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Dethrone -> Returning Player (1/3/2020 19:29:30)

Character Link:
Level & Status: 150 X-Guardian.
Build: Hybrid
Armor of Awe / UltraGuardian Element (If Applicable): Earth

Notes: I've been away from this game for a very long time and honestly, I have no idea what stuff is good or not.
Can someone recommend which equips I should be using?

I also have tons of rare / UR GGBs to burn, so if there's anything I should grab please let me know

Thanks so much.

Legendary Ash -> RE: Returning Player (1/3/2020 20:29:01)

For Stats shift Dex to raise Str/Int/Luk to 250 due to stat cap raise to 250 to cast four spells if using Werepyre subrace whose toggle splits stat damage and BtH to Str and Int instead of Dex, or be a traditional Hybrid of 250 Str/Dex/Int.

Bloodzerker's Blazing Sword
Nocturnal Edge
Sell Ninemare as shop is at Ballyhoo, Kingdom, Drakath, Paragon and store Wrath, Sila

Advanced Werepyre
War's Legacy/ Malicious Devil
Horo-show Void Vigilante/ Heartless Beast
High Oracle's Taladosian Robes
Lumeno/ Golden Horror
Sell Tinker as shop is at Ballyhoo, Ep Pig, Straightjacket as a non MC Mogloween seasonal, Wyrm, Au, ReignDragon as a Frostval seasonal, NightBane and store Arctic Dragon, Samurai, Past

Umazen Aspis from The Umazon Stirs
Emancipator's Radiance a -26 Light resist and +20 Blind potence shield from The Last Umazen City
Sell Doray, Ikm, Scale, Arthur as a non MC Common GGB, Pumpkin as a Mogloween seasonal and store Pixel

Warmaster's Burst Wind version
Chocolate Syrup
Gravity Crush
Thunder Wave
Graveyard Smash from The Return of Artix
Sell Whirl, Gogg to Draco, chaun, Ice Beast, Envy, Guard and store Caltrops, Wing

Floating Pie/ Underwyrmling
Fujin's Curse
Ice Cream Golem > Frosty Godfather an Ice click to toggle Paralysis pet from Limited Time shop on Father's day
Gym Rat from Harvest Fest's Waning of Famine
Pikazard from Frogzard Hunter shop in Battleon
Fairy Godmother from Guardian shop, click hand to toggle Hp/Mp heal
Skele-Brain a Darkness click to toggle Paralysis pet from Chessmaster: Dark Tidings
Sell Sacred as shop is at Ballyhoo, Badb, Neko, kitten, Harbinger to FireWere, IceWere to ORB, Kittles, Zaph, Nilak and store Poe, Nulgath

Amulet of Drakonnan
Kamohoali'i Jaw returns to Limited Time shop on Shark week
Urn > Father's Day Sock returns to Limited Time shop on Father's day
Helm of Frostval Past
Mecha Knight Power Core from Mecha Knight
Shadowfeeder Pendant
Essence Orb
Sell Collar, Omega, Morningstar, Roc to Necklace, Ear, Mirror, Catcher and store V1, Smoke, Ether, Raydius

Dethrone -> RE: Returning Player (1/4/2020 1:59:00)

Hi Legendary Ash, thanks for the help!

Regarding the Werepyre passive that changes the formulas for stat bonuses, does it still apply if I were to change armors?
Some passives such as the +35 STR/INT seem to go away when I switch armors though...

Legendary Ash -> RE: Returning Player (1/4/2020 2:18:38)

The toggles usually apply only to the item itself, in this case Werepyre's toggles are restricted to itself.

Dethrone -> RE: Returning Player (1/4/2020 2:42:42)

I see, but the passive (and passives in general) stay even if I switch armors right?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Returning Player (1/4/2020 14:02:38)

No, passives like stat boost toggles, triggers and damage toggles are restricted to the item that's being equipped, if you swap to another equipment it disappears.

Dethrone -> RE: Returning Player (1/4/2020 16:43:45)

Then what's the point of switching to Str/Int/Luk to 250 if the Werepyre's stat boost toggle only applies when I'm using the armor? If I were to use a different armor, then having a Str/Int/Luk build would be disadvantageous since the stat boosts formulas now rely again on DEX instead of INT.

