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Ex Somniis Fabula

Other name: Remthalas

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Up -> Left -> Uaanta -> The Maleurous -> Remthalas
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Sinnocence
Release Date: September 13th, 2019

Objective: Before the Friday the 13th dawns, you and Uaanta sit down and share stories.
Objective completed: The Avatars should really learn some manners!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Uaanta - Boss


Abyssal Elf Scepter (I-VII)

Access to ESF Loot for DCs.


*You and Uaanta are sitting at a table in the Falconreach Inn, at evening, sharing stories.*

<Character>: ...and then I'm not really sure I even want to go to the Gala, but...
<Character>: I guess I have to...
Uaanta: O—oh.

*Uaanta processes your story, as Spruce is happily scrubbing the floor nearby.*

Uaanta: W—when I asked how you were doing, I... I didn't expect you to tell me your entire life story...
Uaanta: Makers...
<Character>: Ah, sorry. There's just a lot going on in my life right now and it was good to have someone to talk to who doesn't just keep asking for dragon snacks.
<Character>: What about you?.
Uaanta: Me?
<Character>: Yeah. Tell me about yourself. I'm sure you've had many adventures and stories of your own to tell!
Uaanta: Are you calling me old?
<Character>: N—no, not at all, I just thought that—
Uaanta: I'm joking. I'm well aware of my age. And my experience.
Uaanta: We still have some time before the "13th day" you people dread so much begins, so I suppose I could share some of my story.
Uaanta: I come from Lhe'Shyiac, the Land of Adventures. I was raised by wolves in the Bhigtri Forest.
<Character>: Wolves?
Uaanta: Yes. I never knew my real parents.
<Character>: But how did that work? Were they big wolves? Did they teach you how to read and do maths?
Uaanta: They were my family, <Character>. And they were all killed by bandits when I was still young.
<Character>: I'm sorry— I didn't know...
Uaanta: Of course you didn't.

Uaanta: I swore revenge and left Bhigtri.
Uaanta: In my travels, I met a hermit living in the deepest glades of the Endless Marsh, who taught me the ways of humans...
Uaanta: ...introduced me to the glory of the Makers, and bestowed upon me the sword I now carry.

*You and Uaanta exchange critical glances as you conclude how Uaanta was "bestowed" her sword...*

Uaanta: With the tracking skills I learned in my youth, I eventually found the very same bandit group that slew my family, and I had my revenge.
Uaanta: After I had cut down the last of the bandits, when going through their belongings, I found that they had been hired by a woman named Ly'Vhil.
Uaanta: High Priestess Ly'Vhil, the advisor to the Holy Throne. It was her who was responsible for my family's deaths!
Uaanta: And so, I travelled the breadth of Lhe'Shyiac, gathering allies and training...
Uaanta: ...in order to ultimately infiltrate the Dhark Palace in the city of Rheax'Makene, the seat of the Holy Watch of Lhe'Shyiac.
<Character>: The... Dhark Palace?
Uaanta: The use of the element of Darkness is very prominent in Lhy'Shyiac.
Uaanta: I believe the Dhark Palace was named thus by our ancestors in a rather less creative time.
<Character>: But don't you worship the Av— uh, Makers?
Uaanta: The Makers are not the same as magic, <Character>.
Uaanta: Just because we have an affinity for a specific element, does not mean we do not worship the Makers equally.
<Character>: Huh. I see.
Uaanta: Anyway, eventually, our party of I, Uaanta Dens the swordcerer...
Uaanta: ...Don Fayt the healer, Ehyes Emhaar the bard, and Pulin Stryngs the archer, infiltrated the Dhark Palace under the guise of pilgrims.
Uaanta: We confronted the High Priestess with her heresy, and as I prepared to behead her before the Holy Throne...
Uaanta: My sword burst with the vibrance of the Makers, and all in attendance watched as it, guided by the Makers, eradicated that Evil from our lands.
<Character>: Wow.
Uaanta: Afterward, we were hailed as heroes, saviours of the Holy Watch of Lhe'Shysiac.
Uaanta: With a period of peace, Don Fayt and I married and settled down in the outskirts of Rheax'Makene.
Uaanta: But the peace could not last forever.
Uaanta: After many years of harmony, word came that Ehyes and Pulin had gone missing during a routine pilgrimage to the shrines of the Makers.
Uaanta: Turns out a Priest of the Light had somehow come into unimaginable power.
Uaanta: The Holy Throne requested the Fayt family to once more come to its aid.
Uaanta: Thus began my quest to stop Braytes San, the priest, spanning many, many years...
Uaanta: ...ultimately concluding with his destruction and the salvation of Lore!

*You stare at Uaanta, in shock at her epic tale of triumph.*

<Character>: W—wow...
<Character>: That's a lot to take in.

*You take a little while longer to process Uaanta's story.*

<Character>: My story was longer!
Uaanta: It wasn't a competition.
<Character>: Thank you, Uaanta. I feel like I know you a little bit better now.
<Character>: I'm sure with our combined abilities we'll be able to put a stop to whatever threatens Lore next.
Uaanta: Perhaps.
Uaanta: It's very late, <Character>. While this was educational, I really must head to bed. You should too.
<Character>: Right, tomorrow is a big day! Goodnight, Uaanta!

