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Location: Yulgar's Weapon Shop, Xan Bossfight, A Letter From Home, Aftermath, The Search, Lair of the Guardian, Epilogue, The Professor, Dreamscape, Nightmares, Forging, Disarray, The Merge, Swordhaven (Book 3) -> 2 Up -> 3 Left -> Up -> Left -> Up -> 2 Right, The Greenguard Alliance - Rose Faction

Quests given

Shops owned

Yulgar's Weapon Shop

Konnan: Wow! A real adventurer! I am honored to make your acquaintance.
Konnan: I am learning how to make basic weapons now. Soon, my mage friend is going to teach me how to enchant them with fire!

Xan Bossfight

Konnan (thinking): Xan would never do all this without a reason. I have to find out why he destroyed town.

A Letter From Home

Konnan: <Character>, please, you have to help me!
Konnan: I've gotten a letter from my family. Our town is under attack from a giant fire dragon!

Konnan: I've been gone so long....
Konnan: ... If anything were to happen to them I could never forgive myself.
Konnan: Please, you're a true hero. You've saved Falconreach so many times...
Konnan: Please go and defeat this dragon and save my family.


Konnan: <Character>! My family, how... I...

Konnan: NO!
Konnan: NO! Why... why didn't I go when they needed me...
Konnan: You... you were supposed to save them!
Konnan: You've taken down necromancers, giant monsters... how could a dragon defeat you?!

Konnan: You failed.
Konnan: My family is dead.
Konnan: I don't want to hear your excuses.

The Search

Konnan: I...
Konnan: I can't believe they're gone.
Konnan: My whole family wiped out...
Konnan: I've been gone so long...
Konnan: It seems like I've spent years just standing around in Yulgar's forge, when I should have been home. If... if I had been home....

Konnan: <Character>...
Konnan: <Character> had to have tried... it's just...
Konnan: s/he is a hero, s/he has saved Falconreach, faced bandits and monsters, I've heard rumors that s/he even has a pet dragon!
Konnan: How could they lose so badly to this Akriloth....

Konnan: Warlic? But... but, he's good...

Konnan: But... why?

Lair of the Guardian

Konnan: *grunt*
Konnan: Nine... TEEEN!

Konnan: *urghhhhh* TWENtyyy...

Konnan: N-no... I c-can't go any further!

Konnan: I...
Konnan: ..I WILL avenge my family!

Konnan: Sixty... Four!
Konnan: Sixty... FIVE!
Konnan: SIXTY SIX!
Konnan: I...
Konnan: I... I am getting more powerful!
Konnan: I can feel the power FLOWING THROUGH ME!


Konnan: Muh... ugh, I... what.... ?
Konnan: Wh... where am I?
Konnan: No. NO!

Konnan: No! The orb is mine!

The Professor

Konnan: You... I remember you....

Konnan: ... he--

Konnan: ...


Konnan: ...


Konnan: Brace yourself, <Character>. We have no idea what he's capab--

Konnan: *Hgrk*

Konnan: ...

Konnan: ...

Konnan: I--

Konnan: You...
Konnan: How could you?

Konnan: SILENCE!


Konnan (thinking): I-- I'm sorry.
Konnan (thinking): It's time to make things right.

Konnan: From dream to reality...
Konnan: This time, it will be different.


Konnan: !!!

The Merge

Konnan: ...

Swordhaven (Book 3)

Konnan: It's been a while, <Character>.

  • Talk
    Konnan: I could say the same to you.

    Konnan: You can't defend and protect everyone and there will always be those that use magic for power... for greed... for vengeance....
    Konnan: I know now that I took the wrong path... and that I won't ever be able to change that...
    Konnan: But I can dedicate myself to making sure no one else can follow my fall.

    Konnan: No, it doesn't.
    Konnan: But a simple blacksmith has a chance against those things... if not to fight, at least to run.
    Konnan: You can't escape a Great Dragon... or the Sun being eaten... or an Infernal bent of destroying the world. You can only fight fire with fire.
    Konnan: And then everyone gets burned.
    Konnan: I... I need to get back to work, <Character>.

  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    The Greenguard Alliance - Rose Faction

    Konnan: <Character>.

    Konnan: Yes. While Swordhaven is the focus of the war effort now, the Deadlands and other areas will struggle.
    Konnan: I won't fight, but if my weapons can support those who can...
    Konnan: Well, it will be something.

    April Fools 2008 Appearance
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    Book 3 Appearance

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