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Location: Hey Al'nold, The Plot Thickens, Heavy Lifting, Green Thumbs, Growing Wiser

Quests given

Shops owned

Hey Al'nold

Akaz: You...are...not...wel...come...aaaa...round...these...parts...

Akaz: Ob...taining...candy...by...any...other...means...spoils...the...recipe...

Akaz: Ha...ha...ha...ha...

Akaz: He...is...in...his...room...

The Plot Thickens

Akaz: We... heard... you... out... when... you... came... to... us...

Akaz: Al... nold... has... told... me... good... things... aaa... bout... you... so... I... thought...

Akaz: Ugh, fine.

Akaz: It was just part of my marketin' image, ok?

Akaz: Whatevs.
Akaz: Listen. I wouldn't've come here if it weren't for Al.
Akaz: He said you helped him last year.
Akaz: And now I need help too.

Akaz: Your help.

Akaz: Listen, listen. I'm not a bad guy, a'ight?
Akaz: In fact, I was tryin' to find ways to substitute humans in our recipe.
Akaz: And I did. Find a way, that is.

Akaz: Um...
Akaz: It would be easier if I showed you.
Akaz: Follow.

Akaz: They're my experiments. I told you, I was lookin' for a substitute!

Akaz: No. Of course not!
Akaz: I... might've made a mistake.
Akaz: What I was goin' for was transmutin' animals into humans, so that we can use their succulent meat instead!

Akaz: Listen, I need your help with makin' an antidote! I know you're good at that stuff!
Akaz: These beasts are wreckin' this place! I can't have Majji—uh, "M" find out about this!

Akaz: He's scary!

Akaz: He's currently lookin' for humans who've wandered into Apsaydaaun this year, but he'll be back in a few weeks.

Akaz: Yeah yeah, just please, help me out here!

Akaz: Here. It's the oddest thing. Instead of transmutin', they just... swell up.
Akaz: And the rage! The rage, man! I didn't expect for the potion to induce such rage!
Akaz: My very first voluntary subject got the worst of it. Since then, I've managed to tweak the recipe so that the other subjects were more docile.

Akaz: The cat? Oh, it escaped. Right through the ceiling.

Heavy Lifting

Akaz: No... no no no!
Akaz: This won't work!
Akaz: Plants aren't conducive to being meat...
Akaz: Ugh, why humans have to be so... delicious!?

Akaz: I... I must do this! I have to prove it to "M"! This—

Akaz: Huh?

Akaz: *Gasp*
Akaz: Cat!?

Akaz: Oh.
Akaz: So you're the cat that Al borrowed.

Akaz: Hello kitty...

Akaz: Uhh.

Akaz: What do ya want?

Akaz: Bubble?

Akaz: Oh, I see.

Akaz: But... why would I help you?

Akaz: NO!
Akaz: No, please, DON'T!!!

Akaz: I'll help you! Just... don't, please...

Akaz: *Whimpers*

Akaz: A human?
Akaz (thinking): Into... A... Human!!!
Akaz: Yes!

Akaz: Yes... yes, this could work!
Akaz (thinking): This is brilliant! Why didn't I think of this earlier?!
Akaz: Hold on, kitty, give me a while!

Akaz: Mhm, mhm.
Akaz: I am pretty sure I don't need to specify what kind of animal, yeah...
Akaz: It'll be universal, that's right!
Akaz: Yes... yes, this is it!
Akaz: Here, kitty, drink it! Satisfy your thirst!

Akaz: And there's that.

Akaz: Sure.

Akaz: Whatever helps you sleep at night...

Akaz: No. He trashed the place, then jumped out the ceiling.

Akaz: I haven't seen him anywhere either. He might be long gone...

Akaz: I just—
Akaz: Listen, it... it ain't easy.
Akaz: It ain't easy, running this enterprise.

Akaz: "M"... he expects a lot out of me. Out of us. To be completely candid, he's not just scary, he's terrifyin'!
Akaz: We have to comply, because our parents left us this family business, and he's the eldest.
Akaz: He knows best.

Akaz: Nope. Nope. Nope.

Akaz: ...

Akaz: A'ight.

Akaz: Oh. Okay.
Akaz: You aren't as bad as "M"... as Majji made you out to be.
Akaz: Now... I have to fix all the mess I've caused.

Green Thumbs

Akaz: Ey there, Cauldron Sisters, <Class>.

Akaz: Hello kitty!

Akaz: We were just mindin' our own business, when these weird plants appeared and started eatin', uhh, the ground. And everythin'.

Akaz: You're tellin' me! We could use your guys' help.

Akaz: Well actually, I once thought about using plants... but no, it ain't me! Honest!

Akaz: He's the oldest, so...

Growing Wiser

Akaz: Fine then. "M", you need to stop! What you're doin' is far too extreme to help the business! Believe me, I've been down this path. As has Al.

Akaz: Plants may be challenging to grow...

Akaz: Or we can just sell the powder itself!

Akaz: Oh, cool.

Akaz: Our family business is saved, thanks to ya!

Akaz: Together!


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