*Scene fades to black and a lullaby plays, indicating you've gone to sleep. However, daybreak isn't far away...*

Ash: I'll need about 10-20 people on the eastern barricades, stat. It can be whoever!
Ash: Archers without assignments, please head over to the western walls! Guardians, please report to Adam.
Ash: Come on people, this is not a drill!

*You smile to yourself as you watch Ash assign tasks to the defenders of Falconreach.*

<Character> (thinking): Would you look at that!
Ash: <Character>! I need <Character>! Has anyone seen her/him?
<Character>: Right behind you.
Ash: Oh! I didn't see you there. Good. Sorry.
Ash: Umm.
Ash: I believe you'd want to take it from here.
<Character>: It's alright! You're doing a great—

*You trail off and frown, recognising that this is all too familiar...*

<Character>: Hold on...
<Character>: I feel like—
Ash: Thank you...
Ash: After—
<Character>: Ash, wait, something is wrong.
Ash: After last time... I need to be stronger.
<Character>: This has already happened.
Ash: Understood.
<Character>: Ash?
Ash: Haha... ha...
<Character>: Okay, this is—

*Suddenly the backdrop of Falconreach vanishes, giving way to a simple room with white walls.*

<Character>: —getting creepy.

*You blink and look around, realising you are no longer in Falconreach.*

<Character>: Huh.
<Character>: This is different.
???: Who's there!? Show yourself, fiend! I hear your cries!

*You turn around to see Uaanta standing before you.*

<Character>: Uaanta!
Uaanta: I'm the one asking questions! Why have you brought me here, to this... place?
Uaanta: And so suddenly! Do you want to give me a heart attack!? Is this what you want?!
<Character>: Wait...
Uaanta: I'm Uaanta. Also a hero. And an adventurer. And I come in confusion!
Uaanta: Where are we?
<Character>: Right... and now you're gonna mention your grandson...
Uaanta (briefly): I was on my wa—
??? (inverted): Let's try a little bit of this...
Uaanta: How do you know about him?!
<Character>: Oh.
<Character>: OH!
<Character>: This is different too!
Uaanta: What do you know about my grandkids?!
<Character>: Uaanta, it's me!
<Character>: I don't know what's happening, but—
Uaanta (briefly): Just... not this side?
??? (inverted): And... action!
Uaanta: You will rue the day you kidnapped me, fiend!
<Character>: Uaanta, STOP!

  • Battle! - begins battle with Uaanta.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Falconreach (Book 3).

    *After defeating Uaanta, she fades away...*

    <Character>: Oooh.
    <Character>: She wasn't real...
    <Character>: Hmm.

    *You look up, as if expecting whoever is responsible for these strange events to be watching over you.*

    <Character>: Are you doing this, Avatars?
    <Character>: Is this some kind of a lesson? Because I'm not getting it...
    ???: Outstanding!

    *You turn around to find the source of the unknown voice.*

    ???: So you, from the chosen two, are the more capable one!
    ???: I'm pleased to know!
    <Character>: Who are you?
    <Character>: Well... I guess you're one of the Maleurous, yes?
    ???: How about that! You're a clever one.
    Remthalas: It is a pleasure to meet you!

    Remthalas: I am Remthalas.
    <Character>: Cool.
    <Character>: I'm glad you've showed up so quickly, I was instructed to "dispose" of you and your group.
    Remthalas: Tsk tsk tsk. Will you do it, though?
    <Character>: I'm not sure. The Avatars have clearly stated that you are evil and you have to be dealt with, so there is this pressure of abiding by their rules.
    <Character>: But I want to know what exactly you, the Maleurous, have done to anger the Avatars so much.
    Remthalas (inverted): What evils have you committed, so that I can feel good about myself when I defeat you. I need to know that my actions are justifie—
    <Character>: What evils have you committed, so that I can feel good about myself when I defeat you. I need to know that my actions are justifie—

    *You cut yourself off, alarmed and confused that these words are coming out of your mouth.*

    <Character>: I...
    <Character>: I didn't say that!
    <Character>: Wha—
    Remthalas: Dreams reveal your true thoughts.
    <Character>: I don't... I don't really think that! You—
    Remthalas: Dreams have no filter. Anything can happen within a dream. Dreams can change you.
    <Character>: You put that in my head!
    Remthalas: Maybe, maybe not.
    Remthalas: Dreams are so fascinating, are they not?
    Remthalas: You're in a dream right now! My dream.
    <Character> (inverted): Or... is it your dream?
    <Character>: Or... is it your dream?

    *You—now with the appearance of Remthalas—appear shocked by Remthalas—who now has the appearance of you—and his mind games.*

    Remthalas: Imagine what would happen if you woke up... and you were still in someone else's dream.
    Remthalas: What would happen if they woke up?
    Remthalas: Would the world stop existing?
    Remthalas: You wouldn't believe me if I told you about the dreams that I've seen! The dreams that I've experienced! I have been in so many of them...
    Remthalas: So many... yet they slumber, but never dream.
    Remthalas: Oh, but if only they dreamed!
    Remthalas: Perhaps I would be able to change reality itself...
    Remthalas: Anyway, I got what I came for.
    Remthalas: You! I like you!
    Remthalas: I choose you!
    Remthalas: And, because I'm feeling well rested today, here's some advice.
    Remthalas: Two of my... colleagues... are preparing something. Don't get your festive hopes up.
    Remthalas: We'll meet again, soon. For now, enjoy this peaceful day.

