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Location: Hey Al'nold, Mogloween Storybook -> Chapter 14, The Plot Thickens, Heavy Lifting

Quests given

Shops owned

Hey Al'nold

Al'nold: I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry, but I have to do this!
Al'nold: It's the only way!
Al'nold: Please, forgive me!

Al'nold: YES!
Al'nold: Yes yes yes yes!!
Al'nold: I was right! Extracting the subcatomic purrticles did it!
Al'nold: I'm not useless! This will show them!
Al'nold: I'm sorry, kitty, but... I have to make it bigger.

Al'nold: AAAH!

Al'nold: The Cauldron Sisters?!
Al'nold: W-what are you doing here?

Al'nold: I'm sorry! I had to!

Al'nold: No!

Al'nold: I can't! I...
Al'nold: I have to do this!
Al'nold: I'm s-sorry!!

Al'nold: AAAH!
Al'nold: Why didn't you—

Al'nold: Leave! Go away!

Al'nold: I won't do it! I won't!
Al'nold: I will not be ridiculed!

Al'nold: Take it...

Al'nold: You've ruined me... you've ruined everything!

Al'nold: I just wanted to be useful. I wanted to merge Apsaydaaun and Lore together, so that we could give out all the candy to people here...

Al'nold: It doesn't matter anymore...

Al'nold: You, a candy, took my dream and stomped on it and kicked it and—

Al'nold: I just wanted to prove to my brothers that I can run the business too!!
Al'nold: You took it away from me!
Al'nold: They always make fun of me, never include me in the celebrations, tease me...
Al'nold: I... I don't even like candy!

Al'nold: I just wanted my brothers to finally see me as equal!

Al'nold: I am miserable...

Al'nold: I'm sorry...

Al'nold: I'm sorry, kitty.

Al'nold: Mhm...

Al'nold: Freeing...?

Al'nold: Oh... oh no. If you do this, they won't be happy...

Al'nold: Oh, I'm not saying I approve of what people of Apsaydaaun are doing... I'm just saying that my brothers will... retaliate in the future.

Mogloween Storybook

Al'nold: Hi, umm... sorry to interrupt, but...

Al'nold: There is a certain situation we might need your help with.

The Plot Thickens

Al'nold: Hi Bubbs.

Al'nold: Please, hear him out!

Al'nold: Mhm.

Heavy Lifting

Al'nold (Everyone): ...

Al'nold: Yeah!

Al'nold: Kitty, calm down!

Al'nold: He's getting up!

Al'nold: Mhm...

Al'nold: A conversation with "M"?!

Al'nold: ...

Al'nold: Umm, yes.

Other information
  • Also known as Al and Albunny.


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