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The Frogzard Hunter, a.k.a. Zardhunter

  • The Frogzard Hunter series, which includes:
    **(1) Quest 1
    **(2) Quest 2
    **(3) Quest 3
    **(4) Quest 4
    **(5) Dinozard Island
    **(6) Innard Space
    **(7) Insectozards!
    **(8) Zardmaster: Evolution!
    **(9) Frogzard Challenge!
    **(10) Great Zard Hunt!
    **(11) MogZards!
    **(12) UnZardly Terror!

    Bio: This guy specializes, obviously, in hunting down the rarest of Zards. He's accident prone though, and often heads er, head first into situations without thinking.

    Function: Hunts Zards with you, of course. And sells you items via his shop. Also a guest.

    Alternate image
    Old image

    Old image from Stephen Nix. Updated info from OmniGuardian.

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