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Location: Catnapped, Hey Al'nold

Quests given

Shops owned


"M": The Cauldron Sisters... how wonderful...

Hey Al'nold

"M": Didn't we have a deal?
"M": Ugh, I told you to stop calling me by the name assigned to me after my creation.
"M": Verwho?
"M": I know naught of any cat.
"M": ...
"M": While you're not wrong, having a cat would certainly be beneficial to our establishment...
"M": ... I don't resort to such plebeian cheating methods to get ahead in business.
"M": Our clients get only the freshest, lost candy, who stumbled upon this domain by themselves. This allows for a better taste of fright and wonder.
"M": Well said, Akaz.

"M": So, as you can see, we had nothing to do with this alleged kidnapping.

"M": Oh. I didn't see this here!
"M": You should have told us in the first place that you were bringing a gift. I apologize for my behaviour.
"M": I might even forgive you for trespassing—
"M": You are... friends... with candy?
"M": Oh, Cauldron Sisters... how low can you fall...

"M": Akaz, look, the food is talking to me.
"M": I don't bother to occupy my mind with that pathetic hare.

Other information
  • Also known as Majji.


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