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Storming the Boat

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Right -> Sirius -> Quests! -> Storming the Boat
Requirements: Completion of A Serious Encounter
Release Date: July 9th, 2021

Objective: You and Sirius are on your way to the Phobeist's vessel, with one clear goal: rescue Kassandra, Sirius' sister.
Objective completed: This really sucks...

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(6) Feargeist
(8) Herpetophobia
(1) Ovinophobia - Boss


Visage of Fear

Mantle of Fear


*Having nearly approached the Phobeist's ship, you ask Sirius about his history, and how he came to the Land of Dragons.*

<Character>: Alright, we're almost there.
<Character>: So, Sirius, tell me more about yourself, and your sister.
Sirius: Well, my sister, Kassandra, and I are not from this continent.
<Character>: Oh? Where are you from?
Sirius: We're from a continent south of here.
<Character>: Really? I don't think I've heard much about what is in the south.
<Character>: If I remember correctly, someone mentioned something about elemental titans, dragons, and giants, roaming these lands.
<Character>: But I'm not sure if that's true?
Sirius: I don't know much about that.
Sirius: The South is a pretty big place.
Sirius: I haven't heard of anything like that, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.
<Character>: Hmm...
<Character>: What brings you here, then?
Sirius: Kassandra, actually.
<Character>: You two must be pretty close if you followed her all the way here.
Sirius: We are. Though she isn't my sister by blood.
Sirius: Ever since we were little, our families were always close.
Sirius: Her parents were actually the ones to introduce me to magic.
Sirius: They used to teach me about all the different types of magics they had discovered during their travels.
Sirius: They were supposed to teach me how to perform them all, until...

*Sirius pauses before he reveals the bad news regarding Kassandra's parents.*

Sirius: Well, they aren't with us anymore...
<Character>: I'm sorry to hear that...
Sirius: Anyway, after they passed, my parents sought to it that Kass was taken care of.
Sirius: We were inseparable ever since.
Sirius: Now we travel the world, studying the different magics that exist on Lore, like her parents would have wanted.
Sirius: From the South, Azaveyr, and now, here.
<Character>: Well, if it's magic you are interested in, we'll have to have a chat about it once this is over.
<Character>: I know a good amount of magic myself!
Sirius: She would love that.
<Character>: I noticed the magic you used to fight. Did Kassandra's parents teach it to you?
Sirius: Mostly. It's Rune Magic, a specialty of ours in the South.

*Sirius briefly touches his necklace—a pink pendant on a golden chain—the artifact which channels his rune magic.*

Sirius: This artifact allows me to use it.
Sirius: It is an heirloom, passed down through my family for generations.
Sirius: We aren't exactly sure how it works, but it seems to "focus" magic into something more potent.
Sirius: But enough about me, what about you, <Character>?
<Character>: Not much to tell!
<Character>: I have a world destroyer dragon that I hatched myself, saved the world a couple of times, got frozen for a couple of years, now here I am!

*Sirius glares at you, unamused by your "not much to tell" story.*

Sirius: That sounds a little more than "not much to tell"...
<Character>: What can I say, just the life of an average <Class>!

*As you finish telling your story to Sirius, a Feargeist and Herpetophobia appear behind you to ambush you both.*

<Character>: Not more of these guys!
Sirius: I take it this par for the course?
<Character>: Yeah, pretty much!

*You fight your way through various Feargeist and Herpetophobia monsters en route to the Phobeist's ship in Verteroche Crossing; upon arriving, the Phobeist can be seen holding an unknown artifact, which has multiple screaming faces.*

<Character>: There she is!
Phobeist: Go away!
<Character>: Is that any way to treat guests?
Phobeist: You already led this "Hero" to me!
Phobeist: You're going to lead it to me, too!
<Character>: Lead what to you?
Phobeist: I said...
Phobeist: GO AWAY!

*The Phobeist summons a twisted deer-sheep hybrid creature before you and Sirius; Sirius is very scared upon seeing the creature, due to his phobia of sheep.*

Sirius: NononONONO!
<Character>: Wait! THAT'S what you meant by sheep!
<Character>: That's unlike any sheep I've ever seen!
Sirius: Then you haven't seen Southern Sheep!
<Character>: That's terrifying!
Sirius: T-there's no way I'm fighting that thing!
<Character>: Come on, Sirius! We have to!
<Character>: To save your sister!
Sirius (inverted): I...

Sirius (inverted): I'm...

  • Battle! - begins battle with Ovinophobia.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Falconreach (Book 3).

    *After the Ovinophobia is defeated, Sirius shouts at the Phobeist.*

    Sirius: Kass! What do you think you are doing!?

    *You appear shocked and confused by the Phobeist's true identity being Kassandra.*

    <Character>: What...?
    Sirius: You know how afraid I am of those things!!!
    <Character>: Kass... Kassandra?
    <Character>: Wait!
    <Character>: The Phobeist is your sister?!
    Sirius: I'm sorry, <Character>, for misleading you.
    Phobeist: Why do you want to lead it to me, Sirius?!
    Sirius: What are you talking about? What's going on?
    Sirius: If you tell me, I can help you!

    *The Phobeist's artifact shakes violently within her grasp; Sirius glares at the artifact.*

    Sirius: Where did you get that?
    Phobeist: Go away, Sirius! It's coming!
    Sirius: You need to put that thing down and get away from it.
    Sirius: Nothing is coming for you.
    Sirius: That artifact is messing with your mind!
    Phobeist: No! You're just trying to trick me!
    Phobeist: You want that... that thing to get me!
    Phobeist: This... it will protect me!
    Sirius: I won't let anything get you, Kass. Just put the artifact down. You'll see.
    Phobeist: You're lying! Just like your family!
    Sirius: You know I would never lie to you!
    Sirius: This thing is messing with your mind! It's holding you hostage!
    Phobeist: You didn't follow me here because you cared!
    Phobeist: You only came because they sent you!
    Sirius: That's not true, Kass!
    Sirius: You know that if I didn't go after you, they would have sent Arcana to drag you back!
    Sirius: I just–
    Phobeist: What? Used this as an excuse to get out of your stuffy tower, Prince?
    Phobeist: Oh no, I can only imagine the rumors being sold on the streets back home!
    <Character>: Prince? Wait, Sirius, are you–
    Sirius: I'll explain later...
    Phobeist: No.
    Phobeist: No!
    Phobeist: I won't let you do this to me!

    *Under the strong influence of her artifact, the Phobeist's eyes and runes darken.*

    Phobeist: I won't!
    Sirius: Kass, I know what you're thinking!
    Sirius: Don't do this!

    *The Phobeist prepares to cast a spell upon you and Sirius.*

    <Character>: What's happening?
    Sirius: <Character>, run! I don't want you getting sucked into this!
    <Character>: Sucked into what?!

    *The Phobeist summons a portal beneath you and Sirius; you attempt to run away from the portal, only to be sucked into it; scene cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • This leads to a clearing, definitely not the right way to go.
  • Falconreach is this way, and you're not going to Falconreach!
  • Nope, the dock isn't this way.
  • You try the handle, hoping that the sea is behind this door, but it's locked. You should check some other way.

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