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Location: Stoneheart Fall (Books 1 and 2) -> True Mortal -> Quests -> Rise of Nivalis -> Alliance
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of A Cold Shoulder
Release Date: June 14th, 2019

Objective: Nivalis and his army are coming. It's time to gather allies to stop him.
Objective completed: Letalis is gone and the gate has been destroyed. This is bad.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Arctic Wolf
(5) Ice Elemental
(2) KhyRhian
(7) Ursice Savage
(3) KhyRhian - Boss

True Mortal

Forest Gate Shard
Ice Gate Shard
Mountain Gate Shard
Ocean Gate Shard
Sandsea Gate Shard

True Mortal: Please, tell me how it went.

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    True Mortal: I suspected that plea would fail, but we needed to try. I have sent word to the Guardians and the Dragonslayers.
    True Mortal: They are sending aid here.
    True Mortal: I need you to go north and speak with Laguzoki. See if you can get help from among his people.
    <Character>: I'll go. I think it might take some talking though. It seems like the Ice Giants are a bit bitter about what happened to their people.
    <Character>: From what I understand, they're feeling outraged at being forgotten about.

    <Character>: I'll do my best.
    <Character>: Listen, when I got back... I saw you speaking with Xan. You know, he's dangerous. You'll need to be careful dealing with him.
    True Mortal: I know what he is, and I know who he is, and I know what he's done.
    True Mortal: I had hoped he might have some insight that would help us deal with both Nivalis AND Isathaara.
    <Character>: I still say you should be careful. I trust Xan almost as far as Twig could punt Nivalis.
    <Character>: So DID he have any useful advice beyond "Burn him out of existence"?
    True Mortal: Unfortunately, he did not. He did, however, promise to aid us in the fight. He is a great Pyromancer no matter his madness.
    True Mortal: He will be a great help when the time comes. Difficult times lay ahead.
    <Character>: Ok, I'm off to see Laguzoki. I'll see you when I return.

    *You head north to pay Laguzoki another visit, while Letalis continues to guard the Ice Gate.*

    Thorn: *whine*
    True Mortal: I know.
    True Mortal: I hear him.

    *Letalis has allowed you to leave Stoneheart Fall safely before following his instinct.*

    True Mortal: You can come out now... Nivalis.

    *Nivalis appears from the shadows, facing Letalis and Thorn, towering over them both.*

    Nivalis: You knew I was coming.
    True Mortal: I did.
    Nivalis: Did you know I was bringing some friends?

    *Wolf and Bear, guardians of the Forest Gate, appear to be corrupted by Nivalis.*

    True Mortal: So that's the way of it? You'll force your way into and through the gates attempting to control all of us?
    True Mortal: You would pervert the workings of beings greater than us in your war against life itself? Good luck with that.
    True Mortal: You may be biting off far more than you can chew.

    *Nivalis does not seem phased by Letalis' doubts.

    Nivalis: We'll see.

    Nivalis: Wolf, Bear, take him.

    *Wolf and Bear run towards Letalis. Meanwhile, you fight your way through various monsters as you continue heading towards Laguzoki.*

    Laguzoki: Welcome, <Character>. I have followed your adventure from the time you first left me.
    Laguzoki: I also know why you are here. Tell me, <Character>, why should we aid you?
    Laguzoki: What did we become when we were driven from our homes? We were not even a tale told to frighten children.
    Laguzoki: We were cast off and forgotten. The truth was, once we were driven out, your people never bothered to think upon us again.
    <Character>: I cannot speak for the actions of those of the past. I ask you this; what would your people be?
    <Character>: This world is far from perfect. There is war, there is upheaval, there is hate.
    <Character>: But there is also good, there is light shining from the darkness.
    <Character>: People have, for the most part learned to work together and to adapt.
    <Character>: I have seen your journal... and that of Sceolan... I see things from your point of view through that.
    <Character>: You were treated unfairly, and yes, you were forgotten. I don't think it was out of malice, however.
    <Character>: You faded from view to us, first a legend, then a fairy tale, and then the world... changed.
    Laguzoki: And yet, Lord Nivalis IS our sworn leader. We set great store by our oaths. Our word, among ourselves IS our bond.
    Laguzoki: He is our ruler, and we must obey when we are ordered to do so.
    <Character>: A ruler you KNOW is wrong. A ruler you YOURSELF said you would and must resist. Sure, terrible things happened to your tribe.
    <Character>: I've read some of the writings of your people.
    <Character>: Surely, however, you must know that the only thing anyone ever had an issue with was the raiding.
    Laguzoki: Admitting that you are right about that, I ask again, why should we aid you?
    Laguzoki: When your people came to drive us away, did they first send someone to speak with us?
    Laguzoki: To negotiate with us?
    Laguzoki: No, they came with ships of war and desire for our extermination in their hearts.
    <Character>: I'll tell you why. Because if you do not, you give in to the will of not only Nivalis, but Isathaara, who does NOT understand a mortal creature's needs.
    <Character>: Isathaara is a blight on this world. A creature who was bred for a single purpose.

    <Character>: War.
    <Character>: Why should you aid us? The answer is simple; to follow the madness of Nivalis is to become what your people hated.
    <Character>: If you fail to aid us, you become the aggressor even if you do nothing at all.
    <Character>: You can sit here quietly as Nivalis destroys everything in a cataclysm of ice.
    <Character>: You will find regret quickly enough though, because there will be no forest, there will be no creatures...
    <Character>: ... and soon, you and your people will starve to death as Lore is frozen.
    ???: I've heard enough.

    *Sceolan stands in the doorway of Laguzoki's home.*

    Sceolan: I say we fight.
    Sceolan: Laguzoki, what have we to lose? By not fighting we lose everything.
    Sceolan: I for one refuse to lay my weapon down when justice cries out to be heard. It has ever been our way that NONE is above the law.
    Sceolan: The law is what it is without favor for one tribe, OR one species above the other. What have we to lose by doing what we KNOW to be just?
    Sceolan: What we will gain is infinitely greater. Acceptance. We can find our place among the smaller races.

    *Laguzoki appears to contemplate your and Sceolan's views.*

    Laguzoki: Very well, then.
    Laguzoki: We will join you. It is time for us to return to Lore and reclaim our homelands on the coast.
    Laguzoki: Go now.

    Laguzoki: We will join you shortly at the place where the Warden stands.

    *Back at Stoneheart Fall, the Ice Gate has been left in ruins after Nivalis' visit, broad daylight shines on the once perpetually dark region, Thorn lies motionless, and Letalis has vanished. The scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • There are two healing sources during this quest; Blue Mushrooms (one time heal) and a Pink Tree (healing pad).
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • When you get closer to this odd tree, you're filled with a very soothing feeling.
  • You are healed!

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