Legendary Ash -> RE: Returning Player (1/4/2020 21:17:56)

Werepyre's toggle trades restricting yourself to Werepyre elemental variants to grant Lucky strikes and full accuracy of a Pure Str or Int and Dex + Luk build , which a standard Hybrid of Str/Dex/Int cannot achieve.

Melee/Magic weapon type toggles become useful in Werepyre as it boosts Magic weapons by +1/3 to bring it up to melee level, which results in the ability to choose between Melee/Magic when monster's defenses are different and not flat.

Furthermore you can force standard spells from spell slot or compressed from a misc, or the recommended immobility spells to use the Hybrid stat toggle through Werepyre's Lv 10 skill, otherwise if combined with Werepyre's Lv 9 skills' Elemental compensation it deals good damage.

These three advantages with Werepyre are fairly worth restricting yourself to the four armors, unless you prefer aesthetics over mechanics, then that's not really arguable.

Dethrone -> RE: Returning Player (1/4/2020 23:38:54)

I see, thanks for taking the time to explain.

So you mean that I also buy the other armors: Golden Horror, Malicious Devil , and Heartless Beast, correct?

Also, since I have double Poelala and not double Dunamis, Werepyre variant armors + magic weapons would maximize my damage?

Not a bad idea, but not sure how I feel restricting myself to playing only the werepyre armor...

Legendary Ash -> RE: Returning Player (1/4/2020 23:50:53)

Yes, you should purchase the above mentioned Werepyre elemental variants if you want a Str/Int/Luk hybrid build.

Dethrone -> RE: Returning Player (1/5/2020 0:38:49)

Makes sense.

Sorry Ash, few more things.

1. I noticed you told me to sell Tinker which is my energy armor; what should I replace it with?
2. Deft armor is defensive; are there any fully offensive alternatives?
3. I'm still debating between the two different builds. If I go with the Werepyre build, that'll lock down 4 armors; which 3 other armors should I use?
Since I have double Poes and not double Dunamis, then the best build would be to use Werepyre + Magic Weapons, correct?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Returning Player (1/5/2020 1:27:28)

I added Taladosian Robes as an Offensive energy armor with a Elecomp skill to the rating post.
There isn't an Offensive lean no drop available, only Mighty UltraGuardian Plate, Deft UltraGuardian Leathers, Insightful UltraGuardian Robes for Mid-Offensive.

Whispering Raiment for +105 Initiative
Shinyaro Form for its End nerf skill to pair with Father time for permanent effect
Ultimon's Armour for Shadows

Yes use Dual Poes and Magic weapons.

ruleandrew -> RE: Returning Player (1/5/2020 6:36:35)

Purchase this set before it start to disappear (~ 9 January 2020): Lord of thunder set (choice of weapon, spell, pet, armor, shield, misc)

This set is very strong for your build. Most important item: Vidrir's judgement (guarantee 100% hit rate without any damage penalty [pay hp cost]).

Lord of thunder set
Thundersplitter/ Lord of thunder's spear/ Lord of thunder's staff
Baleygr's omen
Vidrir's judgement
Thunder lord's ravens
Lord of thunder
Thunder lord's crest

Link (armor lean):�

Dethrone -> RE: Returning Player (1/5/2020 15:44:38)

Edit: figured it out

Dethrone -> RE: Returning Player (1/5/2020 17:57:19)


Yes use Dual Poes and Magic weapons.

Do you have a suggestion for a magic weapon replacement for:

Nocturnal Edge
Taxing Cutlass

Also a magic air weapon?

I'm trying to get all magic weapons.

Legendary Ash -> RE: Returning Player (1/5/2020 18:45:04)

Kindred Spirit's Prestige
Divine Kazemai Athame/ Kogane Kaze Shamrock Sensu from Ninja-Chauns
Ice Cream Sceptre/ Arctic Athame from Going Kukoo
Ken Boseki from Captain Froglar's Poacher quest at Lolosia

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