forum, The Proclamation

Quests given

Shops owned

First Halo

Citizen (1): I heard the Shapeless took your son last year. How are you doing?
Citizen (2): Oh, it's been awful. I'm so ashamed! I tried my best to raise him, and he turns out to be a thief!
Citizen (1): That must be hard. Have you signed up for extra temple duties yet?
Citizen (2): Certainly! Everyone has been so supportive, but it's not easy, knowing that I failed to teach my child properly.
Citizen (1): You did your best- he chose to do evil, not you.

Citizen (1): How was your visit to the Third Halo?
Citizen (2): I tried my best, but I just didn't... fit. Don't get me wrong, they're wonderful people, but I missed working with my hands.
Citizen (1): Yes, I know what you mean.
Citizen (2): I did bring back some wonderful souvenirs though! They were delighted with my help.
Citizen (2): I may meet some of my new friends in the Forum later if you'd like to come along too!

Citizen (1): The honey from Ull tastes much sweeter this year!
Citizen (2): The crops form Itaj have been larger and greener too, Shapeless be praised!

Citizen: New here? Come to see the sights? You'll be wanting Seym for the Magesterium, although between you and me, it's a bit of a bore.
Citizen: If you're looking for fun, I'd suggest the Forum or the Third Halo. Second, if you like books!

Citizen: The Magesterium sees all that happens here. They already know you're here! Don't be surprised if someone comes to pick you up any second now.
Citizen: ...
Citizen: Aaaaaaaany second...

Citizen: Oh, I'm sorry, the inn is undergoing renovations. We're preparing for the Harvest. I have to turn you away, my apologies.

Citizen (1): I went to krasimir's soulforge a couple of days ago to get me some new tools. That guy makes quality stuff!
Citizen (2): You're lucky to have gone when you did, I was planning to go there today but that was ruined with the spilled salt and all.
Citizen (1): That's an evil omen if I've ever seen one!
Citizen (2): I agree... and it's starting with me not being able to get new tools! I really need a new hammer!
Citizen (1): Don't worry about that, friend. My old hammer is still in good condition, you can use it as long as you need.
Citizen (2): Oh, thank you! It should help with all of these Harvest decorations!

Citizen (1): When do you move to the Second Halo?
Citizen (2): Soon. I need to finish packing. I'll miss you all.
Citizen (3): You deserved it! You studied hard to become a scholar, I'm happy for you!
Citizen (4): Will your parents be able to run the store now that you won't be there to help?
Citizen (2): Luckily my little brother is still there, and he's better with his hands than I ever will be. I dare say the store is better off.
Citizen (4): Good to hear. But don't you dare forget us when you're stuck between those dusty tomes!
Citizen (2): Don't worry, I'll be visiting whenever I can.
Citizen (1): Ahw, that's swee-
Citizen (2): To eat the delicious food here.
Citizen (1): ...Shouldn't you be packing?
Citizen (4): Hahaha!

Citizen: The Magesterium? Are you sure you aren't looking for the Hero's Guild?

Citizen: They are the servants of the Shapeless, delivering the will of our God upon us.

The Forum

Citizen: Heroes don't come to the forum very often. It's a shame too. They're so... dreamy...

Citizen (1): I have such a long list of things to bring back home to the village... Maybe I can find a Magester or hero to help me.
Citizen (2): I know what you mean. But at least making this trek gives us some more spending money. And everyone back home is always so appreciative!
Citizen (1): You're right, you're right. Sometimes I wonder if I should move to here and take up a different trade, though.

Citizen (1): Is that a foreigner?
Citizen (2): Shh, don't stare!
Citizen (1): They're dressed so...
Citizen (2): Don't be rude! What would the Shapeless think?
Citizen (1): I mean, just look at her/him! I think the Shapeless would agree with me.
Citizen (2): ...I kind of like it.
Citizen (1): And this is why you're still single!

Citizen: Ah, it seems like I can't afford to get something Soulforged this time around. Maybe next time.

Citizen: The Magesters always put in such large orders of food and clothing. It's extra work for all of us, but it's for a good cause!
Citizen: They help those who can't help themselves. Plus, they pay well!

Citizen: Non-Soulwoven items? Of course we have those. Can you imagine if your tablecloth changed color because you got embarrassed?
Citizen: How awkward!

Citizen: My girl was taken by the Magesters years ago. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if she weren't so magically talented...
Citizen: ... but I can rest easy knowing that she's doing her duty and protecting me. Even if we never recognize each other again.

Citizen: What do you mean, 'What if my goods don't sell?' If my goods didn't sell, I wouldn't have a permit to be here!

Citizen: Did you hear about the latest attack from across the ocean? Thank goodness our heroes were there to drive off the threat!

Citizen: There was a bit of a scandal in the First Halo a while back.
Citizen: Thank the Shapeless the Magesters used their magick to figure out what really happened or the drama would have spread like wildfire!

Citizen: You have to try some of this honey- it's the best in the Empire!

Citizen: Old Granny Bogumila always makes the best cookies!
Citizen: I'm glad she's still healthy enough to make it down to the Forum from the Third Halo, Shapeless willing.

Citizen: Hmm... brown or purple... what to choose...

Citizen: Are people at home jealous? Nah. The Magesters make sure everything gets split appropriately.
Citizen: Always been fair to us. And if someone has a problem with it, they can always take it up with the Shapeless! Ha!

Citizen: I can't wait for the upcoming celebrations! There's so much to do and eat!

The Proclamation

Citizen (1): The Harvest! The Harvest! The Celebrations are about to start! We're heading over to the Forum, come, come!

Citizen (2): The Ignominious will be devoured for their sins and swirl within the stomach of the Shapeless...
Citizen (2): ... where they are cleansed and their spirits purified, blessing our crops for this year.

Citizen (2): Rejoice!

If you select the 'Interfere!' option:
    Citizens (mob): That's the hero from the other day! How dare s/he!
    Citizens (mob): Blasphemy!
    Citizens (mob): Interfering with the Harvest, the gall!
    Citizens (mob): The hero is ruining the Celebrations!
    Citizens (mob): Hero? More like "Zero"!
    Citizens (mob): Get her/him!
Other information
  • Citizen hairstyles are randomly generated each time they appear on-screen.

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