    Remthalas: It's on me.
    Remthalas: Time to wake up.
    Remthalas (briefly): Or are you going to sleep?

    *Scene cuts to black.*

  • Equips Sleepy Hero.

    *You awaken abruptly, blink several times, and then sit up in bed, scratching your head.*

    <Character>: Ugh...

    *You take a moment longer to reflect on the dream you just had.*

    <Character>: Welp...
    <Character>: I'm never—
    <Character>: —sleeping again.

    *With that last statement you are instantly teleported to the Firmament once again; crashing to the ground from the position you were raised to in bed.*

    <Character>: Oof!!
    Uaanta: <Character>!
    Celeritas: Welcome, Champions.
    <Character>: Oh come on— What if I was on the toilet!?
    <Character>: Give us a little heads up before doing this!
    <Character>: Avatars...
    Uaanta: A little respect, <Character>!
    <Character>: *Angry mumbles*
    <Character>: Wait...
    <Character>: Uaanta... you still have your armor on.
    Uaanta: Is this a problem?
    <Character>: You sleep in your armor?
    Uaanta: Of course. From the moment I wake up, I'm ready for an adventure.

    *You, still half asleep, can't refute the logic of Uaanta's decision.*

    <Character>: Fair point.
    Temblor: Ehem.
    Neso: We have summoned you here again, because another of the Maleurous has revealed itself.
    <Character>: I know... I just met him.
    Voidstar: Elaborate.
    <Character>: He appeared in my dreams.
    Haeos: Remthalas.
    Neso: A Water Elf from the Abyssal Tribe. The former devout of Kathool Atchoo.
    Khazri: The Dreamfarer.
    Kyanos: The Spreader of Lies.
    <Character>: He... he said that today will be peaceful, and something about... festivals?
    <Character>: Ugh, I hate it when you forget what the dream was about moments after you wake up.
    <Character>: Does that mean there won't be an invasion today?

    <Character>: I...
    <Character>: Was I...
    <Character> (thinking): Was I looking forward to it?
    Fiamme: You spoke to it!?
    <Character>: Well, he did most of the talking...
    Avatars: Have you been compromised?
    <Character>: W—wait, what?!
    Kyanos: We have explicitly told you to dispose of the Maleurous members, not to fraternize with them!
    <Character>: I wasn't fraternizing!
    Haeos: Calm yourself, Kyanos.
    Celeritas: You must be wary of discourse with the Maleurous. They will plant the seeds of doubt in your mind.
    Temblor: These seeds are disruptive.
    Temblor: When they are allowed to take root and grow, they reach the sky and cloud your judgement, and your judgement must be unwavering.
    <Character>: W—
    <Character>: S—so what you're saying is that I have to be obedient to you?! I can't make my own judgement!?
    Uaanta: *Gasp*
    <Character>: *Deep breath*
    <Character>: Apologies for my outburst. Please, Avatars, tell me... what exactly have the Maleurous done that's so horrible?
    <Character>: All I remember from what you said before is that "they are bad bad" and "have to be dead dead".
    <Character>: I did not get that feeling from Sinnocence, it was more confused than evil, and neither did I get tha—
    Khazri: They are Evil, <Character>.
    Fiamme: They are bringers of cha—
    Celeritas: Of war. Of destruction.
    Voidstar: Pity them if you wish, but be assured that should they be left to their devices, Lore would become uninhabitable.
    Kyanos: They must be destroyed.
    Neso: If you ask them why they do their deeds— you will receive a different answer from each.
    Temblor: Yet the seed of their Evil is the same.
    Uaanta: You must have faith, <Character>. The Makers know their enemies.

    *You consider the Avatars' statements, and Uaanta's advice.*

    <Character>: There's no way to... save them from this "seed of Evil"?
    Voidstar: We will not interfere as long as you do your duty as our Champion.
    Haeos: One way or another, these threats must be neutralized.
    Kyanos: But you must not let doubt shadow your actions.
    Fiamme: For in that doubt, the seed flourishes.
    Temblor: If the Maleurous were to escape your grasp, through might or deception, the consequences will be dire.
    Voidstar: As to the matter of today.
    Khazri: It seems that the impending Maleurous influence we detected has retreated.
    Celeritas: Most curious.
    Fiamme: You may return for now, our Champions.
    Neso: But we shall be watching.

    *You are returned to your bedroom instantaneously.*

    <Character>: Well, that's one way to start the day...

    *Scene cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Quest Loot - opens ESF Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • Ex Somniis Fabula translates to 'The Story of Dreams' in English from Latin.
  • Some dialogues in this quest appear very briefly, some dialogues appear in grey, and some dialogue boxes are intentionally swapped between the conversing characters.

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